cheesecake shake

ITS A BOY! Haha! Nope! But she sure looks like she could pop any day! My feedee was such a fat pig, in front of her entire office today!! Before work she ate a whole bag of donuts and a 4k cal shake! Then another shake and 4 bags at work! But little did she know that her boss was treating the office to lunch at the cheesecake factory!! She had a whole bowl of pasta AND cheesecake! Her coworkers couldn’t believe it! Then when she left work she was given a chipotle bowl from her roommate!! This picture is after all that food today!! I am so happy and impressed and damn proud of my feedee! This is our one week of her being my feedee! I could not have asked for a better or more faithful feedee! I cannot wait to see how big her belly gets!!!

You can't save me

Chris Jericho x Reader

 !!!Warning: Don’t read if you’re sensitive to metioning of violence!!!

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He didn’t like this at all. For weeks now Y/N was even quieter than before. She seemed to be sad all the time and wasn’t smiling at all anymore. Something was bothering her and it drove Chris wild to not know what was wrong. He would do something, anything just to see her smile again. When he saw her standing infront of the schedule by herself he took his opportunity.

“Hey sweetcheeks, what’s the matter with you these days?” Y/N looked around, not sure if Chris meant her.

“Me?” she asked dumbfounded.

“Who else could I be calling sweetcheeks if not you?” he grinned.

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Plot: Sebastian Stan. You’ve heard that name a million times before, and not in interviews. No, you heard that name every single morning for four years straight. During high school attendance. You and Sebby were partners in crime. Two peas in a pod. Best friends. You even lived in the same apartment building in high school, and when you weren’t at his place, he was at yours. He was the starry eyed Romanian kid who was gonna grow up and be an actor, and you were the one who fought off all the jerks who said he couldn’t. But high school ended and you simply lost touch. So when you run into him at a random ice cream parlor in Brooklyn, old feelings resurface and new ones arise. Because he’s not a starry eyed kid anymore.

Warnings: language

Characters: Sebby Stan and Chris Evans


“I’m telling you Chris, that’s her. That’s y/n!” Sebastian assures, trying to look back at you without making it obvious.

“You mean the y/n? The one from high school? The one you talk about way too often and haven’t seen in years?” Chris laughs, not caring to make his staring at you discreet.

The final day of filming for Captain America: Civil War was a month ago and all the cast went their separate ways. But of course, they can’t be apart for too long. So when Chris said he’d be in New York for a movie he’s directing, Seb insisted he stay with him.

And now here they are. At an ice cream parlor on the corner of Jay and Willoughby in downtown Brooklyn, trying to spend as much time in the line as possible do they can debate wether or not Seb should go talk to you.

“Yeah that y/n.” Seb nods, unable to keep from smiling. He tries to hide his blushing expression from Chris, who has already teased him enough about the memories he’s shared from when you and him were young.

“Holy shit.” Chris grins, covering his mouth with his hand to stifle a laugh.

“What?” Seb questions in response, refusing to meet Chris’s gaze.

“You! You are what’s funny!” he retorts, “All this time I thought you and her were just old pals or something. But you had a crush on her didn’t you?” Sebastian tries to say something in his defense, but he can’t seem to form the right words. “Was she your girlfriend?” Chris asks, noting how stunning you are as he glances back to survey you again.

“No!” Seb shouts a little too quickly, and a little too loudly, “No, definitely not. I never…she never…we never….” he stumbles, suddenly flustered. “We were just friends. I never thought of her as anything but a friend.”

Chris gives him a suspicious look, biting his bottom lip as he squints at his obviously lying friend. “So that’s it? You were just friends? BFF’s? Besties? Freshmen Sebastian never thought to ask out his gorgeous best friend?” he asks incredulously.

“Nope, we were just friends.” Seb shrugs, trying to seem casual, “And I’m lucky we were that. Who would want to hang out with the dorky Romanian kid?” he adds, his words smaller.

“Well I sure did.” comes a calm voice that makes both Chris and Seb freeze immediately. Seb’s eyes dart to Chris’s, which are wide and slightly terrified.

“Fuck.” he mouths, slowly turning around.

“You two are horrible whisperers.” you laugh, “Sebastian Stan. I haven’t seen you since-”

“Our last summer together.” he finishes, memories of those warm glorious months before you both went to college flashing through his mind. Without thinking he steps forward and throws his arms around your shoulders, pulling you against him in a tight embrace. “I’ve missed you.” he mutters, closing his eyes as he takes a deep breath.

“I missed you too Sebby.” you laugh, calling him the nickname you used way back when. You pull away and look him up and down, shaking your head all the while. “You look so different.”

“I’d hope so.” he chuckles, shoving his hands in his jean pockets. And for a moment you both forget everything that’s around you. For a moment, you’re just two confused kids back in high school trying to figure out the world together. For a moment, nothing has changed.

And then Chris clears his throat loudly and the moment is gone.

“Oh, yeah. You’re here.” Seb nods jokingly, “Y/n this is Chris.”

“Chris…I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before…” you say as he reaches out to shake your hand.

“Well I’m an act-”

“Plumber? A plumber right? Did you come and fix my sink last weekend?” you ponder much to Sebby’s amusement. For a split second Chris’s confident bravado falls and he looks slightly disappointed.

“No. No I did not.” he sighs, elbowing Seb in the ribs as he continues to laugh uncontrollably.

“I’m kidding, of course I know who you are. You’re Chris fucking Evans for god’s sake.” you assure to his relief, all though he’d never admit it. You’ve loved Marvel since you were a kid, so of course you’ve seen him and Seb in the movies.

“So do you live here in Brooklyn or are you visiting or what?” Seb asks, looking up at you with a glimmering smile. Seeing you again, all these years later right in front of him, it just brings everything back. Everything he felt for you in high school, all those memories of sleeping at each other’s houses when you couldn’t bear to be at your own, and talking on the phone until you fell asleep, and ditching every single school dance because neither of you were ever asked.

Well, that last one wasn’t entirely true. You were always asked by multiple people to all the lame school dances, but you never told him that. No, because Seb was your best friend. And if he wasn’t going then neither were you.

“I live here now. Just moved into an apartment a few blocks away.” you say, shuffling forward as the line to order ice cream moves forward. When you left your place this morning you didn’t plan on coming here. But it’s hot out and ice cream was too tempting to pass up, so you decided to stop. And now you’re insanely glad you did.

“You live with your boyfriend I assume?” Chris chimes in, as a horrified Sebastian kicks him in the ankle.

“Wow that was um…that was very discreet Evans. Very discreet.” you say sarcastically, your cheeks reddening with embarrassment. Sebastian’s cheeks are of course much redder. “But uh, no. No I’m not seeing anyone.”

“Well in that case why don’t you and Seb here-”

“Go sit at a table while you get the ice cream? Sounds great Chris thanks.” Sebastian interrupts, and before Chris can protest you are whisked away to the table farthest from the register, near a glass window where warm sunlight streams through.

“He’s quite the charmer isn’t he?” you smirk, taking a paper napkin out of the holder and folding it in your hands. Seb let’s his head fall in his hands and groans.

“I didn’t tell him to ask that, I swear.” he says embarrassedly, running his fingers through his Bucky length hair. You nod understandingly. You went to middle school, high school, and college. You’ve heard far worse from guys. After a few moments, he works up the nerve to look you in the eyes again, immediately regretting the decision. Because when he looks at you, he’s suddenly lost and breathless. Even after all these years you’ve still got him lovesick as hell.

“I gotta ask you something y/n.” he says abruptly, “Do you remember second semester of freshmen year? When you got in that fight against those two guys?” he asks, not really expecting you to. Maybe the memories he remembers so clearly and fondly you don’t care about as much.

“You mean the fight I won against those two assholes? Of course I remember Sebby!” you laugh, tossing the balled up napkin at his forehead, “Because afterwards you took me out Juniors and bought me an entire cheesecake. Then held back my hair when I threw up an entire cheesecake.”

He shakes his head in laughter as he knocks away the napkin, causing it to bounce off the window and onto the table. “Well, and I know this shouldn’t bother me but, I mean god I’ve wondered about this for years…”

“Spit it out.” you laugh, glancing at the register to see if Chris has ordered the ice cream yet. You didn’t even tell him what flavor you wanted.

“Why? Why in the hell did you fight two guys twice your size? What could have made you so damn mad? Anytime I tried to ask you just…said they deserved.” he says, laughing off the words. He tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear and rests his chin in his hand.

“Well they did. Deserve it I mean, they deserved it.” you nod, your mind flashing back to that day in a quite vivid memory.

“But why? That’s all I wanna know.” he insists.

“It was a million years ago. I don’t…I mean…it was stupid. It doesn’t matter.” you say sheepishly.

“I know, I know that.” he mutters unconvincingly, “But the fact that you wouldn’t explain made me think the fight was about…me.”

You offer a frail smile and draw in a long breath. Seb looks at you, eyes wide and sweet, and suddenly he’s not him anymore. He’s not this tall, built, model like handsome guy. Suddenly he’s high school Sebastian again, smiling all bright and innocent with cute, soft features. And you don’t want to hurt him. But it’s been years since that day, and you know he won’t stop asking.

“They were just…they were talking about you in, um, in a, er, not nice way.” you say in a small voice, your hands curling into fists at the thought, “They we making fun of you Sebastian, you and your whole acting dream, but they didn’t mean it. I mean, they were just trying to make me mad. They were being immature teenagers that were unaware of the fact that I could throw a badass left hook.” Your breaths are harder and faster than you mean for them to be, but you can’t control it. It’s stupid, because it’s over and it was over the moment you sent those guys to the nurses office, but it still makes you mad.

“Oh” Sebastian mutters, not really sure what he thought the answer to be, “That’s…expected.” he laughs.

“If it makes you feel any better, you proved em all wrong. Every last one.” you smile, reaching your hand over to grab his without really meaning to.

“Except for you of course.” he says, his voice barely a whisper, “You were always ridiculously optimistic about me.” You only shrug in response, but it’s true. For some reason you had an uncanny faith in him, when he said he was going to be an actor you simply nodded your head in agreement and decided you would help him get there.

“I get to ask you a question now.” you state, offering a bright smile as you slip your hand out of his, “Is it true that you never thought to ask me out?” You cover your face with your hands and peek at him through your fingers. And he is laughing.

“My god y/n, of course I did! I thought about it every fucking day. I just said that so Cupid over there wouldn’t try and set us up. But that didn’t really work did it?” Seb smiles, sighing in defeat, “I was in love with you, l mean really in love with you. It was bad.” He looks up at you with those sparkling eyes of his, unsure of how you’ll react.

“Damn it Sebastian! Why didn’t you just ask me out?” you chuckle, “You do realize that we were both single all through high school because we, the two closest friends in the whole world, didn’t tell each other the truth?”

“Wait, what do you mean the truth? Did you…I mean did you actually…” he stutters, feeling like an idiot teenager all over again.

“Have a crush on you? Yes, I did. I’m convinced you will always be clueless when it comes to romance Sebastian Stan.” you say. Then, as if on cue, Chris waltzes over to the table carrying two ice cream sundaes ladled with chocolate sauce.

“I didn’t know what flavors you guys wanted so I just got the ones I wanted and covered them in chocolate.” Chris explains in what seems to be an apologetic tone, but the eager smile he wears says otherwise. He slides the rather large glass bowls across the table, one for him and one for you and Seb to share. Ah, what a hopeless romantic. “So what did I miss? Any embarrassing stories about young Sebastian you care to tell me?”

You ponder the question for a moment. You’ve got plenty, because who didn’t do embarrassing things in high school, but he’s also got a lot on you.

“No. Nope. Never. Not gonna happen.” Sebastian interjects become for you can say a word, “New topic. Um, y/n that’s a great shirt.” he says absentmindedly, just now noticing the shirt.

“It sure is. And I bet it would look even better on Sebastian’s bedroom floor.” Chris says plainly, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world. All you do is roll your eyes and bite down hard on your bottom lip to keep from laughing at Sebastian’s mortified expression.

“Chris.” Seb grunts, pushing him up from his chair, “Why don’t you go get some napkins or something?”

“But you’ve got napkins right-”

“Please.” Sebastian says through clenched teeth, a worn smile playing on his lips. Chris, able to take a hint, shuffles off.

You spoon a bite of the rapidly melting ice cream into your mouth, unable to tell what the flavor is underneath all the chocolate sauce.

“Okay, new question.” Seb states, eating a spoonful of ice cream from the same dish.

“Shoot” you say lamely, making cheesy finger guns at him. He takes a shaking breath and claps his fingers together, his gaze fixed downward at the table. He opens his mouth to say something but can’t seem to form the words, and instead offers a shy smile.

“Would you maybe…want to…could…” he tries, his voice barely audible, “Do you think you’d want to come back here someday?”

You give him a puzzled look and shrug your shoulders. “Yeah I guess, since I live so close and stuff.” you laugh, still confused by his question.

“No not like that. I mean yes like that, but not like that kind of that.” Seb says in a heated flurry of words, “I mean with me. Would you want to come here again with me, at the same time. Together?”

Is he asking you out? On a date? To an ice cream parlor that you are currently sitting in?

“No thank you Sebby.” you nod, swirling the halfway melted ice cream with a spoon, “The ice cream here is terrible, but the company is pretty nice. So what do you say we go see a movie or something instead? With me, at the same time, together.” you question, mimicking his words lightly.

“Yes.” someone shouts from behind. You turn around sharply to see Chris, who is sitting at the table directly across from you. “He says yes. Well, he didn’t say yes out loud but that’s just because he’s in shock. If he was able to talk right now, he’d say yes.” Chris assures. He stands up quickly and in one swift motion is in the chair next to you, his arm slung around your shoulders.

“He’s a real catch y/n I swear.” Chris chuckles, looking at a speechless Sebastian.

“Yeah,” you grin thinking back to the day you met Sebby. It was the first day of Freshmen year and you were in home room. It was strange. You saw people you knew and were friends with from middle school, but they didn’t seem to see you. There were too many people. So when lunch rolled around it was nothing but chaos, chaos and bad cafeteria food. You decided on eating lunch in an empty classroom instead, except it wasn’t empty. There was Sebastian Stan, the boy who just moved into the apartment above yours.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were in here. I’ll go somewhere else.” you’d said quickly, a step back.

“Nah it’s fine. I need someone to read this scene with” he’d shrugged, waving you inside. He thrusted a piece of paper at you and nodded. “Your name in Hannah. You’re lost in the woods, hungry, and you found me, I’m Jackson. Well my real name is Sebastian, but in this scene I’m Jackson. And I have the only food for miles. Got it?”

You took the information in quickly and have him a thumbs up. And that’s it, that’s the story of how you became friends. Because the next day he was in that same room with a brand new scene, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day. You and him both.

“A catch indeed.”

AVPS inspired rp starters (part 5/?)
Feel free to change pronouns !

  • ‘‘I’m not allowed to eat cheesecake, just protein shakes, falcon eggs and rocks.’‘
  • ‘‘Do you love them enough to scold them?’‘
  • ‘‘Do you love them enough to kill them?’‘
  • ‘‘But how do I kill them? I don’t wanna hurt them.’‘
  • ‘‘What do you want, you horrid bitch?’‘
  • ‘‘Are you suggesting that we kill a student?’‘
  • ‘‘I wanted to know if you were interested in a role in the evil scheme I’ve just choreographed.’‘
  • ‘‘I can give you those things for a very small price.’‘
  • ‘‘Before I finish him off I’ll use every torture imaginable to loosen his tongue.’‘
  • ‘‘There are so many douchebags in this world.’‘
  • ‘‘You’re just an arrogant, bullying douchebag.’‘
  • ‘‘Fine, I won’t help in the future.’‘
  • ‘‘This is the absolute worst!’‘
  • ‘‘Why does she want to meet you alone?’‘
  • ‘‘What if she does something horrible to you?’‘
  • ‘‘You have to listen to me or I’ll expel you.’‘
  • ‘‘We’re both ugly, we’re both bossy and nobody likes us!’‘
  • ‘‘He’s like my second-favorite superhero.’‘
  • ‘‘I’m from the future.’‘
  • ‘‘I have no ulterior motive.’‘
  • ‘‘Those are mature things you wouldn’t understand.’‘
  • ‘‘What happened to all the pizza?’‘
  • ‘‘It’s stuck on there with magic.’‘
  • ‘‘He offered me a robot hand and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.’‘ 
  • ‘‘Everything tastes better with Red Vines.’‘
  • ‘‘Red Vines: what the hell can’t they do?’‘ 
  • ‘‘I’m sorry that I doubted you for all these years.’‘
  • ‘‘It feels so good to be able to hug and kiss you again.’‘
  • ‘‘You really are the cleverest bitch of your age.’‘
  • ‘‘Yes, I got your texts. I got all 900 of them.’‘
  • ‘‘Why are you being such a lousy boyfriend?’‘
  • ‘‘You were never my lover!’‘
Lost and Found (Bias x Reader) Pt.6

You’re standing in your bathroom, looking at your reflection holding your matte purple lipstick in one hand. You weren’t one for wearing makeup, much less lipstick. You wipe the color off, settling on lip balm with the faint purple stain still underneath. 

You’re wearing a simple gray t-shirt and a pair of black jeans and sneakers, your thick black coat was on your bed. You were going to see B/N in less than an hour and the thought turned you into a mess of squiggly nerves.

Should you even go and see him? Was this right? You weren’t doing anything wrong. Just meeting an old friend. An old friend that happened to be more than just a friend, who nearly was your husband.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” you ask yourself as you rest your hands on the counter top. Hunter didn’t even know where you were going. You told him you were going out with friends. He wasn’t a control freak, but he’d want to know who this man was. You couldn’t bother think up a lie and the truth was out of the question. So you just avoided it altogether. 

Truth is you’ve been dreaming of this day. Literally dreaming, with occasional nightmares. You’d wake up expecting B/N to be next to you, hoping to see his face to reassure you that this was all a horrid nightmare. Sometimes you’d wake up to his face looking like it did at the accident and struggle to calm down. Other times the back of Hunter’s head would welcome you, red hair instead of black hair fallen against the pillow.

Hunter. The man who came into your life at the worst possible time.

You’ve only been dating for nine months, but he was easily committed. He also didn’t move in with you since you repeatedly refused his suggestion. You weren’t sure how you’d be able to handle living with another person that wasn’t B/N, especially when he was the only person you decided to tolerate.

You check your makeup. Eyeliner was on point, but that was about it. If you didn’t go, you’d die of curiosity. More than anything you just wanted to see him. You deserved that much after all these years, right?

You flip your head forward, shaking out your curls to give it more bounce and body. You take a deep breath. Friends. You’re just friends. 

“God help me.”

B/N steps into the bakery at 5:55pm. He scans the small setting for Y/N but he doesn’t see her. He takes a seat by the window and dwindles his thumbs as he waits.

Soon the bell rings indicating the door has opened and she walks in. She spots him immediately, walking towards him hesitantly, “Why here?” she asks.

“Hello to you too,” he says standing up to shake her hand.

She looks at his hand before gingerly taking it, “Sorry. Hello,” Her hands were still cold from roaming outside, while his were warm. She sits opposite of him and he decides to answer her question.

“I like the window seats,”

“No. I mean why this bakery?”

He looks around at the wooden interior, “Not sure. I’m also craving sugar and this is a great excuse to come,”

She says nothing as she looked around. Her eyes held an expression of reminiscence, “Have you been here before?” he asks.

She nods, “It’s been a while,”

He watches her for a moment before asking, “What would you like to eat? We can talk and eat at the same time,”

“Anything that’s not strawberry or orange flavored,” she replies, still looking around her. B/N frowns as a sense of deja vu washes over him at her statement. He ignores it as they stand in front of the pastries behind the glass. 

“Question number two,” he says and she focuses on him again, “What are my three favorite desserts? If I order it, you got it right.”

She thinks for a moment, tapping a finger on her lips, “Chocolate cake, cheesecake, and anything red velvet,” he stares at her for a moment.

He shakes his head, “Close, but not red velvet. Raspberry cookies,” 

“It’s raspberry now? But cookies don’t really count,” 


“Cakes are more fulfilling, while cookies are momentary. They’re like a pre-dessert for the main course, which is cake,” 

“That’s new,” he says considering that what she said made some sense.

They stand before the cashier, “How can I help you both?” the middle aged woman asks looking at them.

He orders the cheesecake and she orders red velvet cake. The lady comes back with two large slices of their selected cakes. Y/N steps aside once her phone rings. 

The lady looks at him with a smile, “Anything else?” B/N shakes his head but the lady continues, “I still remember when you came and nearly bought out my store in one night. I stocked up waiting for you to return,” she says to him. 

“Me?” he asks pointing at himself.

She nods, “Everything except strawberry and orange flavors. I can’t forget that day,” Strawberry and orange… He looks at Y/N who’s still focused on her conversation, her cake in her hand. She looks at him and smiles, placing up one finger to hold on.

“I must have forgotten,” B/N says, glancing at Y/N again, “It’s good to be back then,” 

They sit down once she hangs up her phone, indulging in their dessert before he speaks again, “Have we been here before?” 

Her fork is still in her mouth when he asks the question and she pauses, “Is this another quiz question?” 

He shakes his head, “Just curious. The lady seems to remember me.” 

She shrugs, “We’ve been here a couple of times,” 

“Just us?” 

She replies quickly, “We’ve came with other friends as well,” 

“With Jayce?” 

She takes a bite of her cake, swinging her fork in her hand, “Ask him,” 

B/N smiles, “So tell me, how did we meet?”

She taps her fork on the plate mindlessly and he patiently waits for the story, “It was by accident really. I was running late for work at my new job because the train delayed. I ran into you, practically knocking you over and breaking my camera. You said you’d buy me a new one,” 

“Did I?” 

“Yes,” she smiles.

“Do you want some?” he asks once he sees her eyeing his cheesecake again. She shakes her head but he pushes the plate towards her anyway. “I’ll take a bite of yours so it’s even. Okay?”

She nods, using her fork to take a piece of his cheesecake, the same time he takes some of hers, “I haven’t had this in years,” she says visibly enjoying the taste.

“Red velvet might be my new favorite,” he says as he takes another piece of her cake. They continue to talk, mostly him on how it felt to get to know people again. Some people that weren’t genuine, others that got a clean slate because of his memory loss. She listened intently, eyes not once leaving his own. He relaxed in his seat, feeling himself getting more and more comfortable in her presence. 

Finally the topic of relationships came up.

“How did you and Daina meet?” she asks.

He sits back and folds his arms, “Wasn’t as spontaneous as our meeting, but it grew gradually. She worked as a nurse in the hospital I was recovering in. Finally, after we passed the basic greetings and I was completely well, I asked her out for lunch. We dated for a year and a few months and that’s when I proposed.” 

“That’s a short time to know someone to marry them,” 

“I thought so too, but I feel like I’ve known her forever. Probably because I saw her so often and she was the one person who didn’t know me before. She practically became my best friend and I fell in love with her,” 

He’s realized she’s fallen silent, not entirely looking at him. He nudges her foot with his own and she looks up, “What about you? Are you seeing anyone?” 

“Yes. Been dating for almost a year.” 

“Oh yeah? Tell me about him,” he asks, wanting to give the same attention to her as she gave to him. 

She shifts uncomfortably, “We met through a mutual friend. He asked me out after much persistence,” 

“That’s it?” he notices her discomfort and nods, “You’re shy about that stuff, I get it. I was shy with talking about Daina at first too. But now that we’re serious, I can’t help it.” 

She smiles at him, “Must be a nice feeling,” 

He nods, “Thanks to Jayce, I’m sure you know I’m engaged by now. Been engaged for three months and she’s planning like crazy. The wedding is in March, even though I wanted a fall wedding,” she takes a sip of her water and nods, “I’d like to invite you to the wedding.” She almost chokes on her drink. 

“Thank you, but that’s okay,” she says patting her chest. 

“Offer still stands,” She smiles and it almost looks forced, “Plan on tying the knot soon?”

She wipes her mouth with a napkin, “Marriage doesn’t seem to suite me,”

“You never know unless you try it,” he grins. She merely smiles. The next moment his phone notifies him of a text message. It was Daina asking where he was. He looks at the time. It was 8:45pm. He stands up abruptly, startling Y/N.

“What’s wrong?” she asks.

“I’m late. I was supposed to be back by eight,”

“Then let’s go,” she says standing up with him. They exit the bakery at a fast pace, too fast for Y/N, “Mind slowing down a bit?” she asks behind him, practically jogging.

“I’m really late,” he says beginning to walk fast again.

She takes his arm, slowing him down, “And you’re still going to be late,” she walks beside him at a reasonable pace, “You get there when you get there. No sense in rushing, it won’t change anything. Well, you’ll just be more late,”

“Do you always think that?” 

“It’s good practice. Something will always come up to alter your plans. Just go with it,” 

“She won’t be pleased,” he mumbles. 

“Your fiancée?” 

He shakes his head, “My mother. I was supposed to head home to discuss the venues. But I’ve been avoiding it,” 

She says nothing at this. He looks at her as they walk, her hands in her coat pockets, “How long have we known each other?” 

“A while,” is all she says as she looked forward as they walked on the sidewalk. But she stops walking and turns to him, “You really don’t remember me at all?”

He knew this question was coming. It always did. He looks at her face, taking in her features. She was beautiful, no doubt. Their conversation flowed with ease, but…

“I think I do…” he says and she seems to hold her breath, “I remember your face a little bit. You were that woman in the hospital, right? I didn’t recognize you before, but I think I do now,” he instantly remembers the look on her face when he said he didn’t know her. The first look of abandonment he would see on many faces, “I still don’t remember who we were before all of this though,” 

She nods and begins to walk when she trips on a piece of the sidewalk that has risen from a stubborn tree root. Reflexively, he catches her by her shoulders before her hands could even come out of her pockets to brace for her fall.

“You alright?” he asks, still holding her shoulders as he looked down at her.

She nods, pushing her hair from her face and shoulders and that’s when B/N sees the necklace around her neck. He takes hold of it without thinking, turning it around in his hand.

“Where did you get this?” he asks, eyeing the ring hanging by a golden chain.

“Um, my grandmother,” she replies, “It was her wedding ring.”

He continues to turn the ring in his fingers, examining it closely. No way this piece or design could’ve been around that long.  

B/N continues to look at the ring, not noticing how close he stood in front of her. She’s practically still. 

He releases it, thinking how odd this was. This ring is nearly similar to the one he gave to Daina. 

A ring he personally designed.  

Three times Kurt finds a sticker on his butt after having sex...

…and that one time he gets an explanation.

Filling a prompt.

“Oh… oh my God…”

Kurt’s tone is breathless, and he hears Blaine chuckle. A soft kiss is placed on his lower back before Blaine falls onto the mattress next to him and turns his head so that they’re eye to eye. Kurt smiles, tired, happy, satisfied.

“That was rather amazing,” Blaine concludes with a grin.

“That it was,” Kurt agrees.

“You almost came from just…”

“Like you said. Amazing,” Kurt interrupts Blaine. “I really needed that.”

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Like Dreamers Do

I was having feelings about Glee being gone, and I thought Kurt might be too

In his dream, a clock spins backwards. There are hazy snippets of stories that blur and blend and spin out bizarrely in the way that dreams always do: He never auditions for Glee club. He’s a Cheerio. A skank. A football player. A shadow creeping along lockers hoping to never be seen. He works in his dad’s garage instead of singing. He joins glee club but never meets Blaine, always just narrowly misses crossing paths like lines traveling parallel, never connecting, over and over again for all eternity. He becomes a teacher, a writer, a chef, a fashion icon. 

The dream splinters off and he winds up here, in the apartment in the same city at the same school pursing the same roles and performances. But he’s alone. He hasn’t just missed Blaine, he’s missed everyone.

He wakes up cold.

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It’s been most probably months since I received this tag and I got tagged again. I was busy and lazy during those months and this time I’ve already managed to make this post. Forgive me if I didn’t use a normal pen for this, I just wanted to use fineliners. Normally, my handwriting changes depending on what pen I am using. But most cases, the ones I am showing you guys is my normal handwriting. Hihi.

Like I’ve said I’ve been tagged before and the one I remembered doing so is tangledinletters. It was a different set of questions though, but I’ll just follow the latest - which was tagged by extrapapers. Thanks guys for tagging me. 

“What does your handwriting look like? If tagged, write this message with your own handwriting and tag 10 people.” For this tag, I’m tagging some who I’m not yet close with: melodyolivas, thepatriverse, lifewithjm, nastassialived, crssrosario, bonjourania, godspamperedprincess, pearltriestoblog, itseverythingnice, yroist. I hope you make some time to do this. It’s alright if you don’t. Hihi.

Things I’m in Love With

1 Song - Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

2 Movies - A Walk to Remember and Pitch Perfect

3 Shows - Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Wizards of Waverly Place

4 People - Meric, Elloisa, Khely, and Emma Stone

5 Food - Cookies, Cheesecakes, Mango Shake, Pizza, Shrimp Teriyaki

That’s it! Let’s see how your handwriting look like. :D

Does anyone know of another plant or fruit or what have you that gets as much nationwide attention for being in season as the pumpkin? People now are advertising shakes, cheesecake, coffee drinks, pastries, etc, all with that, but do we ever do anything else quite like that? Random thoughts while working.