Die Màdchen erwartet bis zum Spirit Fever Open eine Ab Challenge. 5 Ûbungen fûr jeden Tag und stetig steigende Anforderungen. Wer Zuhause nichts macht kommt im Training kaum mehr mit. Bereit fur den Endspurt?

The girls awaits a so called Ab Challenge up to the Spirit Fever Open. 5 small exercises everyday which get more and more in amount everytime. Who does not work at home as well can’t catch up anymore. Ready for the running up time?

Cheer Workout 💪

Cheer Ambition 🎀💪
Jog in place 5 min
4Stretch(straddle,butterfly, etc)5min each
Herkie/pike stretch 2 min each
Lunge stretch l/r 2min f/b/grab leg
Split 1 min each l/r/m
Squats 10 for 10 sec each
Leg lifts 15 l/r/m (10)
Leg circles 15 l/r/m (10)
Jumping jacks 50
Crutches 100
Sit-ups 20
V ups 5
Toe ups 100
T jumps 30
Leg kicks 20 l/r
Wall sit 3 min
Bridge 20sec
Frog jumps 5
Double herkie
Double toetouch
(2 Rest Days/weekly)