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Amazing Friends

Title: Amazing Friends

 Prompt: @legend-o-zelda: Hii, I love you. Can I get an imagine where the reader gets hurt on a hunt and can’t walk for a few days so the boys and even chuck pamper her. (Then an awkward moment w cas when she needs to go pee and can’t get up) I just wanted some cheering up :p

 Pairing: none

 Summary: Being hurt sucks, especially when it is witch related, but luckily you have a host of people who care about you and are happy to help you on your healing path.  

 Warnings: Mild language.  

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“I hate this.” You growled as Sam carried you down the bunker stairs.  


“I’m sorry, Y/N. Hopefully it’s temporary.”  Sam said.


“I’m sure! I’m sure it will be temporary.” He corrected quickly.  

This was going to be you for a while.  One stupid witch.  One stupid curse…and you couldn’t walk.  Couldn’t wiggle your toes…nothing.

Sam set you down in your bed and helped you get comfortable.  “Do you need anything?”  He asked quickly.

“No, I’m okay…well…maybe a snack?”

Sam chuckled. “Yea, I got it.”

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Recipe of the Day: Trisha’s Cheese-Stuffed Burgers

Form the beef around your favorite cheese, then grill the patties as usual. Your family will be wowed when they bite into a gooey surprise inside.


Look what I made this weekend.

My sister hooked me up with a cheese stuffed cheeseburger recipe. Sadly they were all eaten before I could take a picture so I can’t show you how they turned out but if they were eaten that fast you can guess they must have been good.

We took ground beef and formed 2 patties then put shredded cheese in between and grilled’em up. Pretty simple but a fun twist on a classic.

Original owner of Matt’s Bar dies hours before Obama’s visit

Matt Bristol, the man who started Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, died Thursday morning at the age of 89 – just a few hours before President Barack Obama visited the well-known restaurant Thursday, reports say.

Family members told WCCO Bristol, the bar’s original owner and founder, didn’t know Obama would be coming to the restaurant for lunch.

Bristol opened the neighborhood eatery in 1954, and claims to have invented the now-iconic, destination Minnesota burger known as the Jucy Lucy.

Although other local restaurants have similar cheese-stuffed burgers on their menus, Bristol had long told the story of how his bar was the first, and all others are just mere imitations. The story, according to the Matt’s Bar’s website, goes like this: A customer came into the restaurant and asked for two hamburger patties with a slice of cheese in the middle, and upon biting into the burger the customer exclaimed, “That’s one juicy Lucy!”

The burger quickly became popular. So popular, actually, that the restaurant forgot to put the “I” in juicy on their menu, so the burger has since been called the Jucy Lucy.