Answers About Pizza

sailorzeo replied to your post “Just saw an advert for a peach and ham pizza and thought of you and…”

I’ve made cheeseburger&fries pizza before. Basically ground beef in a ketchup/mustard sauce, fried fries, all topped with loooots of cheese.

See, that’s really just cheeseburger sloppy joe on bread, that’s FINE. That actually sounds quite tasty.

seshat1 replied to your post “Just saw an advert for a peach and ham pizza and thought of you and…”

What did ham do to you?? :) Am actually wondering if it’s different in the states, because ham (normally parma ham) is not uncommon on pizza in the UK, or in other places I’ve been!

Ham’s quite common in the US, too, I just think it’s super gross. It’s all warm and slimy under the cheese, and it’s ALWAYS sliced too thick.

youjustgotthebiz  asked:

What are your top 5 favorite things to eat?

Of course Cheeseburgers. I can go through a shit ton of ice cream. I love cake. spaghetti because I can put so much of it in my bell macaroni and cheese the bake kind

(2/2) “In Afghanistan I spent so much time imagining what it would be like when I came home. I built up this perfect world. I imagined eating a big cheeseburger. And taking the longest shower. And meeting up with all my friends. Maybe we’d even take a trip to the beach just to catch up. And everything would be just like when I left. And people would be so happy to see me. Because they’d be thankful for the sacrifices that I made. But when my plane landed, nobody was there to meet me. My mom couldn’t afford to take off work. My father had died while I was gone. The rest of my family couldn’t afford to travel. One of the first things I did was visit the two friends who had written me letters. The whole time I was in Afghanistan, I only got four letters from two friends. So I had to visit them right away to tell them that those letters meant the world to me. But after those visits, I was pretty much by myself. So I sat in my room and I started thinking. I’d been so busy in Afghanistan. There was always a job to do. But now it was quiet. So I thought about all the things that I’d kept at bay. I thought about the little girl that I saved. And what her life is like now. And I wondered if she’s still alive. And if she is still alive, does she even want to be?”