Pablo Cheese Cake in Japan

Believe it or not, buying cheese cake from Pablo was actually part of my Japan Itinerary. So when a Pablo Cafe popped out from the side streets of Dotombori with very short line of people, we got excited and bought one box of dessert goodness.

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Tonight’s dinner: tea!

A lovely cup of tomato bisque and slices of smoked cheese tart (a Moosewood recipe).

Tea sandwiches - cucumber and cream cheese or very thin slices of Lambchopper (a sheep’s milk Gouda-style cheese) on a thin smear of Kerrygold Irish butter.

Lovely little scones (which could be topped with macerated strawberries, raspberry jam, lemon curd, clotted cream or Irish butter) and chocolate-hazelnut cookies.

And a pot of Adagio almond tea.

…Now we are full. Content, but full.