C: I believe in God. I respect all people who believe in something or nothing at all. I’m friends with a guy who is interested in me, and he’s an atheist. I told him we could never be anything but friends because of his beliefs and he’s not happy. This is uncompromisable in my life with a partner. I may get dragged for this as Tumblr projects “shaming” onto people, however, he has his beliefs, I have mine, and I don’t want to change anyone’s beliefs of anything as it’s not my place nor do I care to.


TBH, I’m a female inquisitor and the first time I played DAI I saw Josie and immediately thought, “That one. That’s the one I’m gonna romance” and she still wound up being sweeter and more adorable than I even thought. I’m on my third play-through now and I can’t romance anyone but her.


This is not spam, but please listen up!

A warning to anybody online: There is a game titled “Blue Whale”, a realistic version of “Nerve” (from the movie of the same title) that involves you being forced to do tasks. 

Daily tasks (in a span of 50-59 days) include from drawing a whale, to watching horror videos at the darkest hour, to cutting a shape onto your skin, to suicide.

There is no official link, but please be careful on what you click.

If you fail to follow the daily tasks, they got your sensitive information and will manipulate and blackmail you if you decline.

It started in Russia, killing +130 teens and currently spreading all over in Europe. If you’re in Europe, I beg you to be safe. If anybody sends you a very suspicious link or tells you to do something, don’t do it. 

If you recently downloaded it, call the authority. Your life any many others depends on it.

Spread this message until this situation is finally resolved.

~ segachick