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heyo mod!! honestly ive been feeling pretty down these past few days but, damn, this blog just puts a smile on my face no matter how sad i am- so thank you! just seeing you being so positive and talking about how good hinata is has really cheered me up! :D

hello there!!! i’m so sorry that you’ve been having a bad time lately, you don’t deserve that at all. but i’ll always be there to try and cheer you up!!! thank you for your kind words, and i truly hope that you have a brilliant day - you deserve it!!! keep on smiling, you can do it!!! ☀️☀️☀️

A thing I will never properly write:

His sophomore year, Bitty starts vanishing from 6-9 every Wednesday night and comes back to the Haus looking really happy. Jack notices (of course he does) and awkwardly brings it up (on one of their not dates for coffee) and it turns out Bitty is going to one of the school’s (many, many) LGBTQAI+ group meetings and is like “PLEASE do not tell the boys about this, let me have this one thing” so Jack is like “of course” and totally doesn’t notice how even more people are waving to Bitty when they walk to class, or how Bitty seems to be getting even MORE texts, like, all the time. 

(He definitely doesn’t hear Bitty arriving home verrrrry late one night and ending up humming all smiley to himself while he cooks breakfast the next morning, a hickey not quite hidden by his collar.)


One Saturday night Jack gets a phone call, and it’s Bitty, and he sounds furious and wants to know if Jack can please pick him up RIGHT NOW, so Jack goes to get him.

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hello, im back :) here’s a sketchdump! i drew these to cheer myself up, and also, I kinda miss aoba johsai a lot haha.

thank you all for the follows and the notes and the very kind words while I was away! they were so nice. i’m trying my best not to feel stressed, so I made this neat-o art requests page because drawing makes me happy. pls drop by! im taking art/comic requests during this weekend! :)

BTS: Teasing their girlfriend while she’s on the phone

Warnings: SMUTTY AF

It was requested by an anon :)

Kim Seokjin:

“A-ah,” you pressed your lips together, the small noise surprising your friend on the other line, prompting her to ask if you were okay. 

“M-hm,” you mumbled, teeth biting down on your lips, trying to keep in your sounds as she continued to speak over the phone.

But Jin wasn’t helping, his fingers continuing to trace circles around your clit, rubbing as agonizingly slow as he could, making you squirm in your seat. 

“Don’t let her hear, baby,” he whispered into your free ear, voice deep and raspy and you nodded in response, trembling under his touch. Then all too suddenly he inserted two fingers, causing you to moan and you instantly covered your mouth with your hand, embarrassed, and he chuckled, only moving his fingers faster. 

“My God Y/n,” your friend giggled when she realized what was happening. “Call me when you’re done.”

Min Yoongi:

“Yes boss,” you breathed in reply, hips rocking as Yoongi nibbled at your inner thighs, kissing all too close to your wet core. 

“What’s going on, Y/n?” he asked through the phone. “You sound sick.”

“N-no, I’m fine,” you answered, arching your back when Yoongi’s lips began placing soft kisses over your core, tongue occasionally sticking out to have a taste. 

“If you say so,” your boss replied, and when he hung up, you tossed you phone aside tangling your fingers in Yoongi’s silky hair, raising your hips to feel more pressure, begging him for more.

“Mmm baby,” Yoongi chuckled, “Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want.”

Jung Hoseok:

You tried to bite back your moans as Hoseok’s grip on your hips grew stronger, guiding you over his thigh. 

“Nothing’s wrong,” you replied to the voice on the line, but another moan escaped your mouth when his hands ran up your skirt, grabbing your ass-cheeks and rubbing you harder against him, his lips, sucking at your neck and jawline. “I-I have to go,” you hurriedly ended your call, hanging up before the other party had a chance to respond.

“Couldn’t wait now could we?” Hoseok whispered against your tingling skin, stinging your ass a soft pink with his hand. 

Kim Namjoon:

“Answer it, babygirl,” Namjoon licked his lips as he leaned up from the kiss that was interrupted by your phone call. You knew what he was thinking, and you weren’t on board, at least not fully. “Now, or else you’re not cumming tonight,” he rocked against you, your jeans in the way of fully feeling pleasure, and you did as he ordered. 

“Hello?” you shakily asked, burning bright red when you heard your boss speak through the line. 

“Sorry for calling so suddenly, Y/n, but are you free right now to give insight on a few project ideas with so-and-so? Over the phone is fine.”

Namjoon smirked and mouthed the words you hoped he wouldn’t. 

Do it.

Your cheeks flushed and eyes widened, stuttering a “sure” to your boss, feeling embarrassed, sinful, dirty, yet all the more aroused. 

“Great!” he cheered over the phone. “I’ll put you on speaker,” and you clasped your mouth with your hands as Namjoon thrusts against you once more, trying your best not to make any inappropriate noises as your boyfriend pleased you during the call. 

Park Jimin:

You were talking on the phone, sitting between Jimin’s legs when you felt his hands wander up your shirt. Throwing a glare his way, you continued to talk with your coworker, noticing his growing bulge against you. 

He nipped at your exposed shoulder, fingers grazing up and down your skin, one hand making its way up your body and the other towards your growing heat as you tried to ignore him, not really trying all that hard. 

“I just want to make you feel good…” he whispered, hand slipping under your shorts, fingers grazing over your core. “Pretty please?” he asked, firmly pressing against you as his other hand fondled your breasts.

At this point, your breaths had quickened, teeth sinking into your lips holding back sounds of pleasure. 

“I’m sorry,” you gasped over the phone, skin buzzing with need, body wanting more and more as Jimin continued to tease you. “I’ll call you later.”

Kim Taehyung: 

“What are you doing?” the voice on the other line asked when they heard something inaudible on their side. 

“Nothing!” you replied a little too loudly as Taehyung pushed up your pencil skirt, licking his lips at the sight of you almost undone underneath him. 

“W-wait,” you tried stopping him when he hooked your panties to one side, revealing your wetness, but you friend asked you if everything was alright, causing Taehyung to chuckle.

“Yes, it’s fine, I just…” a loud whimper left your lips as he rubbed his fingers over your sensitive core, making your friend all the more confused at your incoherence. “I have to go.” you abruptly ended the call, unwilling to wait any longer. 

Jeon Jungkook:

“Don’t mind me, baby,” Jungkook whispered into your ear as his hand slid between your legs, pushing your skimpy thong to one side. 

“What was that honey?” Your mom asked over the phone, and you replied with a quick ‘nothing’, biting back a whine as he rubbed his fingers up and down your wetness, lips nibbling at your ear, hard-on pressed against your ass. 

“You’re so wet.” he smirked, inserting a two fingers into your dripping core and you clamped your mouth shut, clenching around him, causing him to curse. 

“Everything okay?” she asked, and you nodded, mumbling a yes in reply. 

“I’m sorry mom,” you managed to breathe, “I need to go. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

A/N: I hope you guys liked it :) 

170708 Super Junior at SMTown Seoul Concert [Full]

Leeteuk: A day like this has come where we greet you.

Shindong: Since so many of our members aren’t here, I thought we’d be really deflated but everyone here is really giving us a lot of strength, thank you!

Leeteuk: We debuted with the most number of members and today the day has come that we are greeting you with the least number of members out of SM dance singers. Just like the weather right now (it was raining), our hearts also feeling very complicated and frustrated. But, to the SM family that are cheering us on together, we will greet you all. 

SJ: Hello! We are Super Junior! 

Leeteuk: Now that we’ve started, rain has started to fall, or is that my tears? Okay! From Shindong, let’s all greet everyone!

Shindong: Hello everyone, I’m Shindong!

Heechul: Hello, I’m Kim Heechul! I highly~ praise you! 

Yesung: Hello, I’m Yesung, nice to see you all!

Leeteuk: It feels weird greeting you all like this after so long. Hello! I’m Leeteuk! I was discharged in 2014, my first stage after that was at SMTown. 

Leeteuk: The members have all enlisted into the army in sequence, the ones that have discharged are here, since only 4 members can stand on stage today, our Donghae in using his last vacation to be here with us and our Kyuhyun is here too. In order for us to be complete again, our Kyuhyun and Ryeowook will return and after that, I think we will be able to greet you with an even better image. How do our members feel today?

Shindong: It feels kind of new, I also was discharged not long ago and am doing a concert after a long time. I feel like it’s kind of hard to express with words. 

Leeteuk: How about Heechul?

Heechul: There’s only 4 of us… Truthfully, we thought a lot about whether we should or should not stand on stage today as just 4 members, didn’t we? 

Leeteuk: We thought a lot about it.

Heechul: I did think it might be right to stand on stage only when all the members are back but it turned out like this. 

Leeteuk: How about Yesung?

Yesung: Uh, it feels really new…[can’t continue] 

Fans: Don’t cry!

Leeteuk: From backstage, listening to the fans, I thought, “Ah, we’re all coming back now.” Since we’re doing a concert for the first time in ages, from the back, Yunho was saying, “Right! Shall we show them all today?!” (can’t hear) I’ve actually been in SM for 18 years now. I have said that “my life is Super Junior,” but I think it’s not just for me but our members too, and our fans as well, giving up a lot to be by our side for 13 years. Out CEO as well, truthfully gave up on a lot and made us is what I think. In the future too, even though there is a way in, there’s no exiting. Everyone, for as much as you love our SM family, you can come to this concert with your friend, but don’t go anywhere else, you understand, right? I feel like crying right now but since today is a good day, I will try to play with fun! Everyone are you tired yet? You’re not tired, right?! 

Leeteuk: It was a bright atmosphere before, not our SM singers are going to perform cool stages. Your cheers are very important! Shall we scream once? Okay then everybody, all together, scream! Guys, if you only scream this much, our SM singers can’t help but deflate a little. Can you scream more? Okay everyone, thinking of all the stress you guys have had all this time, make some noise together! Please anticipate our comeback album in October! We will sing our song from our special 10-year album, MAGIC! 

[After MAGIC stage ended]

Leeteuk: Sorry, we only did a little. 

eng trans by emzhaek
source: sj_feat_elf, sunmi4912, teukbar, wwmisa, & Iidonghais

Little Hands | Ivar Lothbrok

Tagging: @heathen-army


Words: 2000+

Pairing: Ivar/Reader

Rating: Teen 

Warnings: Swearing, childbirth, pregnancy, breastfeeding 


If Ivar could walk, he would be pacing to wear a hole in the floor; you were sure of it. He sat next to you on your shared bed, one hand on the top of your swollen stomach and the other clasped firmly around your own. You watched the worry etch into his pale features, his fingers grasping yours so tightly they were beginning to go numb. You brought your free hand to his face, gently smoothing the wrinkles that had settled in above his brow with your thumb.

“Ivar, my dear husband, will you please relax?” He scoffed but loosened his death grip on your fingers to allow you some relief. You sighed as he possessively rubbed over your stomach as if trying to calm the small child inside with just his touch. You had been feeling the tightening of your womb for several days but early this morning your waters had broken, throwing Ivar into a fit of worry and anguish.

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#SherlockLives: The Resurrection

The day is April 23rd, 2017.  It’s an ordinary Sunday afternoon in London.

The crowd bustles, trains whirr, birds chirp.

Life in the city is business as usual.

Three teenage girls take photographs outside 187 North Gower Street, soaking in the ambiance of the Sherlock set.  They step into Speedy’s for a cup of coffee.

The women lament over the loss of their favorite show. On March 8th, the BBC announced Sherlock would not be returning for a fifth series, and cowriters Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss were quick to assure their fans that it was time to lay the beloved program to rest.

But what the women saw next changed their lives forever.

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↳ first appearance (in the chat)
↳ is this how you do it?? is this right?
↳ wow the emoticons are awesome
↳ why do you hate going to school!!! new semestar new start!! everyone cheer up
↳ I’m eating so well so there is a problem
↳ ye~~hello!! i’m hobi (english)
↳ I love you too (Japanese)
↳ now I’m in the middle of brushing my teeth !! chikachika

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Hello, all you wonderful people! As you may know, I’ve been working with @kianamaiart on a new comics pitch that’s a combination of magical girls and cheerleading, called Sunshine Cheer Squad Go! I’ve already shared some of Kiana’s amazing concept art, and now I thought I’d give you a little info about our characters!

First up is Summer Watanabe, perpetually peppy go-getter girl and captain of the squad! Summer’s mission in life is to make people happy—not by ignoring or denying the bad things that happen to them, but by overcoming and accepting them. Summer is an optimist, but not a Pollyanna—she knows that being happy takes work, and time, and isn’t just a matter of smiling all the time. When Summer finds out that her high school doesn’t have a cheerleading team, she makes it her mission to start one—but she has no idea that her squad will also be Earth’s only defense against the Void Queen and her sinister minions! On the team, Summer is the cheer captain, coordinating and calling out their cheers. As a magical girl, she has sonic powers: she can shout loud enough to shatter glass, or disorient and topple monsters.

Follow @tedlyanderson and @kianamaiart for more info on this project!

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[request prompt: an imagine where the reader gets her wisdom teeth out and is super out of it and her bff Peter offers to take her home. So she is rambling on about stuff and peter offers to carry her and she’s Iike no way petey I love you but youre weak and he picks her up and then he takes care of her and she falls asleep and peter stays until her mom gets home and then her mom accidentally reveals she never stops talking about peter because she likes him and then he next day he asks her out and it’s fluff???]

story specific tag: @spideythewebsitter , @manyfandomstohandle

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @neewtmas , @lovelybaka , @animexchocolate, @fandom-flash , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @literatureandimmature, @daydr3ams-away, @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry , @mcheung0314 , @samanthasmileys , @melconnor2007 , @wingsanddarkness , @tiny-friggin-human , @anastasiaannaa , @superheros-movies-and-books , @chuckennuggets1213 , @raindancer2004 , @teddysiupin , @thequacksonclackson , @spiidysenses , @the-trashiest-potato , @umwhatandrea , @converseandflannelshirts , @you-witch-bitch , @gentlethunderstorm , @whatwithoutwishat

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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Quiet Village- Gaston

Gaston x Reader, I’ve never written one of these so you’ll have to excuse me if it is terrible. 

Anyways, I’ve had this idea in my head, and since I know people are eating up imagines (myself included) I thought it wise to leave out my OC. 

I must give credit to @luuuuuke-evans idea, Gaston survives his fall- cushioned by a snow bank, but still badly injured. He leaves Villeneuve in seek of medical aid. 

Word Count: 1,430

Warnings: None 

There will be a part two very soon. 

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FILLED REQUEST: drink to that, a drunk date! au with kang daniel

pairing: kang daniel x reader
genre: fluff
summary:  You’re a low-tolerance fool crushing on a high-tolerance man.
warnings: alcohol consumption!! DRINK RESPONSIBLY
(this is like my third/fourth fic with alcohol LOL at some point i’m really going to write a ‘wanna one while drunk’ post HAHA anyway!! hope you enjoy <3)  

  • kang daniel is your cute seatmate in the history class you share
  • and you’ve never dated anyone??? before??
  • but when you watch his performance at the 90s throwback performance competition you decide you’ve got to do something about your crush
  • and by that you mean your long-time best friend kim jaehwan has to do something about your crush
  • jaehwan organizes a group hangout-date with his friends and yours
  • and daniel’s sitting beside you at the fast food place y’all decided to eat at before the night’s activities
  • he’s been trying to chat you up but you’ve been giving him monosyllabic answers, fiddling with your glasses nervously
  • because your friends chose a small table
  • and you’re crushed up against him
  • lord knows jaehwan doesn’t keep his elbows together
  • his thigh is against yours and really daniel is??? toned as hell
  • “Y/N, did you want—“
  • “I’m ok!”
  • “you don’t need tissue? you’ve got ketchup all over your arm”
  • “i’M oKaY”
  • you feel yourself blushing to the roots and you can’t look up at daniel
  • (you don’t see the fond smile on his face, how he bites his lip instead of reaching out to wipe the stain)
  • instead you turn to jaehwan and poke him in the ribs
  • “can’t you keep these chicken arms to yourself”
  • “yah, excuse me! i’d rather be home instead of here being your moral support,” he hisses, taking a fry from your plate
  • “you mean, at home and not making out with your hot roommate?”
  • jaehwan glowers at you for a bit before his face settles into an evil smirk
  • “daniel,” he says, “you might want to watch out for Y/N here because she might get flirty later after a drink or two”
  • kim jaehwan’s days are numbered
  • but first you have to rectify the situation because you’re at a loss for words
  • to your surprise, daniel laughs
  • “that’s cute,” he says, his top teeth prominent as he smiles, “i’m sure i have nothing to worry about, even if Y/N can’t hold her liquor”
  • instead of questioning his doubt that you’d flirt with him—you’d do it now if you weren’t so damn awkward—you can feel your nostrils flaring as you pout and say, “you think it’s funny??? i totally can!! i’ll match you later, beer for beer, shot for shot”
  • and jaehwan’s beside you, trying to call your attention
  • “wHAT”
  • “you’re making your rhino face again,” jaehwan says
  • while you’re relaxing your expression, he stands to lead the group to the next place
  • but he looks at daniel and says
  • “dibs on not carrying her drunk ass to her room”
  • you’re back to being quiet and questioning the decisions you make in life when daniel taps your arm
  • “come on, Y/N, you have to drink me under the table,” he says, and then
  • you can’t look him in the eye as your group walks to the karaoke place a block away
  • (of course jaehwan wants a noraebang date lol he just loves to sing)
  • predictably
  • three beers and four shots later you’re feeling a little…reckless
  • when daniel takes the mic to rap, you cheer shamelessly
  • then you boop him on the nose with your index finger
  • before taking the mic from him, letting your fingers linger on his
  • you sing some big bang song, complete with some of the dance moves
  • jaehwan pulls you up before you can crawl on the floor to mimic seungri’s part
  • you’re deposited onto someone’s broad shoulders
  • “oh, hello, daniel!”
  • and your two hours at the place are apparently over?
  • (daniel let you off easy tbh he tried to drink as little as possible)
  • you’re all outside, but you’re not ready to go home yet
  • your grip on daniel’s wrist is firm as you pull him close
  • “i’m hungry!! let’s eat”
  • and jaehwan’s signaling at you but you’re still too hit to understand
  • you end up at a convenience store nearby, and you’re trying to bite through your four layers of pre-packed sandwich when you get to the corner where daniel’s sitting
  • he catches the bag you toss at him and looks closely to see it’s his a pack of his favourite gummies
  • “what’s this?”
  • “you’re always eating those in class when the prof isn’t looking,” you say through a mouthful of the giant sandwich
  • he smiles before reaching out, and your eyes go wide because you think he’s going to touch your face
  • but he just takes the end of the sandwich you hadn’t bitten into to show you that they’re two stacked sandwiches
  • you’re still too tipsy to feel shy so while he opens the pack of candy you’re telling him about your dreams
  • “and this history credit is just a stepping stone to latin honours though i love the class especially because you sit beside me and whenever you look lost i want to lend you my notes”
  • and daniel’s looking at you like he remembers you, suddenly
  • “you’re that groupmate who ended up rewriting what i sent for the report, aren’t you?” he says sheepishly, scratching at the back of his neck
  • “yes,” you say carelessly, shrugging, “i was going to be mad at you because you were so good-looking and sweet that i knew you’d be an awful groupmate, but you obviously tried your best”
  • he goggles at you for a moment as you lick the crumbs off your fingertips, choking when you waggle your eyebrows at him
  • you wash your hands really quick before exiting the store with kang daniel in tow, the night breeze hitting you hard
  • “would you…” you say, poking daniel lightly in the (toned) stomach, “would you mind piggy-backing me home?” 
  • and in the light of bright convenience store sign you see him blush and hesitate
  • disappointed, you turn to walk in the direction of your dorms but he doesn’t follow
  • and when you turn around he’s glancing at you expectantly, crouched low
  • you run to him and pounce, your arms tight around his neck and your torso pressed carelessly against his back
  • practically purring in his ear, you nuzzle into his neck
  • and daniel’s hands shake because of how your body against his is making his belly do somersaults
  • “daniel”
  • “yes”
  • “let’s meet your cats today”
  • “okay”
  • and that’s how you, someone he barely knew twelve hours ago, end up on his living room couch, peter on your lap and rooney in your arms
  • daniel’s watching you from the floor, stroking peter absent-mindedly
  • “we have class tomorrow,” you whine, as if it’s not your fault you’re awake at god knows what time
  • “we do,” daniel says, grinning 
  • “kiss your kitties good night,” you say, holding rooney out to him 
  • daniel kisses her right above the eyes, then does the same when you lift peter to him
  • when both his cats are on the floor, nuzzling at your legs, you tiptoe and look at him with an eyebrow raised
  • “i won’t forget you,” he says gently, his slightly chapped lips brushing at your forehead lightly
  • you give him a big grin before tottering off to your room one floor down 
  • the next day, you wake up five minutes before class with a killer headache and many, many regrets
  • daniel’s looking at you when you slip in, and that’s when you recall exactly what you did last night
  • while the lecturer’s not looking, he hands you an aspirin and your glasses
  • “you left them at my place,” he says, and you nod silently
  • “your scarf’s with me, too, but i figured you might want to wear it on our next date?” 
  • when you turn your head quickly to look at him, he has a soft smile on his face, and his fingers are tapping lightly against his desk as if out of nervousness
  • “o-okay,” you say, and neither of you can keep from smiling throughout the rest of the session
  • jaehwan may be your good buddy, but soju’s the real matchmaker

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your art, it just seems so bright and happy and cheers me up all of the time, so thank you for sharing it with us!

Thank you so much! .+:。(ノ・o・)ノ゙ I’m super happy to hear it - I hope you have an amazing day!!

The super serious Kemetic cheat sheet

(Disclaimer: this is my UPG and is actually not that serious at all.)

-All cows are Hathor and yes she licked the bread, that’s her bread now give it to her. Also she updated your dating profile and thinks you look lovely in that new outfit you bought. She’s so warm and happy you can’t help but smile.

-Isis is a dragon and yes she wants all the pretty things and a personal fountain with lovely flowers and yessssss she loves that necklace, it’s her’s now. In thanks she helped that awesome spell you were working on work ten times as well and you suddenly have a huge confidence boost and feel like you can take on the world.

-If it’s red it belongs to Set, if he sees it it belongs to him, that pizza in the fridge? That’s his too. Also your hat is on fire, your welcome (it was hideous anyway)

-Sobek saw you glance at that fitness page. He’ll see you at the gym on Monday. Also drink more water and here’s a baby crocodile to inspire you to get ripped.

-Anubis randomly appears and stares. He says nothing but your can feel his gaze. You suddenly are hyper-aware of your entire life and impending doom. Then it’s gone. He’ll take a piece of your steak at dinner for his help.

-FATHERLY SCREECH OF ASSISTANCE Heru-wer heard you were feeling down and has come to cheer you up with dad jokes and coffee. Come to the nest of blankets and tell him about your day.

-All cats are Bast. Is this pretty thing on your altar for her? Great! It’s on the floor now. She loves you though and if anyone hurts her kitten… she makes sure they’re dealt with. If you are feeling down she will purr away your troubles.

-Hello, Thoth is here to help you with your essay. What an interesting subject! Here are some websites that have tons of info about the thing but you’ll get so deep into reading all the wonderful new info you’ll forget about your essay all together. Also he snuck a bite of Set’s pizza when no one was looking and wow! Look at the time! He’s gone.

anonymous asked:

Hello there :-) I just wanted to come by and tell you how adorable I think your dragons are, they always make my day. <3 I love your art, especially your Ten/SimmMaster art (in ALL the forms you draw them). Love those two :-D Every time I had a rough day at the office I come seeking your art and it always cheers me up ^____^ Keep up the wonderful work *hugs* Love from Germany

That’s really heartening to hear anon, thank you <3

[trans] [From. JAEMIN] Everyone, Hello, It’s Jaemin~!!

[From. JAEMIN]

여러분 안녕하세요! 재민이에요~!!
오늘 저의 생일을 축하해주신 모든 분들 정말 감사해요*^.^*

저 많이 보고 싶으셨나요오~? 저도 여러분들 많이 보고 싶지만ㅠ.ㅠ
허리 치료를 열심히 하면서 팬 여러분 만날 날을 손꼽아 기다리고 있어요~!

이번에 컴백하는 저희 NCT DREAM 의 We Young!! 많이 사랑해 주시고
저 재민이도 우리 멤버들 응원하면서 열심히 준비하고 있을게요!~

요즘 너무 더운데 아프지 말구 건강 조심하셔야 돼요~
다시 한번 저의 18번째 생일을 축하해주신 모든 분들께 감사드리고
정말 많이 사랑해요!!

Hello everyone! It’s Jaemin~!
I am so grateful to everyone who celebrated my birthday today *^,^*

Did you miss me a lot~? I miss everyone too ㅠ.ㅠ
As I work hard to undergo treatment for my waist, everyday I countdown to the days I can meet the fans again~!

NCT DREAM is coming back with We Young!! Please give them lots of love
I, Jaemin, is preparing to cheer hard our members too!~

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Imagine TFW Finding You Broken Hearted

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 “Y/n? Honey, are you ok? Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” Sam asks, voice full of concern as slowly opens up my door. He tries to find the light, but I stop him before he can reach it.

   “Please, don’t turn on the light” I croak, Sam made his way over to me and sat beside me on the bed. His fingers carded through my long hair, as he waited for me to respond.

“Sammy.” Was all I could let out before my walls came crashing down and the tears started pouring down my checks. Sam kicked off his boots, threw his jacket on my chair, and got under the covers with me. His big, strong arms wrapped around me like a fortress. Cradling me from the outside world.

“It’s ok, Y/n. I’m here. Sammy’s here.” He cooed to me soothingly. He tried comforting me by shushing me and rubbing my back. I about told him everything until I saw a figure pass by in the dim lighted hallway. I raised up to see who was there, and Dean’s piercing green eyes met mine. He saw the broken on my face and it caught his attention. He strolled into my room and laid on the other side of my bed beside me.

“You ok, Baby girl?” Worry crept upon his face. I squeezed his hand tightly, almost as if I was afraid he was going to leave. The tears still weren’t letting up.

“Ayden broke up with me today.” I choked back a sob and hid my face in Sam’s chest. The boys sighed sadly and try to comfort me.

“I know that we haven’t dated for too long, but I really liked him. He was like my best friend outside of you guys and Cas. He was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to, someone who I could be myself with, someone who I felt like actually cared about me, and my feelings.” I explained, as I tried to wipe away the tears.

“I can’t believe he cheated on me with other girls. I thought he loved me, De. Why would he do this to me? I thought he was happy. Am I not enough? He lied to me about everything! He said he loved me, but he didn’t! Not like the way I loved him” I bawled, letting all my emotions out.

“Hey, you look at me.” Dean said sternly.

“You don’t ever, and I mean EVER think that you’re not enough! You got it?” I glanced at Dean and nodded. Trying to be strong. Sam took my face into his hands and met my eyes.

“You’re are enough, Y/n. He was a jerk, and one day you will find the right guy. I promise. Ayden, doesn’t realize how special you are. Don’t let his actions make you feel less. That’s a reflection of him, not you. I know it seems awful right now, but in a couple years you will have forgotten all about him. You’re beautiful, funny, smart, caring, lovable, a kick ass hunter, and you’re Y/n Fucking Winchester! Things will get better, they always do. If they don’t, you know Dean and I always have your back. We will always be here to pick you up when you feel like you can’t go on.” Sam said giving me a small, endearing smile.

“Thanks you guys. I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you, both. The same goes for you guys, too. I’m always here for you boys. We’re family.” I took both of their hands in mine, and at the same time they kissed the top of my forehead. Before I knew it, Cas appeared in my room with a big bag of gummi bears, and a solemn look on his face.

“Hello Y/n, I heard that you were upset and I know gummi bears are your favorite. I thought this might cheer you up.” He trudge over to the bed and handed it to me. I gave him a smile and thanked him.

“I will get through this breakup, because I already have the best guys I could ask for.”

After awhile, we all went out to the living room to watch the movie called “Why Him?”. I’ve saw it already, but the boys haven’t so I offered to rewatch it. About halfway through it I fell asleep, and when I woke up the boys were nowhere in sight.

“Sam? Dean? Cas?” I looked around the bunker to see if there was any sign of them, but I had no luck. On my way back to the living room, I went through the library and saw a note lying on the table from Sam.

Dean, Cas, and I will be back later. We had  to pay someone a visit. Love, Sam.

I rolled my eyes and went back to lie down on the couch. Waiting to hear about how much fun the boys had kicking my ex boyfriend’s ass. I fell back asleep with a grin on my face.

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I’m still in shock???? This happened??????

First of all, Jessie went over to get his attention. Specifically told him “my gf has really bad anxiety, she wants to say hello to you, but she’s afraid” he straight up ignored other bar patrons and told her “Please take me to her”

I explained to Jared that his campaign gave me the courage to leave my abusive ex-husband. He held my hand tightly in his, gave me cheers, looked me directly in the eyes and said “I am so glad to hear that. I’m proud of you. I’m so happy you got out of that situation. You deserve nothing but good in your life.”

He is truly a remarkable human being.

Kinktober #7: Crossdressing | Worship

This takes place in my Wasteland series, a little while after the first kiss scene in arc 2. In this verse, Hinata has a mysterious past, and is extremely touch-starved. This has been slowly changing since Kageyama rescued him ^^

I’ve been dying to write this idea since @slashbringingtrasher put it in my head – thanks, Libby :P

Kageyama always made it a point to be honest with himself, because he’d learned long ago that damn near no one else in the Wasteland would be.

But this meant he was faced with a little problem, now.

He chanced a sidelong glance at Shouyou again, before quickly looking away, but he needn’t even have been sneaky about it. Shouyou was far too distracted, starry-eyed, as he picked at his newest set of clothes in curiosity and amazement. His preoccupation gave Kageyama the chance to soul search.

Had he really put Shouyou in a dress in order to ensure his newest mission went smoothly, or were his motives somewhat less business-oriented than that?

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