cheese or lemon

Some Cooking Advice

• A cast iron skillet is the best $30 you will ever spend

• Silicone spatulas are infinitely better than rigid plastic ones

• Whisking is just as good as sifting

• Butter and margarine are NOT the same thing

• Foods taste best when they have the right balance of: sweetness, salt, heat, acid, and fat. If food seems like it’s “missing” something, try adjusting these things

• While you can substitute fresh herbs for dried (or vice versa) it will not taste the same. It will still be good though, no worries

• Grate your own Parmesan cheese, squeeze your own lemon/lime juice, grind your own nutmeg, etc. It’s infinitely better

• Chicken thighs are foolproof

• Do not put tomatoes in the fridge. The ONLY time this is acceptable is if they are cut