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When their s/o pulls them in for an unexpected kiss

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It’s honestly hard to say with Mark.  I feel like he’s a little more brazen than some of the other guys simply because he’s American and didn’t grow up in the more polite culture of Korea, but even with that said, he’s still a shy little bub.  If it’s early on in the relationship, I feel like he will be more shy about intimate moments like that.  His face will go red and he’ll probably let out one of those ridiculously cute nervous giggles.  However, if we’re talking later in the relationship, BOI!  He’s a Virgo.  He’s Cheeky.  He’s teasing.  He’s going to make you squirm before he’s done with you.  I think it would depend on where and when this is happening.  If out in public, he’ll kiss you back, but not linger (I feel like he’s more conscious of how others perceive him).  Now, if it’s at home, you can expect things to heat up pretty quickly, whether it be a steamy make-out or something a little more energy exerting.  Either way, I think Mark is a toss up kind of guy.  “Baby, you should know better than to surprise me like that.” (do I really need to even say ‘wink wink’?)

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I don’t know what it is about this man that I just think he’s a fluffy, flustered puppy.  Like he seems the type to be more gruff and tough, but he’s not.  Okay?  Whoever is blessed with the chance to be this one’s significant other will learn quite quickly that he’s a giant push over.  He loves to love and loves to be loved.  Lots of blushing, lots of stuttering, lots of unintended aegyo.  Of course, he does have a more ‘serious’ side for when he’s hot and bothered, but you have to get there first or he has to already have the bedroom on his mind.  I don’t know, I guess when I think of Jaebum I just envision cheese.  Like he’s so cheese-y!  Horrible dad jokes, puns that only make sense to him, and dirty, dirty mind that he shares with LITERALLY NO ONE EVER.  Fluff, flustered, puppy?  Yes.  Daddy material? Also yes.  He ain’t even my bias, ladies and gents!  I know one when I see one, I’m just sayin’!  Anyway, even if he leans more towards the Tsundere side of his personality after you surprise kiss him, don’t be alarmed or discouraged.  This guy LOVES when you kiss him, especially when he doesn’t see it coming.  Also, am I the only one who envisions hot, steamy, make up session?  Like you’re both arguing and suddenly BAM you’ve smashed your lips together and the rest is history?  I can’t be the only one!  

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Mr. & Mrs. Know It All // Spencer Reid

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this is the first one shot of a series i’ll be writing. cool thanks 

 word count: 494

You always had a thing for Spencer’s hands, but he had a mutual attraction to yours as well.

Reid and you just believed hands were a beautiful and complex thing. These were the things that created things, but also destroyed things. They were just very intricate pieces of your body.

“Our fingers don’t actually have muscles. The tendons in our fingers are moved by the muscles in our forearms.” Reid informed you from the couch.

“I surprisingly knew that.” You said, taking a seat next to him, ignoring all the other room on the couch.

He took your left hand into his and traced lightly over your knuckles. After a few moments of the soft touches, he began to twirl the ring on your fourth finger.

“Do you know why people put engagement rings on the digitus medicinalis?” He asked, his eyes still looking at my fingers.

“English, doctor.” You laughed

“The ring finger.” He corrected, now making eye contact.

“No Darling, why do they?” You asked, leaning against him slightly.

“The Persians believed in the fourth finger of your left hand, there is a vein that ran directly to your heart. They believed it showed the immense  love amongst the couple. They even named that particular vein ‘vena amoris’, which translates to ‘vein of love’.” He explained, placing a small kiss to the ring on my finger.

“From the tone in your voice, i’m guessing that’s incorrect?” You questioned.

“Im afraid so, but I thought it was quite charming.” He explained.

“Now I have a fact for you, Mr. Know It All.” You said, shifting your weight more evenly. You were facing him now, your knees touching.

“Alright, Mrs. Know It All.” He joked, letting your hand go.

“Well, the Chinese believed that your fingers depicted your past, present, and future.” You began, as you took his left hand into yours.

“The thumb represents your parents.” Tapping his thumb lightly, pushing it into his palm. Only leaving the index finger, middle finger, forefinger, and pinkie still up.

“The index finger represents the siblings.” His index joining his thumb against his palm.

“Middle finger represents you.”

His fourth finger and pinkie were the last two.

“Now the fourth finger represent your life partner.”

Last finger, the pinkie.

“And the pinkie represent your future kids.”

We just stared at each other, mutual looks of endearment in our eyes.

“Well Mrs. Know It All, that was an amazing history lesson.” He said after a few moments.

His lips brought a warm and tingling feeling to your body as they made contact with your  hands.

“I’ve never been so enthralled by someones hands.” Placing multiple pecks onto the tops of your hands

“Maybe it’s because they fit perfectly in mine.” He said in a joking tone, but you could tell he was being genuine.

“That was the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard.” you chuckled

“Well you love me and my cheese-y jokes, thats why you married me.”