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100 Dialogue Prompts: Part 2

We did it amigos. Another list! I am so grateful that you all are sharing your ideas to help inspire others (faith in humanity restored)

  1. “Where is my fucking pudding?!”
  2. “I thought we agreed to never use butter for that reason again…”
  3. “Well if it’s the guy who never shuts up about toilet paper!”
  4. “Honey, did you see my sniper rifle?”
  5. “Oops…”
  6. “God damn it he died. Whatever. Just leave him there.”
  7. “Listen, I know you’re upset, but please put down the baking soda before someone gets hurt.”
  8. “Look, about the monkey…”
  9. “I don’t understand! I only used a finger.”
  10. “It’s not as hard as you think, I promise.”
  11. “well this is what i call hell of a night”
  12. “How could an entire school disappear?”
  13. “What do you mean the brownies are "not quite brownies”?“
  14. "Yes, I understand that its cool, but why does your toaster have wings?” “Well its alive of course. It flies.”
  15. “Don’t turn that on!”
  16. “Wait…I’m also- technically- underage and you’re a stranger…should I be screaming also?”
  17. “I though you meant "literally” metaphorically. “
  18. "Ok so don’t get mad but I might have started a war.”
  19. “Good morning… I see the assassins failed again.”
  20. “You’re a murderer, how are you working at a hospital?”
  21. “That cat just stole my cereal!”
  22. “Did you see that? Please tell me you saw it.”
  23. “Hey, can you stop shooting people right now? We’re trying to sleep.”
  25. “If you think I’m leaving you and your demon eyes and evil horns you’re wrong.”
  26. “What do you mean, this isn’t Earth?”
  27. “Damn it, ____! Not peanuts again!”
  28. “Why did I just press the big red button?”
  29. “So tell me again why this dead body is being sent to Goodwill?”
  30. “Lucifer, I know that we said we would share rent but you never said anything about your brother living with us.”
  31. “God dammit, I’m supposed to be a bat! Why the hell am I a possum, Karen?!”
  32. “Sarah, where’s the dog?” “Up in space?”
  33. “You had only one job and it wasn’t even a difficult task, but seriously, how did you end up like this!?”
  34. “Well I never said I WASN’T going to kill the bartender …”
  35. “I mean, it was only a small eldritch being, so it wasn’t that bad…”
  36. “Hold me back bro!”
  37. “I think there’s a new lifeform evolving in my fridge.”
  38. “WHAT THE FUCK?!”
  39. “Can we have lunch now, or do you still want to continue looking at dead people?”
  40. “I can’t believe you ate my cheese…we’re over”
  41. “Sometimes I wonder why we’re still friends.” “Because I turned you into a cyborg after being shredded by an explosion and you owe me.” “…Fair enough.”
  42. “Well, I didn’t quite expect to wake up pregnant either and yet… here we are, so can you please pass me that can of bread?”
  43. “Ok, I know I said ‘You can throw a hairbrush at them’, but I didn’t actually mean it!”
  44. “When I told you to feed the dog I didn’t expect you to feed him the neighbors cat.”
  45. “Clearly, you’ve never gotten rid of a body before…”
  46. “This sort of thing never happened when I was dating your brother.”
  47. Sometimes, I wonder about you. And then I worry.“
  48. ” Wait, wait, wait, start from the very beginning. how did you manage to set the house on fire with that??“
  49. "For fucks sake, dude, how many times do I have to tell you that that’s not what penises are for?”
  50. “One woman’s terrorist is another woman’s freedom fighter.”
  51. “This isn’t right… the humans shouldn’t be able to move on their own.”
  52. “Why is unicorn blood on our shopping list?”
  53. “Must you unhinge your jaw like that when you eat? It’s disgusting.”
  54. “You’ve violated the law, my trust, and your friend. Tell me, why should I believe anything you say?”
  55. “No, no don’t open the fridge, I need to keep they eyeballs cold.”
  56. “did he break his jaw again by falling down a flight of stairs?” “Passive aggressive much?”
  57. “For the last time, put the declaration of independence back!”
  58. "That isn’t permanent, right?”
  59. “You know, ripping someone’s beating heart right out of their chest with your bare hand looks cool in anime, but irl it’s just unsanitary…”
  60. “She didn’t tell you” “Tell me what” “He’s dead”
  61. “But his dad is an asshole–” “HIS AUTHOR IS AN ASSHOLE”
  62. “You are here and you haven’t tried to kill me yet. You must want something from me.”
  63. “The salesperson made a flying tentacle monster sound a lot more alluring, I swear!”
  64. “Okay…the radiator just growled at me”
  65. “Dude, were you listening to me? Why are you barking?” “I’m not barking. I thought YOU were barking!”
  66. “How did you get that bump on your lip”
  67. “Buddy. You need to chill, and put that knife away before I get out my gun.”
  68. “ ” I dare you to take your shirt off" “ no” “ I doubledare you” “No” “I tripledare you” “ god dammit Steve , im not wearing a Shirt!”“
  69. "Why the fuck are there founding fathers in our living room”
  70. “Girls only say 'I will not dignify that with a response.’ when they’ve done the thing you’ve just accused them of.” “Do you know this, because you’ve done it?” “I will not dignify that with a response.”
  71. “They think we’re terrible but really we’re only mediocre”
  72. “You’d think by now we’d stop bringing death into these things. Look at them, they have anxiety!”
  73. “Ok, first of all asshat, stop touching me. Second, that is never going to work out! Third, stop TOUCHING me.”
  74. “So if I do understand, you’re telling me that you created insects robots. The same one that destroyed the city. ”
  75. “Why is THIS in your fridge? This is some serious contraband.”
  76. “Please tell me you’re joking about marrying the bastard’s son we call Satan.” “ Don’t talk about your mother like that!!”
  77. “Did you explode the microwave again?!”
  78. "Honey where’s the dog?” “Like I said, I’m making a smoothie.”
  79. “Fifteen bucks you can’t hook up with Satan.” “Make it twenty.”
  80. “I don’t know, maybe because he has some semblance of taste?
  81. "What could possibly make you think eating three tons of cheese for the mice in radiation-test labs was okay?!”
  82. “Who actually let the dogs out?”
  83. “Hey, you don’t know how many bodies are buried in my backyard.”
  84. “I told you to kill me.” “I did. Just this morning.” “Well, shit!”
  85. “So… This isn’t the end, is it? I mean I still want to hang out with you at least. Maybe go for another space adventure, hm?”
  86. “I’m sorry, it was the HEAT OF THE MOMENT,”
  87. "Hey, wanna go out for a romantic moonlight killing spree?”
  88. “So, you’re into …..? Huh, I never would’ve known.”
  89. “Did you hear that scream?” “Yes, I’m the one who screamed”
  90. “What are you doing?”
  91. “But really, why would anyone need two dozen armadillos?”
  92. “You can’t keep 'solving’ your problems by going to another dimension!”
  93. “I still can’t believe you assassinated a unicorn.”
  94. “Wait, you have FOUR knives?” “No, no. I have four knives ON me.”
  95. “I’ve killed a man using only a copy of Hamlet and a computer mouse. I am NOT afraid of you!" 
  96. "What the hell are those?”
  97. “Are you sure you’re not an arsonist?”
  98. “I know, right? You’d suspect any of them of secretly being an alien, but not…”
  99. “Why didn’t you stop?”
  100. “So, start explaining why there are dozens of puppies in my guest room.”

Let’s make another list. Part 3! Leave a reply and don’t forget the double quotes “”. I want to give everyone a chance to contribute to our community. So as always, one prompt per amigo. Dankje! 

A piece of cheese will attract all mice within a certain radius represented by a circle. If you put a piece of cheese outside to lure a mouse out you’re also attracting mice from deeper out in your yard to approach your house :/ its called the cheese paradox

Allura On Earth Headcanons
  • When the group gets back to Earth and they show Allura around, she gets to meet all the Paladins families and she’s quite welcome by all of them.  But when she gets to Keith’s shack, she says it’s nice but she’s silently going “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he lives here!  He can’t go back to living like this! I’M GIVING HIM HIS OWN WING OF THE CASTLE IF I HAVE TO!”  
  • Keith ends up visiting each of the guys families a lot because everyone pretty much adopts him, but he spends a lot of time in the Castle of Lions since it feels like a second home at all that time in space.
  • Allura often shapes shifts into a human to blend in better and the paladins enjoy showing around the Earth cities.
  • Keith introduces Allura to chocolate and she thinks it’s the best thing Earth created.
  • Allura soon discovers she quite likes the forest and natural beauty of Earth.  She and Keith go on a lot of hikes together.
  • The mice discover cheese and they believe it’s the best Earth creation ever.
  • Keith takes Allura on a ride on his motorcycle, and it’s not long after Allura wants to a have her own.  They like to race each other a lot.
  • Keith and Allura do go back to the shack when they want to sit back and stargaze.  Allura will admit it’s the best place for it.

As I am reading the messages you mice [get it cheese in the trap - mice? hahaha, ok.. please laugh ‘:)] sent me, most of them is regarding the glitch that everytime we clicked season something then it opens up to season 1 and not the one you clicked, here’s the solution!

There are a few glitches in reading Cheese In The Trap and I just found a way to fix it!

1. First open the OddSquad page and drag the new green speech bubble that will enable the translation glitches. Dont use the star one.

or for mobile devices

copy the code and paste it as a url and make it as your usual bookmark in your mobile browser.

2. Then choose what chapter you will read

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A Dream Is A Wish (Part 1)

Summary: A story based off of the Cinderella movie. If you don’t know what Cinderella is…then you’re an alien and you should know that I write in peace. DON’T HURT ME PLS

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Scott Lang, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers; OCs: Mariah, Anabeth, Lady Ophelia

Word Count: 4,569

Warnings: People being mean, bad intuitive feelings, the morning after (which isn’t smut but it’s like…idk I’m putting it down anyway), people being attacked, mentions of deceased parents, mental abuse (I think)…ants?

Author’s Note: This is my series for the 3k Stark Tower Movie Challenge hosted by @stories-from-stark-tower! I’m super excited about this, as some of you may know, and have got a lot in store for it. Feedback is appreciated! BTW, after resarch, I’ve decided that Wanda and Pietro are going to speak Russian. Translations:

unul curios = curious one

Originally posted by disneymoviesanywhere

You felt the rays of sunlight tug at your eyelids, beckoning to you, telling you that it was time to get up. Fuck you Sun. You buried your face further into your pillow, reimmersing yourself in one of the best dreams you’d ever had.

He was a large man, as was simulated by his dominating composure and confident, puffed out chest. But despite it, his was nothing less than gentle. Every touch was filled with passion, every kiss filled with the sweet taste of love, and his eyes were shocking. An icy blue so bright, and yet filled with nothing less that adoration for you and only you.

He lay in front of you, dark locks disheveled because of you; you did that to him. God, you did so many things to him. He held you to his chest like you were a small kitten in need of protection; but in all fairness, with the way you were curled up against him so innocently, forehead pressed to his chest, legs tangled with his, arms tucked between your torso and his, how could he not absolutely lose his mind over the illusion that you were no less fragile than a rose petal? Perhaps like one from one of the many roses he had given you the prior night. 

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