cheersport 2013

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you still didn't answer why you hate CEA so much and why you find it necessary to comment on everything about how much you hate them

ha ok you want a novel?

cheer extreme is without a doubt the most overrated gym in cheerleading. they are so corny and their gym has zero cohesion. all they care about is pumping out as many teams/locations as possible in the carolina area with no regard for how those teams will do. they don’t give a shit about their athletes and work them into the ground by double, triple, quadruple teaming some of their athletes to make teams. they have so many crossovers that they made a custom sleeve top this year that goes under different shell tops so “all the teams will look cohesive” aka so their crossovers, who make up 50% of their lower level teams, have an easier time between routines.

they put higher level athletes on lower level teams to win bids (sandbagging) and then wonder why they all bomb at major competitions. probably because the athletes that won those bids get pulled from the lower teams since you can’t crossover at major comps. you wonder why that rule is enforced so heavily now? why don’t you check how cheersport 2013 went for CSP. big scandal full of big LOLs that I’d only expect from that gym in particular.

the only team that gets any recognition is senior elite because the gym is practically a cult dedicated to them. even after they completely bombed and took 4th place in 2014 and coed elite won worlds in 2015, which was a complete joke by the way, the only thing they talk about is senior elite and REDEMPTION! their cry baby underdog schtick is really getting old.

CEA has done two routines in the last two years that were tributes to senior elite and one of them is another worlds team. I’d quit on the spot if I were on ladies of teal because that’s some straight up bullshit. they go on all summer about how they don’t want the med sr 5 team to feel like they’re in senior elites shadow, and that they’re creating their own identity and they they give them not only a recycled routine and music, but a recycled idea as well? senior 3lite did the dumb tribute thing last season so why are they pushing it on ladies of teal? CSP is just creepy obsessed with senior elite and won’t openly admit that that is genuinely the only team she truly cares about, but it’s glaringly obvious.

their sportsmanship absolutely fucking sucks. they’re terrible losers and have had multiple teams show it. CEA the athletes, I’m not even at the teal army yet, used to always start shit and drama and always bash other teams, the most notable being F5 and wcss. when SSX lost cheersport they all posted and retweeted pictures of their second place medals next to the trash with no repercussions because apparently fuck sportsmanship, all CSP cares about is trophies. CSP herself tweeted “where I come from, champions have to HIT” after panthers beat them at NCA and I’m pretty sure they’re considering boycotting the competition because they lost. funny enough I don’t see her mailing their 2010 world champion banner to New Jersey if what she tweeted is true, because stars hit that year and senior elite had a stunt fall. but it’s all okie-dokie when they’re on the receiving side of the rules.

their routines have zero creativity. they pump out different versions of the same exact routine over and over and over again. once they find a stunt they like, they beat it into the ground until everyone never wants to see it again. the ball up 360, the spinning tick tocks etc. it’s the same shit time and time again. their tumbling technique, if you can even call it that, is god awful, and I’m surprised they don’t have more injuries because it seems like the day you learn to throw a full you get put on a level 5 team there. and don’t get me started on their choreography/dance portion of their routines because quite frankly it’s just sad and burns my eyes. the only thing they’re good at is building and pyramids and that gets rammed down our throats year after year because they try to show as much of that into their routines as possible and it always turns into a discombobulated mess where you don’t know where to look.

I’m done talking about this this got long enough as it is. don’t ask me again.