May 25th excerpt:

Dean rolled his eyes, and this time didn’t bother with the stand-up menu. Instead, he reached over and lightly nudged Jacob to his feet, propping his finger underneath a small arm and pushing him up. He had to restrain himself the second he felt exactly how light Jacob was against his finger. If he moved too fast, he’d pull the kid right off the table again, just like the time Dean had gone for the bag he was wearing and ended up taking Jacob along for the ride.

Watching those small legs kicking in the air, dangling helplessly over what was to him a huge distance… it was the first time in years Dean had felt his overprotective side rise up in him.

“Not happenin,’ ” he scolded gently as he maneuvered Jacob closer to the plate. “You’re eating some of this food one way or the other. Don’t make me try and make the world’s smallest cheeseburger. We both know that won’t end well.”

Jacob tried to resist, but he might as well be pushing on a wall. He tried to shove Dean’s hand away, but the huge fingers were too strong for him. Digging his heels in was just as useless, and soon enough he found himself marched over to the plate like an ornery kid. He stumbled a few times, but with Dean guiding him along he was standing still again in no time.