Because femslash is very important to me and I know how hard it can be to find good fics sometimes. So here you are, a list of awesome fics for some of my favourite Teen Wolf femslash ships.

Allison x Lydia

  • Fall Back Together | 1.2k | T | #future fic #college #love and support | “Lydia is waiting for her in the empty hallway outside of the lecture hall, leaning against a wall. She has one glove off and is examining her nails as she waits. When she sees Allison, she straightens and looks at her expectantly.”
  • Floo Me, Maybe | 2.5k | T | #harry potter au #quidditch player allison | “Allison dug her nails into her thighs under cover of the table’s lurid pink cloth. She could feel the fake, public smile on her face drawing down into a grimace with every question out of Skeeter’s mouth. She was about to blow her lid, and the last thing the Holyhead Harpies needed was another scandal.”
  • I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You | 2.7k | G | #pining #confessions #emotional cheerleaders stiles & derek | Allison sinks her face into the comforter and moans. “Why are you insisting I be the one to do this?”
  • I Think We Should Go on a Date First | 2.8k | E | #canon divergent #future fic #domestic fluff | It is always simple and easy, the question flows right off Lydia’s tongue, “Marry me?” And Allison’s response is always just as quick and easy, “I think we should go on a date first.”
  • One More Dance to Help Me Sleep | 2.4k | M | #future fic #canon divergent #bamf hunter allison | “Allison wakes up to a familiar figure seated in the chair beside her hospital bed. She thinks she might be dreaming because it’s been four long years. And if she is being honest with herself, it wouldn’t be the first time Lydia Martin has preoccupied her dreams.”
  • “Singles Will Be Paired” | 1.3k | G | #rollercoasters #supernatural known | “Don’t worry Lydia! The sign says ‘Singles will be paired’. You won’t have to sit by yourself and panic on your own!”
  • The Joys of Academia | 3.6k | E | #human au #college professors au #pwp | “Allison has been grading papers for the past five hours. She thinks it’s about time for a break.”
  • Winning the Breakup | 1.3k | T | #college au #fake dating | “You want me to be your fake girlfriend while you win the breakup with your asshole high school boyfriend?”
  • Your Mecha Love | 2k | E | #fake dating #first meetings #human au #pwp | “She’s kind of fascinated by the freckles on Lydia’s shoulder, and she shouldn’t be.”

Cora x Lydia

  • A Night of Fire and Noise | 4.3k | E | #post-apocalypse #future fic #werewolves known | “In December of 2012, the world ended just as predicted.”
  • Baby You’re Not Like the Rest | 4.5k | T | #canon divergent #friendship #jackson returns | Lydia showed up on Cora’s front porch on the first day of school in a burgundy skirt and a sweater the color of fresh cream, her high heels digging into the peeling paint as she waited in front of the screen door.  “Well?  Are you going to let me in?”
  • Friday Night | 900w | E | #future fic #pwp | “The mattress dips suddenly under new weight, and she turns her head towards it, smiling, eyes still closed." note: could also be laura/lydia
  • Handle Me | 4.4k | T | #3a #sparring #relationship beginnings | “I think I can handle a werewolf.” The words are said without thought. Maybe that’s why it sparks something inside Cora. It’s said so casually, almost sweetly, with that cherry lipped twisted smile.
  • Hot Cakes | 7k | E | #bakery au #flirting #"utter homosexual disaster” cora hale | “Cora was just starting to enjoy herself when the most perfect specimen of female beauty rolled right up to her till and stole every coherent thought that had ever existed in Cora’s head.”
  • I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums | 5.8k | E | #hogwarts au #non-linear | “An amused look settles onto Cora’s features as she studies the girl in front of her. She’s only slightly shorter than Cora and is wearing the green and silver typical of a serpent – if Cora had to guess, she’d say the girl was a year or two younger than she was.”
  • If you don’t know the way to hold me, let me show you | 3.1k | T | #3a canon divergent #bickering | “You should go out,” Derek says as he settles onto the bed next to her – as though he’s one to talk. He hasn’t left the apartment in days, either. “See some people.” “Right,” Cora says dully, closing her eyes again. “Because I have so many friends here.”
  • Incentives | 1.5k | E | #pwp #established relationship | “Are you seriously working on your Bio homework while I’m eating you out?” a flat voice asks. Lydia spares the source a glance, pursing her lips disapprovingly.
  • I’ve Got a Mad Little Crush On You | 2.7k | T | #human au #coffee shop au #barista cora #background stisaac | A few minutes later, when the coffee’s finally made, she hands it to Lydia and says, ‘Thank you for choosing Cup of Hale, feel free to try one of the chain brands across town next time.’
  • Keep My Heartbeat Spinning | 3.8k | E | #monster of the week #canon divergent #feelings | “Look, sweetheart,” Lydia says. “Anything Stiles Stilinski can do, I can do better and in heels. So if you’re done with your little temper tantrum, I’ve got ghosts to catch.”
  • Kiss My Friends | 5.5k | T | #canon divergent #dares #kissing #background sterek | “Fine. How about this? You can dare me to do anything–non-life threatening, of course. And in exchange, you’ll ask Derek on a date. Okay?”
  • Party Favor | 700w | G | #college parties #drinking | Lydia handed Cora a cup. “All our friends are drunk,” she said, lifting her own glass up. “I think it’s time we join them.”
  • (No) More of This | 1.4k | G | #freeform #verse snapshot #mild panic attack #lydia under protection detail | “Lydia looked like she wanted to say something, but was holding back. Cora waited, watching as she held three small bottles of nail polish in her cupped hand.”
  • November Pink | 3.5k | T | #thanksgiving #canon divergent #background sterek | “Cora can barely remember what it’s like to do the proper family thing - she moved around from pack to pack for the years she was "missing”, like an unwanted foster child, and she’s experienced Thanksgiving and Christmas with families, but they haven’t been her own family in a long long time.“
  • Smoke Clings | 1.2k | T | #hurt/comfort #drinking | ”Cora only goes to the party because she knows Braeden wanted some alone time with her brother. That, and Stiles showing up at the door demanding to know why she isn’t ready yet, Lydia was waiting, they were going to do predrinks, etcetera etcetera.“
  • Steady As She Goes | 1.7k | T | #canon divergent #attacked by hunters #first aid | “I’m not healing right,” Cora says, and she’s on Lydia’s doorstep wearing a blood-stained tank top and a white face, which has never happened before.
  • Tell Me More, Tell It All, Can You Take It | 14.k | | G #haunted house #ace cora | ”Here in the haunted house with its rubbery masks and cheesy music, it feels bizarrely safe.“
  • This Fucking Town | 4.4k | E | #kidnapping #temporary character death #feral sex #violence | ”Lydia was sitting in the front seat of her car, digging through the bottom of her purse for her keys, when the door was yanked open and a hand reached in, grabbing her by the hair at the nape of her neck and dragging her from the car.“
  • Under My Skin | 7k | T | #fake dating #3a-ish | ”Cora smells her coming before she sees her. That’s not a wolf super-sensory thing, either – Lydia reeks of Chanel No. 9, Gucci moisturizer, Bumble & Bumble hairspray and god knows what else.“
  • Unfold This First | 2k | E | #human au #camping | ”The wind had torn the rainfly clean off their tent, ripped the stakes from the ground, and blown them both straight across the campground. Now, their tent was keeping more rain in than it was keeping out, and Cora was going to kill Derek.“
  • Uppercut | 1.7k | T | #au #werewolves are known #cage fighting | "Cora Hale was a winner, and Lydia Martin only had winners on her roster.”

Malia x Kira

  • (at most) I’m sleeping all these demons away | 3.8k | T | #future fic #college #bisexual kira | “Kira is woken up on her twentieth birthday by screaming. It’s not happy screaming, or even sexy screaming. It is oh my god I’m going to die I didn’t leave Beacon Hills for this screaming.”
  • Coyote in Wolf’s Clothing | 1.2k | T | #halloween #dancing | “She tilts her head at herself in the mirror, smiling at the floppy-eared hat that’s held in place by fuzzy straps that velcro under her chin. Bulky gloves make her hands clumsy and half-useless, but they’re soft, and they have fake claws on the fingertips, and she sorta loves them anyway.”
  • Delayed Gratification | 2.3k | E | #future fic #public sex | “She doesn’t rush things, she takes her time, sometimes draws things out until Kira could just scream. It’s just that most of the time, when Malia wants sex, she has a very, very hard time waiting until they are in a venue more suited to the task.”
  • Food or Friend? | 3.2k | T | #beginning of season 4 #sorting out feelings #gym class | “Kira is left wondering if this means they’re friends now and whether or not she can count on Malia not to devour her wounded carcass during a tough winter.”
  • Forty-Six. | 2k | T | #zombie apocalypse #assumed character death #happy ending | “Three minutes is all it takes. Mere seconds after Kira presses a kiss to her temple, Malia is running for her life through darkened hallways.”
  • I Want You (Do You? Want Me Too?) | 5k | E | #human au #childhood friends #confessions #first time | “Kira was finding it hard not to stare. It had been a year (okay, well, just short of eleven months, but close enough) since she’d seen her best friend.”
  • Snowball Strategems | 1.1k | T | #snowball fight #fluff | “Malia looked out of the window in wonder. The entire world was white and fluffy. It had snowed all night and a thick layer covered everything.”
  • Sweet Normalcy | 1.4k | G | #future fic #pure fluff | “It was probably bad, how passionately she loved Kira, how dependent she was on the other woman, but fuck it.”
  • The Best Use of Company Property | 6.8k | E | #office au #tech support kira #porn with plot | ‘Tech support, can I help?’ ‘How do I make italics happen?’ Kira blinked, unsure if she’d heard properly. ‘Um, excuse me?’
  • The Coyote and the Fox | 6.6k | E | #human au #sexiled #background sterek | “Okay, usually I can eat one of these all by myself. But… I kind of accidentally didn’t wait for the delivery? I may or may not have already eaten a bag or two of doritos and a whole thing of oreos,” she said, pursing her lips and looking around innocently. “So, I’m pretty sure at least half of this pizza is going to be uneaten. Unless, of course, you’d like to join me?”

Malia x Lydia

  • Best Friends or Distractions | 3.9k | T | #post 3b/pre 4 #becoming pack | “I don’t need a new best friend,” Lydia says clearly and loudly.
  • Credibility Credentials | 2.9k | E | #canon divergent #fake dating #during season 4 | “They’re fake-dating. For the good of the pack. It isn’t complicated. Lydia won’t let it be.”
  • Distractions | 1.2k | G | #locked up in a canadian prison #feelings | “Nobody fills absolute quiet with rage and accusation like Lydia, Malia thinks and wrings her hands. The shackles binding them clank, a sound that echoes in the otherwise quiet cell.”
  • Ghost of a Smile | 1.9k | M | #post 3b #hurt/comfort #first time | “She’s walking down the stairs with the crazy-eyed coach when she scents her. The one who smells like tears and expensive soap and most of all like girl. She’s intoxicating.”
  • Falling Ash | 4.3k | T | #secret agents #undercover #gun violence | She’s never been paired with another agent before. She supposes it’s to be expected given the importance of this op, even considering Lydia’s impressive track record over the past three years.

Allison x Kira

  • A Little Late-Night Tutoring | 6k | E | #hogwarts au #tutor!allison #smut | “You just need practice. Right?” It was a question, but it didn’t sound like one. One of her arms slung over Kira’s increasingly hunched shoulders. “I think I can help you with that.”
  • First Words | 1.8k | G | #soulmate au #first meeting | “They say that at least a quarter of people with soulmate tattoos have some variation of “HOLY SHIT” or “OH MY GOD IT’S YOU” etched into their skin. It makes sense, really.”
  • Luminescence | 10.7k | T | #college au #roommates #supernatural known | “It’s nice to just wander around without purpose. It’s also nice to have a friend to do that with, she thinks, turning to look at Allison, who is taking selfies with campus statues.”
  • Remember The Way That We Were | 2.2k | T | #future fic #amnesia #ace kira | Allison blinks back tears, feeling them sting at the back of her eyes, and says, “Do the doctors think she’ll get the memories back?”
  • Target Practice | 1k | T | #archery #kissing | “No, no, like this.” Allison nudges Kira’s heel with her toe from where she stands behind her, forcing the other girl’s foot forward half a step, and Kira lets her, feels herself settle into the new stance as she readjusts her grip on Allison’s bow.

Allison x Erica

  • Of the Shades | 2.3k | M | #greek mythology freeform #angst #one-sided kate/allison #hurt/comfort | “The aftermath of violent death is so much more complicated, and more closely tied to ancient mythology, than Allison would ever have believed in life. The supernatural world’s need for balance, however, seems to remain the same.”

Kira x Lydia

  • On Me | 1.2k | G | #ice cream shop au #cuteness | “Lydia likes to tell people Kira was standing on a chair, holding the mop like a microphone when she walked in, but Kira will deny that to the day she dies.”

Allison x Cora x Lydia

This is the part where I’m a self-serving asshole and add my own fics to the list (only the good-ish ones though promise)

  • Coming Home | Cora/Lydia | 5.5k | T | #canon divergent #post 3b, pre 4 #hurt/comfort | “What is that, a banner? Having you been watching Martha Stewart? Please don’t tell me there’s handmade doilies laying around too. Wait, are there people coming over for this?”
  • “Why is this my life?” | Cora/Lydia | 900w | M | #human au #crack-y #also sterek | “I can’t believe you’re having sex on school grounds! In a closet! With a student!” she cried, whapping her brother on the arm. He rubbed the spot where she’d hit him but at least had the decency to look chagrined.
  • You Owe Me | Cora/Lydia | 1.2k | T | #fake dating #feelings | “I am not going to pretend to date you!” Cora hissed. Lydia narrowed her eyes at her. “I said get over here and be my girlfriend for five minutes.”
  • The Third Floor Bathroom | Malia/Kira | 1.3k | T | #college au #roommates | “What if she doesn’t like me?” Kira asked, tugging her suitcase down the hall, phone pressed against her ear. She was almost done moving everything into her new dorm room.
    “Don’t be ridiculous,” Lydia said. “Everyone likes you.”
  • With the Band | Malia/Kira | 3k | T | #punk au #band au #drinking/smoking | The band was led by  a fiery redhead who was half screaming and half singing, sometimes bouncing around to share the mic with a pretty brunette playing the guitar. And at the back of the stage was another girl beating on the drums like some kind of wild animal, her hair flying around her as sweat dripped down her face.

roguejedis  asked:

do u have any Maria/Eliza hcs??

 HOOOOO BOYYYOYOYOYO okOKOK SO i’m gonna separate these into modern/au things and historical ones


  • ok so when Eliza after finds out about the affair, she eventually realizes that she just has to confront Maria. She can’t put this off any longer.
  • She tightens her dress, and redoes her hair, and walks out the door. She will not let this woman, young or not, make a fool of her.
  • She gets to the address and knocks three times, hard and loud.
  • Maria answers, looking confused. Her expression then grows slightly frightened and anxious when she see’s who it is.
  • Eliza wants to get angry. She wants to get mad. But all of that want is gone when Maria starts crying, pouring her heart out as she stands on the doorstep, red dress wrinkled and crumpled. It’s then Eliza sees the bruises–James was never a good husband.
  • Every mothering instinct inside Eliza goes off and she just takes Maria into her arms. Maria is shocked at first, stiff as a board, but Eliza just keeps squeezing her shoulders comfortingly.
  • Eventually her tears lessen and Maria leans back from Eliza’s comforting hug to stutter out an apology.

  • Eliza was the one who finally convinced Maria to divorce James. It was that night, when James Reynolds was away yet again, that Eliza and Maria’s lips found each other’s for the first time, clumsy and innocent in every right way.
  • Sometime after Maria had divorced James, she and Eliza went out to a picnic. It was fairly secluded and no one could see them, so in between bites of the apple pie they made together, they share kisses. Kisses anywhere and everywhere. Subtle ones on Eliza’s wrist, obvious ones on Maria’s neck, kisses that taste like cinnamon and kisses that feel like butterflies.
  • They mourn Alexander together.


  • Eliza meets Maria at a party. She’s got a red solo cup of beer in one hand and she’s looking for Peggy when suddenly she sees a girl with one wrist pinned to the wall, looking obviously uncomfortable. She’s using the other hand to try and push the boy who’s trapped her there away, but she’s obviously a little more than intoxicated and looks a little dizzy and the boy looks positively predatory, gripping her wrist hard enough to bruise.
  • She sets her cup down on a table with enough force that it splashes, but that doesn’t matter. She walks over to the girl, trapped, and beams like they’ve known each other forever. “Oh my god!” She shouts over the din of the party. “I haven’t seen you in forever!”
  • The boy turns around, half confused and half snarky. She grabs him by the shoulder and whispers darkly in his ear. “Let go of her right now and leave the party. You have five minutes.”
  • The boy looks like he might respond but something in Eliza’s eye stops him. It’s a fiery passion and a blazing anger so he just stumbles backwards, leaving.
  • The girl (”M-maria–” she tells her) is holding her wrist, eyes watery and fearful. Eliza takes her shoulder gently. “Are you ok?”
  • Basically they become best friends, and Eliza starts inviting her to their movie nights. Hercules loves to braid Maria’s thick waves while they watch whatever movie is picked out for the week.
  • Eliza thinks she might be falling for Maria when suddenly the hot new gossip of George W. High School is the new fling between Alexander Hamilton (you know, the transfer from St. Nevis?) and Maria–and Eliza is destroyed.
  • She confronts Alexander about it and she’s never been more relieved to find out that the student body will make up and believe anything. She’s so relieved, in fact, that she waits for Maria after cheerleading practice and confesses behind the gym bleachers.
  • (she says yes)

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Cheerleaders get no respect. We ARE athletes because it IS a sport. Just because we don’t use a ball to fulfill our goal like basketball, football, baseball, soccer, tennis etc. etc. doesn’t mean we don’t work so hard. Football games are like practices for us, we live for the 2:30 on the mat. When we step on, it’s our time to shine. When they say ’you may begin’ that’s when all of our hard work, endless practices, and love for the sport is put to the test; the adrenaline we feel is like no other. Do you see cheerleaders walking around trashing any other sport comparing it to ‘making a sandwich’? NO. So what, you throw around a ball? We throw girls. You memorize plays? We memorize a complete routine. We have a goal, we prove ourselves, we work together, and we try to be the best we can be. So what makes it different from any other sport? Nothing, so please show some respect. 

Once my twins turn four I’m going  to have them start training to be All-Star cheerleaders. They will see the Worlds mat before they see high school I can promise you that & my little girl is going to be wearing a little itty bitty top and skirt with a face full of rhinestones and glitter and my son is going to be throwing standing triples out the waazoo, they will both gyrate and get as flashy as necessary to take the win. My kids are going to be a bad ass brother sister cheer duo and F U C K the       U S A S F if they think other wise. & at they end of the day they can deduct all the want my kids will be bred to entertain!