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Charlie Cox wants to see this comic book moment come to life:

“There are some fantastic moments in the Daredevil series with Jessica Jones, with Luke Cage, with Iron Fist,” He says. “I’ve taken note of the moments in the Daredevil comics where new characters are coming in and sharing panels with Daredevil, and in terms of how Matt might operate in a team-up scenario, I read Civil War. He plays a relatively big part in the comics — I mean, he’s kind of in the background for most of it, but the crux of the plan hinges on him. And so, I’m just looking for little nuggets, for stuff I can use and any clues into how I can play him.”

Of everything he’s read, Cox has one interaction he’s eager to see, or at least evoke, in The Defenders. “One of my favorite images is from a Daredevil issue with Luke Cage and Daredevil on a rooftop eating cheeseburgers, I love that.”

So today in spanish class..

we made valentines day cards…and I’m not entirely sure why because that isn’t much of a high school class activity but hey alright whatever…anyways my teacher told us to make a card for someone and since my life is literally overrun with Supernatural and Destiel (And I didn’t want to make a card for anyone who was real) I made a valentines day card to Cas from Dean. Not a bad idea, right? No it didn’t seem that bad of an idea at all so I went with it, I put my pitiful art skills to use and I drew one of Cas’s wings and a little bit of Cas himself (not much though) and then I wrote a message from Dean in spanish (It had to be in spanish that was the one requirement) and everything is good, its all perfect! 

…..and then my teacher tells us that if we want a grade we have to show her the card we made….cue me, nervously sweating at my desk as I await having to explain to her that my card is a card between my gay otp and that one of them is an angel of the lord and they are perfect for each other and its all from this show I watch and-okay yeah I’ll just take my card and go now bye. 

Anyways here is the card:

Now my “spanish skills” are “rusty” but the translation is roughly this:

Front Cover: You are my angel 

Inside Message: Sorry it took me forever to realize how much I love you. You are not expendable and I need you more than I’ve let on. Will you be my valentine, Cas ?

P.S: I’ll buy cheeseburgers if you say yes


Hubby and I just watched the episode (so my rewatch), and I was thinking about how when Amethyst says this, it’s not reversed. It’s broken and slurred, but understandable, the first bit of understandable speech she’s made since she started talking backwards. And it hit me that the reason it sounds so strained is because it IS. She’s dying here, literally falling apart, and her gemstone is a hair away from splitting in two. Amethyst is fighting SO HARD right now to speak to Steven in a way he can understand. It’s so important to her that she get these words out.


It’s easy to miss because it’s played for laughs, but this is incredibly important to her character. Amethyst has so much trouble with actual, personal emotions, even with Steven, whose emotions she should be able to trust more than anyone else. She’s dying, and what may well be her last action, one she has to struggle to carry out in a way that HE will understand, is to dismiss what he feels. It’s not enough for Amethyst to just say it, STEVEN MUST HEAR IT OR IT DOESN’T COUNT. Otherwise his feelings will still be out there, full of sincerity and power. Amethyst can’t abide it.

It’s easy to not think about what Amethyst is saying or doing most of the time because it’s funny. I think that’s exactly WHY she does it. Pearl and her innumerable issues are laid out like an all you can eat lunchtime buffet, while Amethyst is a fucking circus down the street, so distracting you never notice the restaurant’s open.

It’s heartbreaking that right at the end, more than anything else, Amethyst needed to dismiss the idea that she mattered and anyone truly cared about her at all.

[Once again reminding that I’m watching Steven Universe spoiler-free and I appreciate your help in staying that way!]


Chicken soup for the conflicted Chinese-American soul

As a cheeseburger-loving, second generation Chinese-American who can’t speak a word of Cantonese with my grandma, I struggle with my identity. I’m not Chinese enough (whatever that means), yet I’m clearly not white. Food connects me with my heritage and my family members who endured the hardships of immigration. But when I got to college in New York, I remember being confused — and offended — by how others saw my heritage.

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