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Day 07: Lazy Sunday

When you’re so lazy you can’t even be bothered to open your eyes. 

ps: I really like how this one turned out! It’s so yellow and cheery ☀️

CC: hair, top, shorts, glassesgenetics, shoes are bg

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A drabble request where Derek Morgan finds out that Penelope calls reader thebigtittiedgoddess (she saw you in your undergarments) and asking Garcia which bras she likes that you try on at Vs and Derek Derek is curious to see.. Smut (or not if your uncomfortable)

Here you go anon hope you like it😊

Victoria’s Secret

Warnings: language,  implied smut. 

Rated: M for mature 

Song:acquainted by the weekend

Derek x Reader

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“Alright alright I’m on my way bigtittiedgoddess ” Penelope said laughing and hanging up the phone on you.

“Big what?” Asked a  loud voice from behind her.

She spun around and saw Morgan standing in her doorway and immediately regretted saying it.

“Who did you just call  bigtittiedgoddess P?”He asked walking deeper into her office and closing the door behind him.

“Uh-oh” she said cursing her brilliant yet sometime inappropriate mind and tried to cover “Uh no one… I didn’t even say that… I have no idea what you’re talking about….I wasn’t…that was no one…” she said stuttering and mentally face palming her forehead.

“Come on baby girl don’t lie to me” He said walking over to her desk and looking into her eyes. 

Penelope had never been able to hide anything from Derek. He could read her like an open book so she sighed and started talking. 

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anonymous asked:

hello lovely, i was wondering if you could pretty please with a cheery on top write me a Void!Stiles smut? something where he takes you instead of Lydia down to those tunnels? and i think you know what that leads on.. dirty talk, and foreplay would be great. that would be really amazing, love your writing, thank you xoxo

Hi darling, so sorry that it took me so long to get back to this request but I’ve been thinking about this and another Void request I have, and I’ve come to decide that I won’t be writing any imagines based around Void!Stiles. I just don’t think I’d be able to capture the character as much, super sorry about that 💟 but there are other writers in the fandom that do write about Void!Stiles so maybe check them out💟

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Hi could you do these two in the same one? Saileen for I'm pregnant and then destiel for 99. Pretty please with a cheery and chocolate syrup on top?

I actually wrote Destiel for 99 ages ago, so I’m afraid it’ll be really similar :x But I can definitely do Saileen and Destiel together with two different prompts c:

request a fic?

Coffee Please ~ A Peter Hale Imagine


Hey sorry to bother you dude but could I possibly get a Peter imagine? One where the character is close with Peter, acting coupley, cuddling on a couch reading books or something?

Word Count: 377

A/N: Sorry it’s short, but I think its still pretty sweet. Hope you enjoy!😘❤️

Send your request here Love Muffin!

“Honey could you get me my coffee out the kitchen?” I asked my boyfriend Peter, “And why can’t you get it missy?” he says with a raise of his eyebrow causing me to look up from my book and into his ocean blue eyes and smile, “Because I’m to comfortable in this spot what if I get up and can’t find this same spot?” I say in fake horror.

He chuckles but doesn’t seem to be budging. Time to bring out the big guns, “Pretty pretty please with a cheery on top!” I say while giving my best puppy dogface, he playfully throws his arms up in frustration. “Fine!” I move my feet off his lap so he can stand and get my cup. He walks back over to the couch where we’re sitting and just as he was about to give me my coffee he pulls it back. “Hey!”

           He slowly wags his finger in front of my face, “I think you owe me babe?” I fold my arms over my chest and with a smirk say, “What might I owe you?” “A kiss.” I pretend to think about it, then look at him and flash him a smile and say, “Okay.” He is slowly leaning in which is driving me crazy. So I grab his face to bring it closer to mines and just before our lips touched I looked into his adoring eyes then lightly brush my lips against his.

           As we both pull back with small grins on our faces Peter puts my coffee down on the floor beside him then, places his hand under my chin and our lips touch again; with more passion and adoration than the last time. We both move back breathing heavily as air rushes into our lungs. Peter bends down and hands me my coffee, once he sits back down and I rest my feet in their rightful position on his lap he say, “God, I love you.” I look at him from the brim of my cup of coffee and smile brightly causing him to do the same. I crawl over to him and rest my head on his shoulder as he wraps his arm around me and say, “And I love you too Peter Hale.”


Suspicious Partner Episode 11

Has anyone seen Boston Legal? Because that’s what I was reminded of at that first law firm reunion: everyone wants to be partner and they all got a crazy and or amusing background story. The cheery on top was Ji-wook totally losing it (again) and I’m loving it. This is going to be fun.

Ji-wook and Bong-hee are starting to be as thick as thieves and people are jumping to conclusions or asking questions. Why are they spend so much time together? Are they a couple? Are feelings brewing? The answers to all this was given by Ji-wook himself when he talked about beginnings. He was referring to the new law firm, sure, but we all know it’s also applicable for his newfound relationship with Bong-hee. Right now, they are friends but I’m sure they will soon lean into a more romantic set up, especially now that he’s starting to metaphorically peeing all over “his territory” by trying to keep Eun-hyuk away from Bong-hee. We all know what that hose was really about.

My fear is that Ji-wook might do something stupid because of what happened with Yoo-jung, his one and only romantic relationship through out his life, and he will be basing decisions on that experience. PLEASE, NO.

Speaking of which, anyone else felt like Yoo-jung and Bong-hee were more disappointed about the fact they feel they can’t be friends because of Ji-wook than anything else? LOL. They were totally mourning the sisterhood they never had. As for Ji-hae, I don’t care if she carefully and rationally came to the conclusion that Bong-hee is guilty. She’s still not coming clean about the fact she cheated with Hee-joon back when he was dating Bong-hee. I have been thinking that if not for the place where his murder took place, she too could have been a suspect on that case.

The Moms work as great comedy relief and I’m really looking forward to the moment Bong-hee realizes her mother’s boss is Ji-wook’s mother. Or when both Moms find out their children are working together at the same law firm. And! The background story they share. Pffft!

About the murder case of this week, how come the police concluded the delivery man was the culprit when the woman who found the body touched everything in that murder scene? Was she the wife/girlfriend? That would mean that it makes sense for her fingerprints to be everywhere but was she ruled out? And why did she made the scene look like a robbery turned murder? What is she hiding when she didn’t even actually kill the chef?

And what do you guys think about the delivery man? Is he innocent or guilty? Could it be the show is trolling us by putting someone who looks like the CSI guy as the suspect of this crime? Why is Ji-wook watching him so intently? Does he believe him or is there something about his story bothering him? Bong-hee clearly wants to defend him because she feels empathy for the delivery man, but there’s something weird about all this.

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Im in love with you and I'm sick with trying to hide it for sterer. Peter saying it pretty please with a cheery on top, thank you.

“I’m in love with you,” Peter says.

Stiles flinches, takes a step back, lips drawing tight.  “Stop.”

“No,” Peter breathes, drawing close.  “I’m in love with you, Stiles.  And I’m sick of trying to hide from you.”

“You don’t love me,” Stiles tells him, backing up until he can’t anymore. 

Until the wall is at his back, until Peter is pinning him in, until he’s left with nothing but Peter’s words between them.  He stares up at him, brows pinched, lower lip trembling. 

“Stiles,” Peter says, saccharine sweet, leaning in.  “I love you.  All you have to do is let me prove it.”

“I don’t want you to love me,” Stiles tells him.

Peter nods, already leaning in.  “I know.  I love you anyways.”

They kiss and Stiles breaks.

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He Had It Good

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol consumption, Swearing, Cheating, Implied smut,

Words: 2,923

A/n:  I don’t drink at all. Like, I’m intensely allergic to some drinks and it’s too much of a pain to find out which ones won’t actually kill me, so if you think the reader can handle her drinks a little too well or not well at all, you have my drunkard friend to thank for that. P.s. I suck at summaries

Summary: AU where Bucky is a bartender and you drink yourself away with him. Also probably oversharing.

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sunday recs =)

LAST FEW DAYS OF THIS HIATUS Y’all!! We’ll see Captain Swan + Co. THIS SUNDAY! THIS SUNDAY!!!!!!!! 

Whew, that said…. here are today’s Recs….

As you can tell I’m very very very excited but I still need to take a minute to thank all of y’all writers who helped me get through this hiatus! I’m horrible about keeping up with all the works that get posted, but I did try my best and I got to sample SO MUCH of the talent in this fandom! 
You all are so creative and great! Thank you so so very much! 
Also, for giving me the chance to share my own stories with y’all. I’m super insecure about my writing, and reading such wonderful stories every week makes me feel more so, but all the same, y’all who’ve read my stuff at one point or another during this hiatus, have given me that li’l push of confidence I so need some days, so THANK YOU! I’m still very much a baby blog, hardly 4months old (lol) but even so, the amount of love I’ve gotten from this fandom has been more than I’ve ever gotten in any other fandom! It means the world to me! :)

This summer, after avoiding the ouat fandom for five years, I ended up reading over 200 stories, and contributing myself well over 80k published words of CS love to this fandom! I’m gonna count this as a very very productive hiatus, thank you very much lol =)

Now, after that ^^^, whatever that was, let’s get on with recs, shall we? :)

Efflorescence –  @carolsdixxon

Soulmate AU. Please excuse me while I throw all my love in buckets to this story! It is a beautiful take on this trope! It encompasses Captain Swan’s whole story in such a beautiful unique way and take! It’s so wonderful to see their whole story played out in little vignettes! I loved so much the way this is written and the emotions behind it. So great.

The Price@profoundlyfadedfics

This is an au with lots and lots of Maleficent/SleepingBeauty feels, twisted just so to fit Captain Swan and the ouat universe. In this one Killian actually manages to kill the Crocodile, and ends up becoming the dark one himself before the first Dark Curse is enacted. Regina’s curse never comes to pass, but Killian, or better yet, Hook the dark one ;) does end up cursing Emma in some way and after that, we see how their lives play out! I loved it! it’s really a wonderful super entertaining read!! The way their paths end up crossing and how his curse ends up biting him in the butt is probably one of my fav thigs ;)

Unhand the Carnations @blowmiakisscolin

This AU is everything! Killian gets caught stealing flowers from Emma’s garden one day and from then it is just the most precious thing in the world! The way their relationship grows here is so lovely! and I mean, it’s a bit sad at times, but mostly just incredibly lovely and I just love this a lot, kay? :) Their bantering is on-point, and the feelings are so completely there, and on top of everything, there’s that touch of bittersweet Jones Brothers feels, and that’s just the cheery on top for me :)

fallen skies — @alexandralyman

Post-Apocalictic AU –This was a first one for me, I’ve never ventured to read an au like this, but I was so not sorry I decided to go ahead and read it. This is very well written but beyond that, it has this way of pull you into the story. Killian and Emma meet here after whatever it was that happened happened, and they are in pure survivor mode. Emma has her son, and she has to make an impossible decision of just taking her son as far away as possible, or help this really hurt stranger they’ve just found. Guess what she decides to do? By definition this isn’t a happy upbeat story, of course, but the relationship these two form here is so powerful and you feel that. How important they become to one another! it’s just so great. Please read! I just loved it and could babble about it all day lol

Hooked Up —  @artandteaandstuff

This is a deleted/missing S2 scene of sorts. Emma goes to visit Hook in the hospital after his accident a second time. This one shot is just SO SO SO much fun! I was crackling the whole time! This is perfect, fluffy and funny and just exactly what you need to turn a crappy day around into a happy one lol! I LOVED THIS! Emma ends up teaching Killian all about that heart monitor he’s hooked to and just the way she teases him and plays with his reaction toward her is just about EVERYTHING TO ME! Too precious and perfect! I loved this! <3

Ready to Believe You — @mahstatins

This one is just THE funniest AU I’ve read in, like, forever! I ADORED THIS AU! It made me laugh more than some comedies have sometimes. It’s a Ghostbusters AU that gets it just RIGHT! The tone is perfect, the characterizations, the serious moments vs the funny moments! The way OUAT canon gets wedged in so perfectly! I could talk about how much I loved this one all day as well! It’s just SO great! Besides Emma and Killian and their absurdly lovely relationship here, I have to say I enjoyed Mary Margaret and David here as well so much! This is just such a funny read and at one point of the other they all say just the darnest funniest things! The best! If you want a good time and angood laugh, I highly recommend this story!!

Carpool Hell@captainswanluver

Oh man, the title of this one doesn’t lie let me tell you. This story is a nightmare! LOL (I say that in the best way possible of course!) But Christ, can you imagine a future in which Killian gets stuck with carpool duty in the mornings to not just his kids with Emma, but baby Neal, Belle’s kid, Zelena’s Pistachio, even Regina’s second adopted kid???? It’ll be a nightmare, so yeah, I felt A LOT for poor Killian in this story! I laughed a lot too because, man, poor guy, but some of the things he ended up dealing with were just too funny not to laugh! I loved how in the end he just didn’t give up and managed to get through the week, but oh my God, just thinking about everything he goes through here makes me so glad I’m not the one having to deal with this scenario :)

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