cheers to that i say

If I was in charge of the Batman movie, I’d make the trailer go like this:

We see Gotham City. Dramatic music plays as the camera pans over the city. You see Wayne Manor, the Batmobile. You see Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and Superman, standing in a line as Batman walks away. Diana asks, “Have you ever had a team before?” and Bruce doesn’t respond.

Then the music changes to something sadder, nostalgic on Bruce’s face as he turns away from the JL and walks out of the room. A booming voice-over says “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Flying Graysons!” 

A little boy’s voice says, “Try and catch me, you big boob!”

Ryan Potter says, “Batman needs a Robin, Bruce.”

A girl, “I missed this.”

A cheerful girl says, “Enemy of crime and people who don’t like purple.”

Another girl says, “I’d like to see you try and stop me from being Batgirl.”

And a boy says “Tt. You’re shorter than I expected.”

Bruce says, as he is almost completely covered in shadows, “I work alone.”

There is then a montage of someone pulling on purple gloves, pushing on glasses, pulling on a cowl, blue and black fingers grabbing an eskrima stick, a yellow cape being put on, someone’s black mask over her black hair, a gun being loaded.

Then it shows the six of them standing on a roof, just a quick shot, then it goes to the title card. 


then it shows Bruce in civilian clothes, pushing open a door while he’s calling someone on his phone. He freezes, and it shows Dick doing a handstand with Damian balanced on his feet while Tim and Cass are filming it. Bruce sighs. 

“You know what, Selina, I’m gonna have to call you back.” 

I watched the Caryl bit at the Paleyfest for myself, because that’s the only way to know what’s really going on.

Interviewer: One of the high-points of this season was your reunion with Daryl. [the audience cheers] What is it about you and Norman that clicks with [the viewers]? Why do you think that people really see them…? [more cheering from the audience]
Melissa: You know what, I have no idea! [the audience laughs] I have no idea! Norman and I have a good time together, too, and— [The audience cheers]
Someone shouts: Yeah, you do!
Melissa: *smiling, rolls her eyes and head all cutesy before making a mock serious face* [The audience cheers some more]
Melissa: Can I just say - [turns to Sonequa] - I’ve never sat this close to you before. You’re stunning!
Sonequa: *punches the air, looking highly pleased, then kisses Melissa’s hand*
Melissa: [turns back to the interviewer] I’m sorry.
Interviewer: Anyway…
[The audience laughs]
Melissa: Yeah.

- Source (Waiting for a better and complete version of the panel)

Donald Trump’s press conference was so painful to watch. He bragged about a huge business deal he was offered but had to refuse because he was elected. He continued to codemn hacking and in the same sentence - i kid you not - applauded russia for the hacking of the dnc and the information that came out.

When asked if he would release his tax returns to prove he doesn’t have any ties to Russia he said “no, because I am under audit”. When the journalist asked if he thinks the American people want/deserve to know he mocked her and said something along the lines of “they voted for me so i don’t think i care” and people literally cheered.

If you believe anything he says you’re so fucking dense. Why are you letting him get away with this? Stop making excuses for him. If he has nothing to hide, why doesn’t he just release his tax returns to shut everyone up?

the signs as shit i’ve heard myself say

aries: “okay, let’s look at this election from a gayer perspective.”

taurus: “alllllllllll the dumplings. ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the dumplings!!!!”

gemini: “dad just called himself a sausage machine, i’m out.”

cancer: “where are you? dude, i have your sherbet.” 

leo: “hell-fuckin’-yeehah.”

virgo: “my hair is short, messy and never straight – but hey, at least it reflects my personality.”

libra: “how would the wind fuck itself? actually, nah. i don’t wanna know.”

scorpio: “that awkward moment when you’re actually relating to the broken doorhandle, and not the kid.”


capricorn: “i know i’m just quoting deep tumblr posts, but i do actually want to give you advice.”

aquarius: “you crushed my heart like… like a walnut… in a walnut-crushing machine.”

pisces: “do you say it like ell-em-ay-oh? i just say lee-mao. like ‘cat’ in french or some shit. oh wait, i take spanish.” 

  • Carlos: You know, we should get like a town cheer that we do.
  • Cecil: Like what?
  • Carlos: How about...I say "Night" and you say "Vale"! NIGHT!
  • Cecil: Uh...Night Vale?
  • Carlos: No, no, no. The cheer includes the instructions. I say "Night" and you say....
  • Cecil: ....Night Vale?
  • Carlos: We'll work on it.

Decided that I needed a treat, and so I commissioned @krovav​ to paint these two. I am really happy with them both! Thank you again!

Leandaros Surana and Spiridon Lavellan respectively.

what i love about keith is that he’s definitely the fiery, angry one of team voltron. he’s like the quietest and most brooding. when he first met the team he really only greeted them with sarcasm and seriousness.

but as you get to know him… it’s increasingly obvious he’s a huge dork. just because he’s the angry one doesn’t stop him from laughing loudly like a little kid when hunk held those arusian lollipop thingies in front of his eyes and cried out dramatically. keith has plenty of smiles like he teases lance that his comms are shorting out after proving to him that nyma couldn’t be trusted. he’s so clueless when lance tries to get him to cheer with him. “i say vol, you say??” “uh….. vol… tron???”

i’m pretty satisfied that the writers gave many sides to him. they made keith a kid pretty well like. he’s probably one of the older teenagers of the group, and he’s likely had a rough past, but he’s still a boy. and he still acts like a kid and it’s so great