cheers to a beautiful year in 2014


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This year was hard for us as a fandom. We had our first scandal, new member drama, a mass of people leaving the fandom and more. Even though it was a difficult year, it was still a year that NU'EST has filled with glory and smiles. They make us so happy, that we endured all the tough times and are here to celebrate their second anniversary.

Thank you NU'EST, for everything you’ve done,
Thank you for the pain, the tears and the fun.
Thank you for smiling and making us happy that way,
For working so hard for us almost everyday.
Thank you JR, our sensitive little dork,
Our leader that drowns himself in work,
He invests his heart and his soul in everything,
And blames himself whenever they don’t win.
Thank you Minhyun, the prince of this band,
A young boy with so much passion at hand.
His heart is as big as his endless dreams.
With a voice like honey, on stage he gleams.
Thank you Aron, our funny little clown,
He’s made us all smile when we were down,
He’s a little joker that says the sweetest things,
How valuable is the laughter he brings.
Thank you Ren, our pretty little boy,
The maknae that we all watch with joy,
Confident and sexy, owning kpop with class,
Not to mention his ceaseless sass.
Thank you Baekho, our bundle of cheer,
With the most beautiful voice you could ever hear,
He’s named “White Tiger” but he’s not so tough,
He’s more like a kitten, filled with laughter and love.

Thank you all for being together, our ultimate OT5,
We hope that in 2014, your name will thrive.

Happy Second-Year anniversary~!


my best eunhae moments of 2013 - a walk to remember

say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014, I just want to thank all my followers, thanks for taking the time to look at my blog, thank you for all the kind words to cheer me up and still don’t press the unfollow button lol. Wish you all a very happy new year and may eunhae be with you. Sending a hug to all of my lovely followers ♥

[Trans] SHINee Official Japan Board Update 141216 - SHINee World 2014 'I'm Your Boy' Concert Ended (2P)


Hello Everyone of SHINee World J!

Yesterday, the 30 concert performances including both the halls and arenas has ended perfectly~!
Starting from September, without realizing, it’s already December. The members have also said, December feels far from then when the tour started, but it’s really just a blink of time.
Thank you so much for the beautiful moments!

To thank the hard work of all the members, the dancers, and the band, we have received a surprise present from SHINee World J, a panel like this saying - ’ All of you has worked hard! ’ ☆
The members and everyone was really surprised and happy to receive this ^^

(drawings was written using chocolate)

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The hills of Tivoli, Italy. Such a beautiful place, :))

I’m thoroughly enjoying this ‘year in review series’. It’s good t look back through my first year in photography.

A happy new year to all, and may all your hopes and dreams come true in 2014. And a huge thanks to all who have offered support and encouragement to me throughout this last year. You Rock!!! Every single one of you. Cheers people, :))

It hasn’t snowed in Southern California since 2004. 10 years later and we finally got the white Christmas we’ve been asking for. Of all days, it just happened to be New Year’s Eve. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings. Cheers to a new year, with new memories, people, and opportunities.

To the People Who Won’t be Kissed on New Year’s

If you are one of those people who do not have someone
to kiss when the clock strikes twelve, please don’t worry. 
You have 364 more days to kiss all the people you want,
and each of those kisses will be just as special. You will 
not need champagne to get drunk off each other’s lips
and you won’t need fireworks above you for they will be
going off inside you, when their tongue dances with yours.

If you do not have someone to love on New Years,
I want you to remember to love yourself first. That you are 
made of the stardust that this new morning is created of, 
and that your body has just the amount of curves to be 
traveled. Remember that this is the beginning to a year
that can be anything you want. You do not need a lover
on this night, you need yourself (and maybe a few shots).

If you do not have someone to hold when the world begins to cheer,
think of this poem. Think of how lovely I think you are, even if
we have never met, because I know that you have stories
that are to be told, hands to be held, and there are words to be 
spoken that will make someone fall head over heels. You are
layers upon layers of love and beauty. So, as the world cheers
to the new promises and future, I will be here, cheering for you. 
This is your year. Go show the world what you are made of.