A Very Special Night ll Trincy (Quincy & Trinity)

Trinity placed the two glasses of sparkling cider on the table, the final touch to the lovely dinner she had made for she and Quincy’s one-year anniversary. She wanted to make the night as special as possible, so she made spaghetti and meatballs with cheesecake for dessert. Though she knew cheeseburgers were Quincy’s favorite, she wanted tonight to be a bit fancier than the rest. She looked at the clock. It was 5:53, Quincy was bound to walk through the door any minute. She smoothed out her royal blue dress, checked her curls, and checked all the food one more time as she waited for him to walk through the door.

Okay! This is the current cut sheet for the cheeseburger backpack

I’m hoping to perfect it and sell some completed backpacks

You may think it’s dumb that I’m releasing my pattern, but I’m sure half of you guys will try to make this and halfway through you’ll throw the damn thing against a wall and buy one

Steven Universe Masterpost

Making this for my own future reference as well as for all you lovies out there. Also, you can buy the dvd for $10,00 here 

Season One

  • [x] 01 & 02 - Gem Glow & Laser Light Cannon
  • [x] 03 & 4- Cheeseburger Backpack &  Together Breakfast
  • [x] 05 & 06- Frybo & Cat Fingers
  • [x] 07 & 08 - Bubble Buddies & Serious Steven
  • [x] 09 & 10 -Tiger Millionnaire & Steven’s Lion
  • [x] 11 - Arcade Mania
  • [x] 12 - Giant Woman
  • [x] 13 - So Many Birthdays
  • [x] 14 - Lars and the Cool Kids
  • [x] 15 - Onion Trade
  • [x] 16 - Steven the Sword Fighter
  • [x] 17 -Lion II - The Movie
  • [x] 18 - Beach Party
  • [x] 19 - Rose’s Room
  • [x] 20 -Coach Steven
  • [x] 21 - Joking Victim
  • [x] 22 - Steven and the Stevens
  • [x] 23 = Monster Buddies
  • [x] 24 = An Indirect Kiss
  • [x] 25 - Mirror Gem
  • [x] 26 - Ocean Gem
  • [x] 27- House Guests
  • [x] 28 - Space Race
  • [x] 29 - Secret Team
  • [x] 30 - Island Adventure
  • [x] 31 - Keep Beach City Weird
  • [x] 32 - Fusion Cuisine
  • [x] 33 - Garnet’s Universe
  • [x] 34 - Watermelon Steven
  • [x] 35 - Lion III - Straight to Video
  • [x] 36 - Warp Tour
  • [x] 37 - Alone Together
  • [x] 38 - The Test
  • [x] 39 - Future Vision
  • [x] 40 - On the Run
  • [x] 41- Horror Club
  • [x] 42 -Winter Forecast
  • [x] 43 - Maximum Capacity
  • [x] 44 - Marble Madness
  • [x] 45 - Rose’s Scabbard
  • [x] 46 - The Message
  • [x] 47 - Political Power
  • [x] 48 - The Return
  • [x] 49 - Jailbreak

Season two

  • [x] 01 - Full Disclosure 
  • [x] 02 - Open Book   
  • [x] 03 - Joy Ride  
  • [x] 04 - Say Uncle (Filler Crossover with an awful show which does not further the plot at all)   
  • [x] 05 - Story For Steven   
  • [x] 06 - Shirt Club   
  • [x] 07 - Love Letters  

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have you thought about interfacing

Oh my god this made me laugh so hard I thought I woke John up

Okay guys I know that last post was harsh

But man, we’ve both been completely strapped for cash since Saturday and it sucks to see something you’re working on fall and know how easily it can be fixed with the right materials
–but then not being able to afford those materials and just working with what you’ve got

Well, the money from the bows just came in from etsy
So we’re both a bit more calm now

I’m going to go find me some stronger fabric tomorrow
Like duckcloth or rip-stop
Something military grade

And my cheeseburger backpack is going to be fucking bulletproof when I finish with it


//and I’ll make the current fabric burgers into adorable pillows
They deserve to be cute pillows

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You're going to sit here and freak out over people eating meat, but I'd have money saying if a bug crawled on you, you'd swat that thing without second thought. And God forbid something dies! Now I have a BACON CHEESEBURGER to go devour while manically laughing about how much of a monster I am.

Nah bugs are my pals, apart from wasps I am so scared of them! But I would still never kill one lmao you are a very strange person

You win Monday.

It took me an hour and a half to get to Jack’s baseball game tonight. While Jack again killed it at catcher, his batting was off, and his team lost.

I came home, nuked a leftover cheeseburger for dinner and decided I deserved a beer.

My emotions have been building all day. I’m thankful I had really big shades to hide behind at the ballpark. Now, sitting here in the quiet of my apartment, all I can do is sit and feel.

Adam warned me that this would be hard- tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the day my buddy said goodbye. I’ve relived that last conversation a million times, playing it over in my head.

It still hurts.