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hitting on you - chapter 3

haha guESS who’s back and finally updated. I’m sorry it took so long. you can find a more detailed explanation on ao3 why this took me so long. I hope you enjoy! a huge thank you to @julieseven and @towonderland72 for betaing, and to @shakespeare-and-sunshine, @skamskada and my girl @isakje for being the greatest cheerleaders in the world <3


When Isak woke up the next morning, he had probably the biggest headache of his entire life. He could barely move or, more so, didn’t want to. He reached for his phone but immediately regretted it when the screen was too bright in his dark room. After his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw that he had a message from Even and, of course, the boys. He checked Even’s text first.

Even: good morning. hope your hangover isn’t too bad.
looking forward to today

Isak looked down at his phone comically. There was one thing he was certain of now: Even was out of his mind. After everything that had happened, he still wanted to meet up with him? Isak knew that he was good at charming people - Magnus had told him several times - but he didn’t know he was  that good. It took skill to make a guy stay after you punched him in the face and he watched you get kissed by someone else

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