cheese slider

I made some more mac & cheese recently. I made it with Daiya cheddar, Swiss, and Tofutti cream cheese. I also added some vegan mayo, lime juice, and hot sauce for added flavor. It’s been really great. I’m on my last square of it unfortunately.

Knot because I love you, just because I care (Part 4 of 7)

Her visa was up. He offered to help. That’s what friends are for -right?

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“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The ceremony had gone by quickly - their simple vows chosen as they were the most succinct - and if Killian had to hazard a guess he would have thought barely five minutes had passed since Emma had entered on David Nolan’s arm looking beautiful in a cream silk dress. Now it was over, the silver rings they had bought on their fingers, the registrar looking at them expectantly…. and a frozen expression on Emma’s face.

He’d found it almost charming when she had appeared at his door the night before, drenched and with so many questions. Since this whole idea had formed, his sole motivation had been to do a good deed for someone who sorely needed a break. Of course, when she’d mentioned a kiss, well, it wasn’t too much hardship to kiss a beautiful woman, was it? Now their friends were waiting, the registrar’s words hanging in the air and Emma looked like she was terrified.

He took her hand in his, running his thumb across the back of it, whispering, “Breathe, Emma.”

She looked quickly up at him, her expression softening as she gave him a little nod, her eyes flashing to his lips. Oh yes, he thought, you may kiss the bride.  Then, she leaned up onto her toes as he tilted his head to meet her until their lips aligned and touched for a second, just like the night before, the briefest of kisses, enough to satisfy their guests.

But as he went to pull away, she didn’t- instead, she reached up her hand to wrap around his neck, securing him in place as she increased the pressure on his mouth, teasing his lips open with a brief swipe of her tongue.

If he’d brushed off their kiss from the night before, it was impossible to do so now. She was kissing him; she led their actions, pulling him closer, her other hand resting on his chest, her lips so demanding- like-

Like it was real.

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The weekend is finally here and we celebrate by building this tower of burger love. The burger of the month from @flippinburgers are two sliders: “Flimpy Slider” (smashed double cheese) and “SNS-Slider” (double cheese with chili mayo and shoestring fries). Crazy good!

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Chopped Salad, turkey, no dressing - 230

Chopped side salad, no dressing – 70

Turkey and cheese slider – 200

Ham and cheese slider – 230

Snack size curly fries - 250

Apple side - 35

Jr Turkey and cheese sandwich - 220