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Very, very often. We talk a lot about it at home. Now she lives abroad after all. But we still have close contact, of course. I, as a mother, am very happy and proud that she has this commitment. It is really in all of our children.

Queen Silvia speaking of her and Princess Madeleine’s work for the World Childhood Foundation in an exclusive interview with Expressen. 

When asked if she saw Princess Madeleine’s video being used to promote the World Childhood Foundation funded Stewards of Children Prevention Toolkit App in Times Square the Queen said, “Yes, it was fantastic! There are a lot of advertising and information on the buildings in Times Square. But suddenly I saw big blue eye closes - and then opens. And so it was “Against sexual childhood abuse.” 

And when asked of Madeleine’s “Eyes Wide Open” campaign for Childhood the Queen responded, “ “Eyes Wide Open” … Thus, one should not look away and pretend like you have not seen, or noticed. Go and register! Go to the police! Say what you have seen. It is Princess Madeleine’s work, and it is wonderful to see.”

Same old Results

what if for Worlds, every single team wore the exact same black uniform, gym names were only announced my number..? would we stop looking at big gym names and start actually paying attention to skill level? would the same people be winning worlds?