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toranoana sells doujins, they also have online store too i think hehe, i went into a branch shop, not the big one (i think) i was on school tour and i fucking regret it because i can't spend an entire day on akihabara hhhhrgggh. i guess the big fandoms are dominating the stores, free! and snk took like half of the shop itself x'D I'M GONNA DO A RITUAL SO YOU CAN FIND AKUSAI DOUJINS HAHha ashjdbahf.

ooooh cool. I’ll check that place out, too, for FFFRRRREEEEE AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH need more nagirei in my life :’D Thanks for telling me about it. xDD WOW YOU WERE ON A SCHOOL TOUR????? Sorry if I seem like a creep for asking, but where are you from?? That you’d be on a school tour in Akihabara?? @___@ That’s awesome. ;w; I wish my school went to Japan too back when we had field trips lol


(I’m sorry I ended up posting this btw. @____@ I pressed ‘Save as Draft’ by mistake and now I have no choice but to post it. ;wwww;)

i am opening my commissions (again) because i could really use some money right now since i’m going to Japan next December ajsgdjbas 
i don’t want to burden my parents with more stuff and i really hope i can do something on my own for once, so it would be great if you could commission me or just spread the word- anything is appreciated!

i do Pokemon (or similar creatures), Ponies, anime Chibi(ish) and Anime thing, also message me for details and i’ll see what i can do

temporary price for anime (human, without BG) is

sketch 3$
lineart 5$
simple color 6$
shade 7/8$ (depends)

chibi (full  body) 4$

additional requests (like BG, additional character)may cost more, depending on the difficulties

for pokemon/ponies/other creatures please message me for details! (it will cost less, but it depends on the request though)

paypal only, no NSFW/gore

please check my art tag or deviantart page for samples and stuff - i really need this, anything will help, please also spread the word! thank you so much ;A;

Request for magi chibi!

anyway since the saved file is gone now i gotta start over

so i wonder if anyone would request a character maybe?

just let me know and i might draw them ~

(already draw judal alddin ja'far and sinbad tho)

New theme under construction

hhhhhhhhhhh i dunno man i wanted something new

its still missing a lot and im planning to add them tomorrow, and don’t worry they will definitely be a credit page~

i’m gonna change my icon too but idk to what *rolls*

right now im just so freaking tired and gonna have some sleep ~


200+ notes on that chibi drawing thIS IS MY FIRST

wheeee i feel so honored ;w;

(thank you so much to the people who followed me, but just to clarify things, i do draw ponies but sometimes i draw super ugly anime stuff too, and this blog will contain like 80% of anime.

i hope people who followed me for ponies won’t be hating me for flooding your dashboard with those stuff lol but thanks so much, this really made my day <3 )

Semi-hiatus... ish

my internet quota is really limited this month (since i used tumblr too much on the first week OTL)

so i’ll limit my time on tumblr and i can’t open deviantart unless i’m at home

i might open IRL commission some time this week, then i can pay my own internet bills maybe ^q^

finally ;u;

changed my theme after a long time… but i took too many time editing that sidebar image :\

next time i’ll try a more colorful one