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Some Rohan pen+pencil doodles I did in class ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ because if linear relations are more important than anything, it is most definitely not Rohan mcfreakin Kishibe

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i'm not one to speak but dude what did the goat ever do to you why do you want it to get fucked by a fetishizt poor goat , they should do a cheese shredder but leave goats alone

no goats were harmed in the making of this post

We Can’t Series (4/10)

Author’s Note: TV shows play such a big part of my life. I gathered some memorable quotes from some of my favorite TV shows. (Glee: The Quarterback S5E03; How I Met Your Mother: Drumroll S1E13)
Also, I was inspired by @marvelimaginesyesplease‘s post.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Words: 2383

Previous Part: Part Three

Dating Steve was everything you could have imagined. He was the perfect boyfriend, ever such a gentleman. He’s the type of guy that when he asked ‘How are you?’ he would actually want to know. And boy was he handsome. He wasn’t handsome like Bucky. No, he was handsome in his own special way. Fortunately for you, no other girls looked at Steve like how you saw him. Not that it would even matter, because when he was with you, he only looked at you and no other girl can compare.

Bucky, Steve, and you hung out less, now that you guys graduated from high school. Bucky and Steve attended the Auburndale Art School. Bucky wasn’t a fan of school and often looked for a job, but he decided to join Steve for the time being. He didn’t know what he wanted to do in the future. You also wanted to continue your education. However, the only schools available to you were ones with the education of being a housewife. You didn’t remember much of your past, but you did know that women had way more rights in the future than now.

But you didn’t complain. The two schools were close to each other and a short walk from your guys’ apartments. It was hard not seeing Bucky and Steve as much, but it made time in your apartment that much more special.

In a blink of an eye, you guys were grown up. All of you were now in your twenties. Bucky found work in a nearby factory, and Steve and you have been dating for three years already, three wonderful years.

Steve was on his way home from visiting his mother, and Bucky was at the factory, working, leaving you alone at the apartment. You were doing what your education has taught you to do, making dinner and cleaning around the house.

Three large potatoes were boiling on the stove, and meaty gravy was heating up on the other side of the cooker. You were cutting up steamed carrots and cabbage to accompany the tater. Fortunately, on your way home, you picked up some freshly-baked bread.

You just finished cutting up the mixed vegetables and were stirring the potatoes to make sure they wouldn’t overcook, when you heard the front door open. Still stirring, you looked over your shoulder to see Bucky walking through the door.

You smiled at the sight of him. “Hi Bucky,” you greeted.

You heard Bucky’s footsteps, walking towards you. “Hey doll,” he said, while hugging you from the behind. Bucky and you have been on good terms. He was happy for you and Steve and often went on double dates with you guys and another dame. The night you kissed Steve, you were worried that this would ruin everything. Though it happened a couple of months after you and Bucky broke up, you were nervous that you dating Steve would bring out the ugly side in everyone. Fortunately, it was everything but.

Bucky pulled back from the hug and observed what you were doing. “What’s for dinner?” he asked.

You stopped stirring the potatoes and lifted up the lid of the pot holding the gravy. You wanted to make sure it wasn’t burning, because without gravy, the potato would be bland. You informed, “Potatoes and gravy. I have carrots and cabbage to accompany it, and I think there is still some strong cheddar in the ice-box.”

Bucky walked over to the fridge, opening the door and sticking his head in. A few seconds later, Bucky announced, “Yep. We still have some,” holding out the cheese in his hand.

You gave him a small smile. “Great,” you responded. “Can you put it on the counter?” He walked over to you and placed what was left of the cheese next to the cut-up vegetables. You continued, “I also picked up some bread on the way home today.”

Bucky sighed, “You are amazing.” You chuckled at that. He walked over to the living room and threw himself onto the couch. “I’m beat,” he exasperated.

You gave a chuckle. “I bet you are,” you answered. You placed the lid back onto the pot, then walked over to the drawers to get the shredder for the cheese.

What you didn’t see was the way Bucky was gazing at you. Bucky’s thoughts were cutting off with the sound of the front door opening. He ripped his eyes away from your standing figure and stared down at the floor.

“Hi Steve,” you greeted, knowing he would be the only one walking through the door. You didn’t look up from your task of shredding the cheese. Last thing you needed was to cut yourself on the device. That would be a story. As your school stated, ‘A perfect housewife knows how to use all her tools.’

He didn’t respond to you, which you thought was odd. He always greeted you in the sweetest ways. You knew something was off. You stopped shredding the cheese and looked up to see Steve with red, swollen eyes, his head bowed down.

You dropped the cheese and shredder on the counter and ran over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck in a comforting hug. He nuzzled his face into your hair and wrapped his arms around your waist, enjoying your reassuring embrace.

Arms still encased around Steve, you whispered gently, “What’s wrong honey?”

Steve took in a large, shaky breath and answered, “It’s my mom.” You held in your breath, your nose burning with the tears filling your eyes. You turned to look at Bucky who was now sitting up on the couch with the same shocked expression you held. Steve continued, “She caught tuberculosis while working. She only has a month.” You tightened your hug, and tears started falling down your cheek.

Steve’s mother Sarah was a saint, who started working at a tuberculosis ward to make end’s meet. She denied your offer to help, and when Steve offered to get a job to help out, she refused saying he needed to pursue his love in art. You loved Sarah, and you and her were super close, you hanging out at Steve’s all the time when you were younger. She was your second mother, and you were the daughter she never had. Sarah was ecstatic when you and Steve got together.

You cried in a low voice, “I’m so sorry Steve.” You closed your eyes, drops slowly ran down your face. You briefly released the hug only to wipe the tears that have fallen down your chin. When you opened your eyes, your vision was blurry.

You didn’t notice Bucky walking towards the two of you. He placed a comforting hand on Steve’s shoulder and muttered, “I’m so sorry pal. I’ll let you guys have a moment to yourselves.”

You looked up at him with wet eyes and mouthed a thank you. He gave you a reassuring nod and walked over to his room. Once you heard his door close, you released your hug on Steve, grabbed his hand, and started heading over to the couch.

You sat down and Steve followed. You gently cupped the back of his neck and pulled forward, to let his head rest on your shoulder. Your hand started caressing the hair on the nape of his neck. The other rubbed circles on his lower back. You guys stayed like this for a while, tears falling down yours and his cheek, letting the sudden news settle.

It was Steve who broke the consoling silence. Your guys’ tears were now dry, but your eyes and cheeks were red and swollen from all the crying. He lifted his head off your shoulder, which to him felt like it was filled with lead. And then he looked at you. And the way he was looking at you… as if you were his everything, his entire world, the only thing that is keeping him grounded. He stated affectionately, “I love you Y/N L/N.”

You smiled for the first time since you heard about Sarah’s illness. You replied longingly, pronounciating every word to make sure he knew how much you meant it. “I love you too Steven Grant Rogers. More than you can imagine.”

You felt your heart ache at the way he was staring at you. You loved this man, and you will follow him to the ends of the earth. You started leaning in slowly. Eyes flickering to his lips and back. You waited for him for his permission.

The best part of any first kiss is the lead up to it. The moment right before the lips touch. It’s like a big drum roll. And when your lips finally connected, it felt like fireworks. You and Steve have kissed over the time of your relationship, but they were sweet and chaste. That’s how this kiss started, but then it become something more- with more passion, more love.

You cupped the back of his neck with both hands to try and bring him closer. Steve didn’t know where to put his hands. Every time they were about to settle into a position, he quickly withdrew. You felt Steve was a bit hesitant, so you pulled back a bit.

He ripped his lips from yours and apologized, “I-I’m sorry.” You chuckled and continued to kiss him. Obviously, he was nervous, and you were too. But Steve kept apologizing, and his hands were shaking, still not finding a solid place to put them. You finally grabbed his hands and gently placed them on your hips. He apologized again, and you just wanted him to shut up and kiss you already.

You grabbed the back of his neck again and leaned forward, kissing him long and hard. That shut him up, and you felt him smile against your lips. He starts melting into your embrace, like putty in your hand.

In life there are a lot of big romantic moments, and they make life worth living. But here’s the problem. Moments pass. And lurking just around the corner from those moments is a cruel, unshaven bastard named reality. Steve’s mom was dying, and there was nothing that can be done about that. But for now, you can forget the grief, the loss, the sadness, and enjoy this moment. Hold on to it and never let it go. Time was just an illusion; no power was needed to make this moment last.

Steve was gone a lot in the past month, being by Sarah’s bedside and arranging the funeral, so Bucky was your rock. At home, he never left your side and always offered a shoulder to cry on when you needed one. Bucky held up, never showing his sadness, trying to be strong for the three of us. But you can see past his facade; he was heartbroken as well.

“You’re doing it again,” you accused.

Bucky’s head shot up. “Doing what?” he asked.

You walked over to him and intertwined your hands with his. “Bucky, I know you. Maybe even more than you know yourself. Sarah’s death is hard on all of us, you included.”

Bucky looked down at your hands, feeling his eyes burn with tears starting to fill up. You continued, “You’ve been a rock for everyone, so I know that that means that sometimes you don’t get to grieve yourself.”

Bucky muttered, still not looking up at you, “I’m okay.”

You wondered, “Are you?”

Bucky sighed, finally looking up at you with tear-filled eyes, “Of course I’m not okay, but I have to make sure that the people around me are taken care of.”

You drew the back of your hand on his cheek “I know,” you said. “Whatever you feel and however you want to show it, that’s okay. I just I think there’s gonna come a time when you need to let it all out, and I want you to know that I plan on being here for you when you do.”

You smiled when Bucky nodded. “I’m going to make some hot chocolate for the both of us, okay?” you asked.

Bucky answered, “That would be great, doll.”

You got up and smoothed down your skirt. You headed towards the kitchen, and Bucky was doing it again, gazing longingly at you while you weren’t looking.

Sarah Rogers’ funeral was beautiful. There was a crowd of people from who Sarah touched their lives. People from the tuberculosis ward, both patients and their families attended, saying was so kind and caring.

Steve and you didn’t cry. For one thing, you guys felt like you were all cried out from the previous month. But another thing was that the arrangement was uplifting. It was to celebrate Sarah’s life, not grieve for her death. Sarah would have wanted that. She would have smacked us on the side of the head if we dwelled on it… God, you missed Sarah. Bucky, however, allowed a single tear roll down his cheek during the funeral, to which you grabbed his hand and gave it a comforting squeeze.

You and Bucky were walking to the apartment, holding hands for comfort. You were hugging his left arm, feeling drained and exhausted. “That was a beautiful funeral,” you whispered.

Bucky smiled, “Yeah. It really was. Sarah would have loved it.”

You let out a large exhale and tightened your grip on his arm. A comfortable silence fell between you two. Bucky’s chest rose and then fell with rapid breaths. “Y/N? Can I tell you something?”

You hummed in agreement, still focusing on your walk home. Bucky stated, “If there was one thing I learned from Sarah’s death, it would be that life is too short.”

You looked up at his face and smiled. “I agree,” you responded.

Bucky paused and thought long and hard on what he was going to say next. He drew in a long breath, then continued, “Y/N. I still love you, and I know you are with Steve and you love each other, but I just need you to know.”

Your eyes widened and your face flushed. You looked up at him to see if there was any kind of recognition on his face, but you didn’t see anything but sincerity.

Bucky stated, “I can’t hold onto that secret any longer.”


EPISODE RECAP: Episode #420, “The Super Shredder”

The Foot Clan is fractured. Shredder is bedridden. Desperate times call for diabolical mutations.

There’s no secret of the ooze in this episode. Oroku Saki mutates himself into a mega menace, the Super Shredder. As Michelangelo says, “he’s got huge muscles and blades everywhere, like a buff cheese grater!” Super Shredder is obsessed with destroying the Turtles and everyone close to them. With his mind poisoned by mutagen and revenge, he captures Karai and uses her as bait to lure in the Turtles, Splinter, and April. The rat master faces off against Super Shredder in an intense battle, while the rest of the gang gets stuck fighting off Foot Bots and mutant baddies. 

Super Shredder stomps on Splinter’s leg, crushing his bones and badly injuring the Sensei. Is Super Shredder just too powerful? Nothing seems to be working. He cannot be stopped. In an attempt to save the ones he loves, Splinter sacrifices himself - pulling Super Shredder off of a cliff. The two vanish into a vast pit of dust and darkness. The Turtles don’t event get a second to process the moment, as Bebop, Rocksteady, and a slew of Foot Soldiers arrive to the scene prepared for another assault.

Will Splinter survive?

Is Super Shredder gone?

The mutant mayhem continues this Sunday on @nickelodeon at 9AM/8c.

the signs as Mitch Hedberg quotes

aries:  I have a cheese shredder at home. That’s a positive name for it: cheese shredder. They don’t call it by its negative name because nobody would buy it… sponge ruiner.
taurus: I want to hang a map of the world in my house. Then I’m gonna put pins into all the locations I’ve traveled to, but first I’m gonna have to travel to the top two corners of the map, so it won’t fall down. 
gemini: My belt holds up my pants and my pants have belt loops that hold up the belt. What the fuck’s really going on down there? Who is the real hero?
cancer: I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn’t have one. So I got a cake.
leo: I wear a necklace now… because I like to know when I’m upside down.
virgo: I opened up a yogurt, it said “Please try again” because they were having a contest I was unaware of. But I thought I might have opened the yogurt wrong.
libra: If you’re watching a parade, make sure you stand in one spot. Don’t follow it. It never changes. And if the parade is boring, run in the opposite direction. You will fast forward the parade.
scorpio: A fly was very close to being called a “land” because that’s what it does half the time.
sagittarius: I’m a heroine addict… I need to have sex with women who saved someone’s life.
capricorn: I didn’t go to college, but if I did, I would have taken all my tests at a restaurant, because the customer is always right.
aquarius: This one commercial said “Forget everything you know about slip covers,” so I did. And it was a load off my mind. Then the commercial tried to sell slip covers, but I didn’t know what the fuck they were. 
pisces: My roommate said, he goes, “I need to shave and use the shower. Does anyone need to use the bathroom?” It’s like some weird ass quiz where he reveals the answer first.

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I take full responsibility for the name cheese shredder and I apologize but sHRED MY CHEESE YOSHI


you must take full responsibility for being awesome because we have begun something beautiful together

tbh I don’t even know what cheese is an innuendo of or why he wants it shredded but this love is real

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I wanted to be smooth and tell you a smooth pick up line to make you blush... but this anon is about as smooth as a cheese shredder. So for now, I want to tell you that you are really cute and you should continue what you are doing! <3

Thank you….