You haven’t known true temptation until you’ve lived on a student budget, 2mins walk from a 24/7 MacDonal.

“Hmm, let’s see. It’s 11pm and I haven’t eaten any solid food all day. I could either start cooking now, and make some tasteless lentil mush and rice, or I could buy four 99p cheeseburgers and a large fries. Every day. Decisions decision…”

i almost choked on a bit of cheeseburger cuz it swallowed it wrong but i remembered i haven’t seen manchester by the sea yet so i coughed it out and spit in the grim reapers face

Day 7/100

Today has been a productive day and I’m exhausted at 8 pm.

For breakfast I had a baby bel cheese, chile flavored almonds and minimal pecans, and a hard boiled egg. For lunch I had a deconstructed cheeseburger salad. For dinner I had three paprika seasoned chicken legs with cheesy, buttered spaghetti squash on the side.

I did 30 minutes of walking intervals on the treadmill and 20 minutes of hills on the stationary bicycle. I also did four different strength machines for my arms.

14,000 steps and counting but probably won’t move much more tonight.

  • there's something really off and by that i mean blatantly racist/xenophobic when westerners will go to a country they have no business being in just to protest festivals where dog/rabbits/horses etc are consumed but go home and eat a cheeseburger and chicken strips it's like? consumption of animals is an all or nothing act that you really don't get to pick and choose from and you also don't get to delegate human conscience and intellect just because someone ate something that looks like your pet. i've been sitting here for hours trying to wrap my brain around how two hundred thousand years of human interaction with animals and there are people who can't understand the impact the two have on each other. why do animals eat animals? because they have to! why do humans eat animals? because they can.

When you realize you’re ordering way too much food for one person