cheesecake is so good


January Fourth - I’m house and bunny watching for a few days! I’m a people person, so I don’t know how I’m going to handle living alone, but I started with buying a piece of Cheesecake, chocolate and a yoghurt snack, so I’m all good. I’m all set to apply for some EYP sessions! 

So I don’t believe in a higher being, but I DO believe that things eventually even out and sometimes that’s a lesson…

…so after whining about how hard my day was because I had one ornery student, my dad fell and broke his hip on the ice of NYC streets and spent the night in the hospital. He handled it with grace and dignity and asked my brother to bring him his DVD of Persuasion to watch.

Lesson to self: stop whining so much.


yesterday was seriously such a stellar Saturday! woke up around 6:30-6:45am to run(6 miles) along side the beautiful, flooded(storm) river! showered, hopped on a bus to midtown and explored the city (needed to go to an art event that was being displayed downtown for my art history class)! went to the farmers market and got some bomb apples that even just smell like heaven. went to a very cool coffee place famous here in sac and learned that a ton of their pastries are vegan!! so many muffs and donuts and cakes and cheesecake?!? got a soy latte and blueberry muff! SO GOOD. i then realized that the art museum thing was actually downtown and not in midtown and instead of waiting 30 minutes for a bus i decided to walk the 2.5 miles there! along the way i stopped at the capital building and it’s pretty park and enjoyed my muff and coffee! the art gallery was soooo cool and unique and honestly, inspiring! to all my artists out there, you are cooool! after that, i walked back, found this cool natural foods store and treated myself to lunch! also stocked up on some goodies like bananas and granola in which i carried with me throughout my stroll downtown and on the bus😂 then came back and did some homework and hung out with chris!! oh my goodness it was such a good frickin day. i love walking and exploring and being so independent. and i just felt like the typical adventuring college student without a care in the world! ahh, such a good day. also, can we just take a look at how much i walked yesterday lol?!? so i ran 6 miles in the morn, and in total before i went to bed my watch said 18 miles!! 12 miles of walking in the city..a little crazy, but i enjoyed every second!

Okay, here’s the small surprise I announced some days ago: I “baked” some raw, vegan maple syrup - red berry cheesecake this week for the first time ever! This one was a real bomb - it was so creamy, sweet and deliciously fruity - and everyone loved it. One of my friends actually ate nearly half of the whole cake, because she loved it that much…and she isn’t even vegan! :) I’m really proud about how this beauty turned out!! Does anyone want the recipe? xx Amber :)

secretschuylersister  asked:

4, 19, 56 :)

4 - What are you looking forward to?

Getting rid of my kidney stones. I will forever cherish the day they pass. It’s the little things, guys. 

19 - Have you ever been to New York?

I have not, but I might get to go sometime in the next year either through The Dream Factory or, if that doesn’t work out, my mom’s boyfriend. 

56 - Favourite food(s)

Cheesecake. Cheesecake is the one food that hasn’t betrayed me or my digestive tract once since I started having problems nearly 3 years ago. And it just tastes so good. Cheesecake is my weakness. 

Bonus fact! 

Did you guys know that I’m terribly allergic to strawberries? I developed the allergy about 3 years ago and my throat closes up when I smell them. I can eat them now and then, but that’s only because the chemical that my body reacts to is broken down immediately by the acidic GI tract. I just can’t smell strawberries or I stop breathing. 

Get to Know Me!

PROTEIN CHEESECAKE!! This was just so tasty and so good on the macros!

Heres how to make this yummy goodness!

-24oz of fat free cream cheese

-60 g of protein powder(I use french vanilla ice-cream for a cheese cake flavor, but the taste will depend on your protein flavor choice)

-3 eggs

-¾ cup of stevia

-1tsp of lemon juice

-1tsp of vanilla ex.

Putting it all together:

-Blind it all together in a food processor or blender. 

***At this point you can add in chocolate chips, or peanut butter if you wish***

-Bake in the oven for 1 hour at 300 degrees. 

***I get the baking pie pan from Wal-Mart with the gram cracker in it. I throw that out, but if you can have the extra carbs I’d leave it in! ***

-After it is done in the oven, let it sit in the fridge for one hour! 

-Cut into 8 slices(:

Totals:(per slice)





opheliadawnwalker3  asked:

Hell yeah honey!! I swear we're the same person XD did you get my film asks?

Oh my gosh yessssss It’s like a dream come true I haven’t had that many people who like almost all of my favorite movies and shows <3

And yes I got your ask and I’ll be answering the film asks shortly. I was distracted because my sister made some awesome dessert and I had to have it. It was no bake brownie nutella strawberry cheesecake in a glass and it was so good :D

pheonnixx  asked:

What is your favourite dessert?

u have no idea how hard this is for me.. uh, i think creme brulee but cheesecake also is so good I DONT KNOW (definitely one of those two)

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Compliment:u post the nicessst things! and also the colours on your theme go so well together, it makes everything you post stand out LOVE IT 

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📅 - Favorite time of the year?

November to January is my favorite

🍴 - Favorite food(s) to eat?

honestly i prefer something healthy so i don’t feel like shit, but rn all i can think about is duck breast with a raspberry glaze an d i watch too many cooking shows

👌 - Best friend?

@jamiesafox and @drfoxes are the literal best people and they deserve the world

🌟 - A wish you’ll wish for?

i honestly don’t understand this, but i don’t believe in wishes. for me personally, it just feels like an excuse to not do things in your life. like just wishing for something to happen.

so if by wish, you mean my dream, it’d be to have a successful career as a politician.

🍭 - Favorite Candy?

((haha oddly specific)) the lindt hello my name is strawberry cheesecake bar. it’s so fuckign good man you have no idea. but i refuse to buy them bc i know just how bad they probably are.

anyways brookside is the Healthier™ alternative candy which i prefer the goji berry one.

🍇 - Favorite fruits?

strawberries, raspberries, goji berries, oranges… basically i just love berries lol

I had a really good day at work! I keep finding out more people are gay in real life that I know and it’s so pleasant. I still can’t figure out how to communicate that I too am dating the same sex but I’ve been pretty cool about just saying “my girlfriend”. and I also got double chocolate cheesecake and strawberry shortcake leftovers, so all around very good