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Rebel Yell Small Batch Reserve

Takin’ a break from wine and givin’ good ole yell about bourbon. Rebel Yell is my secret, cheap, tasty, wheated bourbon - it’s one you can drink every day! This one turbos the regular by increasing the depth of flavor and alcohol. Orange, vanilla, simple syrup, caramel, and fresh wood on the nose. Orange, honey, and wood on the palate. Nice sweetness from the oak. Cheers!

45.3% abv

Kentucky, USA

yo muffin, where’s all the art?!!?

–I hear you cry :o

Hey, remember when I used to post stuff like this regularly?

so do I buddy;;
Unfortunately it’s been a baaad few months for it, which is why I’ve been pretty quiet on the whole drawing and commission front..

It’s come to my attention that many of you may only be following me for my art, which is 100% awesome and cool with me, thank you! And I realise that my hundreds of inspiration reblogs aren’t for everyone

SO. This is my  >>> ART ONLY BLOG <<<  omg finally ★
@britishmuffindraws will only have drawings and commission announcements. Please feel free to unfollow this blog and follow there if it suits you!

I’ll still be posting my stuff on this blog too though, here is still my home :D

Cheers <3

birdsfreefromcages  asked:

So hey.... How often do you post spiders? I can handle bugs, some bugs are kinda awesome, but spiders. .........No. You seem really cool and I wanna follow you. I'm not telling you what to post, it's just that I use tumblr on my phone and I only know how to use tumblr saviour or whatever on the computer. ....why do I keep trying to follow blogs that post spiders? 😥

Oh, gosh! I collect and raise insects and arachnids as a hobby, and so they find their way onto my tumblr frequently. However!! I do have a safer blog for you if you wish to follow my artwork :D

You are welcome to slap a +follow over at @painting-bees for safe, spider-free experience <3

Cheers, boss!!

I’m trying to bore myself to sleep with details overload, it’s not working.

Anonymous said:

Can you do just Corvos mask?

Apparently I can’t do just Corvo’s mask :[ but I’m adding the ask anyway since it’s still the reason I made this drawing.

a compilation


Sterek AU: Smooth Criminal

Derek innocently meant he’d give Stiles his heart in its place, because yeah, he’s totally gone on him, too. Stiles was found guilty of raging hormones and inability to let his boyfriend finish his sentences. 

His punishment? Watching Derek strut around in his brand new Deputy uniform, the shiny pair of handcuffs mocking him for several weeks before both finally caved and utilized them for purposes that were indeed deviant.

Stiles later found Derek guilty of knowing exactly what he was saying, the innuendo-loving asshole of his heart.

This is the “Lowkey Worried but Also at Peace with It” Jake.

If you’re seeing this it probably means that something is weighing on your mind. No matter your worry, Jake wants you to know that homies help homies, always — he’s holding up double peace signs for double the peaceful energies to be sent your way.

You’ll find your peace, Jake guarantees it, ‘cause your his homie. 

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“Dreams are so important. You need to have big goals and expect a lot of yourself but you have to enjoy the ride too.”

Only a doodle for my daily dose of good feeling that I postet smth and make someone happy :D It is a “cheer up“ for @otakuchan449 :3 I hope you will getting better soon(JeanMarco forever! Yeah, I am in my JeanMarco world again and it feels so good and I have a few Ideas that I want to draw… let´s see what will comes out in the end ;) )~