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Cheerleaders get no respect. We ARE athletes because it IS a sport. Just because we don’t use a ball to fulfill our goal like basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis etc. etc. doesn’t mean we don’t work so hard. Football games are like practices for us, we live for the 2:30 on the mat. When we step on, it’s our time to shine. When they say ’you may begin’ that’s when all of our hard work, endless practices, and love for the sport is put to the test; the adrenaline we feel is like no other. Do you see cheerleaders walking around trashing any other sport comparing it to ‘making a sandwich’? NO. So what, you throw around a ball? We throw girls. You memorize plays? We memorize a complete routine. We have a goal, we prove ourselves, we work together, and we try to be the best we can be. So what makes it different from any other sport? Nothing, so please show some respect. 

Once my twins turn four I’m going  to have them start training to be All-Star cheerleaders. They will see the Worlds mat before they see high school I can promise you that & my little girl is going to be wearing a little itty bitty top and skirt with a face full of rhinestones and glitter and my son is going to be throwing standing triples out the waazoo, they will both gyrate and get as flashy as necessary to take the win. My kids are going to be a bad ass brother sister cheer duo and F U C K the       U S A S F if they think other wise. & at they end of the day they can deduct all the want my kids will be bred to entertain!