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i don’t want to say this too loudly,but i haven’t even had my coffee yet and i’m feeling okay. the reason i am drinking coffee…or in my case,an almond milk mocha drink i got at the supermarket…is because i have a late day eye appointment and i need to wash up and get dressed and go to it and that is a lot for me to do. i will mostly liked crash tomorrow. it’s not the ideal way to do things,but sometimes it’s just about the only way to do something for me.

i had a chicken panini with cheese on sourdough for breakfast…one of those frozen things but still delicious. it’s a treat for me.

i had to call and arrange for my eye exam and glasses that i will be ordering…i am very nearsighted as well as needing bifocals since ten years ago,so my lenses alone are very expensive…to be paid for from my special needs health trust,which was originally supposed to be a used car fund but will probably get used up and leave me carless unless i have a miracle recovery or a lottery win or find a rich spouse…though i have nothing to offer anyone! 

i haven’t had anything but generic cheap frames for years now…i’m tempted to get something fashionable,but that’s probably not a good idea because i may have these glasses for the rest of my life,which hopefully will be longer than fashion. i also might re-use some old frames,which would be the ultimate savings for frames,but that is so depressing,although usually the new ones i get look pretty much like the ones i have been wearing for years. i don’t HATE them,but.. i wear glasses all the time except when i am sleeping,and it would be nice to have frames i liked a lot. i will probably decide when i go and look at the prices at the eye doctors…


female socialization: a chicken & cheese panini

male socialization: waffles with berries

i dont understand how those stupid transes can claim to be socialized as their “”“”“identitity.”“”“”


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my favorite thing about kiho is how subtle they are. its how kihyun waited to be the last to wish wonho happy birthday, missed the timing but ended up giving him the sweetest message. how kihyun complains that wonho loses his stuff too much but will still help him find them anytime he loses them. its how wonho is the first kihyun goes to when he's asked to dance alone and although wonho doesn't go with him, he gives kihyun the confidence to dance alone.

+ how wonho stares at kihyun sometimes. and always compliments his voice, saying kihyun’s voice makes every song sound good. how wonho stated kihyun’s always got his back and is the first to fight for him when the situation’s bad. its how they both make fun of each others lisps but at the same time have each others backs. (sorry for the long essay in your inbox but it’s 3am and i have a lot of feelings)

how is it that when it’s 3am for me, all i can think about is a cheese panini but you come up with nice thoughts such as this :(


03.11.17. // Went to a new coffee shop near Golden Park to go over some of our not-new-years-anymore resolutions. I never posted mine but I’ve been meaning to. I’ll have to do that soon. I was also trying to get ready for school to start over the next few days by looking at my calendar and syllabus and stuff, but I ended up getting distracted by the music playing (Animal Collective!!) :D and I couldn’t concentrate anymore…

We got some coffees and food. I got a chia pudding (sooo good!) and a cheese panini (okay), and Trev got a breakfast sandwich that looked reeeeally good, but I don’t eat meat anymore so… ;o;


Grilled Chicken Panini with Homemade Chipotle Mayo 

This was a lot of work for a sandwich, but worth every single minute. I promise. 

Ingredients & Directions for Chipotle Mayo 

I used the same ingredients and directions as the mayo in this previous recipe except I swapped whole garlic for granulated garlic (2 tsp) and mustard powder for 2 tsp of Dijon mustard. After the mayo was complete, I added 3 chopped chipotle peppers plus 1 ½ tbsp of adobo to the mayo and whipped. You can blend the chipotles into the mayo, but I love the bits of pepper running throughout. Store in a mason jar or airtight container. 

Ingredients & Directions for Caramelized Onions 

I used the same ingredients (+ 1 tbsp sugar) and directions as the onions in this previous recipe. I added a bit more salt and cooked these in a mixture of canola oil and butter. 

Ingredients & Directions for Chicken 

I seasoned the front and back of thinly pounded chicken cutlets with the seasonings pictured above. Seasoning blend contains a total of (2 tsp smoked paprika, 1 tsp kosher salt, 1 tsp kosher pepper, 1 tsp lemon granules, and 2 tsp granulated garlic). I grilled each piece of chicken for about 2 minutes per side or until I could tell it was done (this is done by years of practice – I just know when my chicken is done). 


I assembled two paninis on Sourdough bread – each with one entire chicken cutlet, spinach, cheese (one has Gouda and one slice of jalapeño Jack cheese, the other has extra sharp cheddar and one slice of jalapeño Jack), avocado, chipotle mayo, caramelized onions, and tomatoes. Grilled/panini pressed until golden brown on each side.

Serve while hot. 



Turkey and Havarti Panini with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli and crispy French’s Fried Onions. White bread (12 Pieces), Havarti cheese (8 oz.), American Cheese (8 oz.), French’s fried onions (1 cup), Turkey (1 lb), Butter (6 tbls.), Garlic (6 cloves), Sherry (1 tsp.), Dijon (1 tsp.), Mayonnaise (2 cups), Red Bell Pepper (2).

Make aioli: roast garlic in olive oil. Roast bell pepperm. When cool blend peppers andbgarlic with sherry, Dijon, Mayonnaise and bell pepper. Season with salt. Assemble sandwich: spread aioli on inside of sandwich, top with havarti, turkey, onions, then American cheese. Tip with bread. Butter outsidevof bread and grill.

its 5 pm and i hadnt eaten since i got up at 6 am which is rlly horrendously hard for me bc im one of those people that eats always but i stopped at this cafe next to my school to get a snack and i got this sandwich and i told myself i was gonna go slow and make it last but its rlly good and i. scarfed it down

Summoning Candyman Ch. 1 (Jumin x Reader fanfic)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating : M
Summary: “Jumin Han, Jumin Han, Jumin Han” you repeated in front of the mirror. When you wished for Jumin to be real on Halloween night, you didn’t expect him to turn out to be a criminal lord with a strange pet fetish…
Keywords: Super AU, self-insert, loss of control kink, pet kink, creepy dominant Jumin, criminal setting, also some Yoosung X Seven and Jaehee X Zen
Author’s Notes: And here we go again! I hope you’re all excited, because I am. Just like the last fic, it’ll start slow on the smut, but I promise waiting will pay off ;)

Chapter 1: Beware what you wish for

“I must have murdered a dozen babies in a past life” you muttered irritably in the empty air. No one was around to hear you pest anyway except your perv of a boss holed in his office, and there was truly no other reasonable explanation but bad karma for your presence in the shadiest coffee shop in town, slicing tomatoes and cheese to top tasteless paninis while you had perfectly good diplomas collecting dust at home.

Alright, that was a bit unfair. Maybe it also had to do with your lack of connections and the shitty state of the economy. As Mr. Misogyny delicately put it when you had dared to mention the topic of a raise, “you’re lucky a machine can’t do your job yet, doll.” It was just your luck working as a barista apparently also meant dealing with his sexual harassment on a daily basis too.

It could be worse, you consoled yourself. Aldo was a pig, but he prided himself in offering the latest trends to his gangsta chic clientele, meaning you made good tips off the overpriced drinks. It paid the bills and it kept you off the streets, which was more than you could say for most people nowadays—the honest crowd, anyway.  

Still, that’s not how you had envisioned your future when you had been slaving at school. You were supposed to get a position in a nice white collar place—an office, a law firm, a governmental bureau, anywhere really with late night parties and potential husbands to fraternize with—get engaged within the year, and pay you debts in record time. Heck, at this hour, your fiancé would be calling you to beg you to quit and let him take care of you—

Stop dreaming, you chided yourself as you moved to the lettuce. Even if you had snagged a boyfriend, modern guys were not like Jumin Han, the hot corporate heir from Mystic Messenger. They didn’t have the romantic inclinations for such grand sweeping gestures and weren’t nearly rich enough to dote on you like that. That’s why Jumin was a dating sim fantasy in the first place, because he was an ideal that couldn’t be found in the real world.

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what typa cheese you like on your grilled sandwiches

I only like grilled cheese paninis from timmies idk what kinda cheese they use but I hate any other grilled cheese