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Eorzea Cafe menu translations

Marinated Ultros ~Genovese Style~

Ultros, lover of many. Regretfully defeated and then marinated. However, even after being cooked, his mind still continues to be filled with thoughts of his “bro”…

Cured Ham Platter of Eorzea Monsters

Meats one might imagine include that of the Dodo, Coeurl, Aldgoat, Antelope, and etc… We have attempted to arrange a wide variety of meats on a platter. Adventurers such as yourselves ought to have no trouble figuring out which monsters they belong to?!

Mandragora Bagel Sandwich

A Mandragora recreated with a bagel. Please enjoy this dish with some black tea.

Malboro Green Salad ~Bad Breath Sauce~

If you eat this with the purple bad breath sauce, then perhaps your breath will become as smelly as that of Toxic Tamlyn, the giant morbol you encountered on that Guildhest…?

Deep Fried Chicken

A deep fried plump Dodo. Add lemon for zest.

Bomb Croquette

A recreation of a flaming Bomb. Inside is an ultra spicy piece of camembert cheese!!

Demon Wall’s Honey Toast

THAT Demon Wall in honey toast form!? Be wary of knockbacks and area attacks and defeat (consume) this Demon Wall before you run out of ground!

Colibri’s Round Cake

A cake made in the pretty pink of the much adored Colibri. Its large, beady eye is made of heavenly, super sweet chocolate. Please enjoy it with this tropical mango gelato.

War God Odin

A drink created in the image of the Black Shoud’s wandering ancient primal, “Odin”. A potent alcoholic drink complete with Zantetsuken.

[Blavod Vodka + Grape Syrup + Tonic]

Flame God Ifrit

A drink portraying the scorching flames emanated by Ifrit. The added raspberry sauce depicts the flickering of the flames.

[Raspberry Sauce + Lychee Liqueur + Blood Orange Juice]

Ice God Shiva

A drink resembling the freezing cold ice primal. The stirrers are topped off with Shiva’s tears…

[Passion Fruit Collagen + Chardonnay Concentrate + Water + Blue Curacao (float)]

Thunder God Ramuh

Collect the lightning balls inside the drink and brace for Shock Strike!

[Lejay Cassis + Grapefruit Juice + Ginger Ale]

Good King Moggle Mog XII’s Tropical Pineapple Battle

A drink created in the image of King Moggle Mog XII featuring a whole pineapple! Perhaps his vassals are lurking within!?

[Pineapple + Colorful Tapioca + Fruit Cocktail + Mango Juice + Guava Juice]

Dragon God Bahamut

A representation of the ability “Akh Morn”, meaning “Circle of Death” in the language of dragons. Possibly traumatic for tanks and healers!?

[Lemon Syrup + Black Pineapple Liqueur + Soda]

Water God Leviathan

A carbonated drink with Water God “Leviathan” in mind! The edge of the glass is made to look like a Tidal Wave.

[Blue Raspberry Syrup + Soda + Grapefruit Juice + Lychee Syrup]

Storm God Garuda

A Japanese-style cocktail for Storm God “Garuda” called forth by the Ixali. Mixing the drink with a stir stick conjures up a storm in your glass!

[Yoshinogawa Sake + Umeshu + Lemon Concentrate + Gomme Syrup + Tonic + Shiso Leaf]

Imagine Felix picking up Chat Noir’s ring

Like, Adrien’s transformation wears off and then the akuma takes it hard and it fell off when the stampede happened and it was kinda smokey but Felix saw the shiny ring and well plagg was conveniently left in the confusion “I’m done eating. We can transform now.” “Transform?” wonders Felix. “Oh you know, to stop the Akuma, what do you expect?“ “The what?!” “For Cheese’s sake just wear the ring so we can save the people.” And so Felix does put it on, not knowing its consequences and he turns to chat noir and plagg realizes. “You’re not Adrien!” “Who’s Adrien?” But before they could talk LadyBug comes in and they have to fight. It was still kinda smokey (the akuma is a smoker dude or something) so they can’t see clearly but with LadyBug’s orders and a little help from Plagg, Fe pulled off the chat act and ladybug was in a hurry to leave so she didn’t notice that well, chat is not chat.

Then after all the weird stuff, Felix later learns that he can’t get the ring off. Like, he tried all he could stuff from books, stuff from the net but it just wouldn’t come off. And he asks plagg but hey, plagg wouldn’t talk on an empty stomach. “Cheese please.“ And Fe bitterly complies and finally got the black kwami talking. “You need a kiss from Ladybug.“ “Are you messing with me?!“ “That ring gives bad luck to those who put it on unless they’re chosen.“ “So that guy Adrien is some kind of chosen one?“ “Pretty much.“ “Nevermind this chosen thing. Isn’t there any other way?“ “You can cut your finger if you don’t mind losing it.” “How can you even suggest that?” You putting it on pretty much gave off negative energy because of your lack of compatibility and so it is reacting in a manner that would well bring you bad luck. Ladybug is basically the opposite of that. She pretty much breathes luck like air and so a kiss would pretty much break the spell.“ And so Felix had no choice. He has to woo ladybug somehow.

And then Lady and Fe!Chat meet again during another Akuma attack. “Chat?! What’s up with the long hair and… ummm… thigh high boots?” “I knew my laidy would notice~ Just trying on a new look. Maybe you’ll fall for me this time?”Felix thought he somehow pulled it off. It took some time and lots of cheese for plagg to talk about how Ad!Chat acts and honestly, the lines embarrass him that he just would like to bury himself deep in the ground where no one could find him and those blasted cheesy lines but the kwami was so much of bother to him and so is this whole chat noir thing. It does not give him much of a choice.

They finish off the akuma and save the day but well, ladybug wasn’t blind. she knew something was up with chat. It’s like he wasn’t chat. He wasn’t touchy feely and he let her start their convos, he still did the sweet talk but only as replies. He didn’t initiate anything at all. “Who are you?“ “Your future lover, hopefully.“ “You’re not really chat, are you? Listen, if your an aku–“ before the lady could continue their talk Fe!Chat ran away. Felix didn’t know why he started to run off. Ladybug thought he was an Akuma. His plan backfired on him. How the hell will he get away from this curse? And of course, she pursued him but in the heat of their little tag game, ladybug didn’t notice her powers wearing off. And holy shit, she turned back to Marinette and well not-so-flirty chat saw her. “Ahhh–! Welll, this is—!“

It wasn’t in Felix’s plans to suddenly reveal his identity. After the kiss, he’d probably would’ve gonr back to his libraries and coffee shops to enjoy the peace and quiet he has always loved. “It’s alright.“ he says as he forgoes the chat persona. “Does this make us even now??“

The two talked in their not-so-heroic forms. “You’re right. I’m not Char Noir.” “Then who are you?” “Felix.”Felix explains the situation to her, how he picked up Chat’s miraculous and how he couldn’t remove it so he doesn’t have much of a say in his situation. “Very well, then, Felix. I’ll try to help you out as much as I can. You can call me Ma…” “You do not have to tell me your name.” “Hey, you told me yours. It wouldn’t be fair to hide mine. I’m Marinette.” ”Your help is very much appreciated, Marinette.“ “Have you found any way to break it? I could try to help you make it happen.“ “Well…“ Felix looks a way as his cheeks turn red. “You have to kiss me.“ “Oh, if that’s all it takes. Wait. I have to whaaaat—?!“

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Thomas had been informed that his beloved boyfriend was possessed by a demon by his brother. He sighed and entered their shared house. "Jacky... Darlin'?" It was stupid to call out for his boyfriend when he was obviously possessed. "Laf told me you got possessed and I don't know what name your demon wants me to call him." He set down the bags of groceries. -@macaoni-and-cheese

The demon just rolled his eyes at the call, tapping his chin as he thought about how to properly respond before he smirked to himself, let his eyes flicker to the soft hazel color and he let John take over for a moment when he stepped into the kitchen, letting the wide teary eyed southerner speak for the moment. It’d just make it more fun when the demon took over again. “T-Thomas… L-Laffy’s not wrong, mi amor..”


BrOTP Roomies- Dad Sneezes
  • Juvia: Gajeel-kun, why do you sneeze so loud?
  • Gajeel: To wore off predators and idiots away from you.
  • Juvia: ... Why?
  • Gajeel: First, I don't want anyone hurting you. Second, I don't want you to catch anyone's stupidity.
  • Natsu: -walks by couch with bowl of cheese puffs-
  • Gajeel: -loud, demonic sneeze-
  • Natsu: SHIT!! -springs away like a cat-
  • Gajeel: See?
  • Juvia: You two are idiots...

“Say Cheese 1/Demon Fears ″

So this is a rough version, I really like it despite the fact that I wanted to do a little more, but the drawing and painting style i chose to do takes longer than I initially thought. So i think i’ll touch this up, but for now i’m satisfied.

There’s going to be a companion piece with this one so hopefully that’ll be posted soon too.