cheese joint


I went to the PNW BJD Expo yesterday. It’s the first time I’ve really pulled out any of my bjds in months if not over a year. I forget how damn PRETTY Lenore is, and then I attempt to take pics of her and remember exactly why I stopped bothering in the first place. She’s nearly impossible to get a decent shot of. I don’t know if it’s the doll or me or my phone or what, but I can never show just how pretty she really is.

I’ve lost interest in most things in my life (thank you depression) and it’s sad. I loved this hobby, and it was really fun to be around a bunch of people who also loved the hobby AND didn’t shriek OMG THEY’RE SO CREEPY as if they were the first person to ever utter such a thing to me. *eye roll*

At any rate, before she and Petal, my Pipos Indigo Cheese Mouse, get put back on their shelf, I thought I’d at least try again. The expo wasn’t fantastic, but getting a chance to spend time with my friend and her kid was worth the price of admission. I think I’d like to get back into the hobby. Just gotta get over this bad patch first.

ok so
I’m having an issue

When I was young, there was an arcade game just like this in the local Chuck E Cheese joint. Played “Surfin’ USA” and everything.

However, instead of plushes of Chuck E and Pasqually, they were a Barbie and Ken doll on surfboards.

I’m not sure if this was them fixing what was broken or a rare variant of this game, but it’s driving me nuts how there is literally NO DOCUMENTATION of this. I know I wasn’t hallucinating it, I know people who remember it.

Anyone seen anything like it before?