cheese tartlet

Tartlet with apples, goat cheese, chutney, honey, walnuts and thyme

Made this quick tasty pie last night: Very easy, you can buy the pastry already made. Spread pastry dough with chutney, add goat cheese, then sliced apples, some walnuts, herbs and honey, season with salt and pepper, then fold the sides. Add a little melted butter for color, then a few more walnuts and fresh thyme, and bake on baking parchment in low oven for 30 minutes, cover after 20 minutes in case it colors too much, leave to rest for 10 minutes and serve. Also great with pears if no apples. You can switch goat cheese for blue cheese. Enjoy! 

May I feel, said he - Chapter 4

FIC SUMMARY: The flame of Tom’s marriage is out, there is no denying. After the divorce, he struggles to let himself love again.
CHAPTER SUMMARY: The book club gathers at Amy’s apartment this week and Tom not only stays for the usual snack after the meeting, but also ends up alone with Amy. 

Chapter 4 - Healing the wound

With every passing day, it got harder to hide the divorce from the papparazzi. Tom had asked Luke to call Sarah and see if she would be willing to cooperate until the two of them figured out what to tell the press and how to do it, and apparently she was okay with all of it. Luke told her what to answer if anyone asked her anything and so far it was working, but both the men knew one day it would be impossible to keep the secret anymore and Tom would have to substitute “we’re fine, thanks for asking” with “we’re no longer together” and be showered with more questions.

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