cheese joint

Conversation with the GF
  • Me: 'Five Nights at Freddy's... The Movie! Starring Nicholas Cage as the Security Guard!' "Aw, not the bear! AAAGGH! AAGGH, he's in the room! AAAGGHH!"
  • GF: Anything but that
  • Me: Okay... 'Starring Adam Sandler as the Security Guard!' "Alright, so I'm here watching this stupid /fucking/ Chuck E. Cheese Knockoff joint. Guess I can pass the time by doing annoying voices -- Aw, shit! There's a chicken!"
  • GF: Please stop, I can't take it...
  • Me: Wait, one more, one more!
  • GF: No..!
  • Me: 'Starring Samuel L Jackson as the Security Guard!' "I am tired of these mother-fucking animatronics in this mother-fucking restaurant!" *Foxy runs to the door and screams; Samuel grabs him by the throat* Scream in my face /again/, mother-fucker, I /dare/ you! Scream in my mother-fucking face /again/!"
  • GF: I hate you, OMFG...