cheese fund

If you aren’t vegan, you are responsible for their murders. 😢

“If you drink cows breastmilk or eat dairy cheese, you are funding his execution.

Male calves are killed for veal at a young age because they do not produce milk.

He just wants to be with his mom, but they’ll never meet again.”

~ Toronto Cow Save

Today just wasn’t Scarlett’s day, was it? The weather had been miserable all day, some cat had come along and mouthed off to her, and then there was the fact that she’d felt especially unproductive today. She hadn’t had one bit of success.

Yesterday hadn’t been so bad; she even got to see a nice sunset. So why was today less than stellar?

The small Mr. Mime rubbed her temples in frustration. 

Something caught her attention just then, though. She heard … voices? Perking up her ears to hear better, Scarlett faced towards the direction of the new sounds.

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