A few artists in our Discord group gathered together to do a little collab. Teams of three worked on the same picture, each responsible for either a sketch, line work or colouring. The results were absolutely amazing so we decided to share them here. As always, remember to not repost. Likes and reblogs, please.

Sketch by @dracoskullart
Lineart by @emzurl
Colour by @edendaphne


Have a slice of Valentian cheesecake! It’s made using the finest of ingredients found around dungeon floors and prepared in the Deliverance hideout!

If you haven’t already heard the audio of Lukas’ voice actor (amongst lots of other characters!) reading a cheesecake recipe, please do yourself a favor.

Some friends and I got together cosplaying these characters and actually made the recipe in the audio. It turned out fantastic! Check out some more of those photos here!