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And while I’m talking about fusion dances, what I think is so interesting is that this is a cultural element of fusion, not a practical one!

We’ve seen that Gems can just fuse without dancing at all- both Garnet and Smoky Quartz the first time form without any dancing. But even in tight, pure-business situations between relative strangers, like Jasper and Lapis in Jailbreak or the various times the Rubies fuse- it’s bare-bones, it’s very simplified, but the dance and its structure is still there. The Rubies reflect pretty much the ultimate simplified structure- they stack together as what amounts to stylized cheerleader pyramids. 

Seemingly “proper” dancing is proceeded by a bow from all involved parties, and involves them steadily working closer to each other. It requires tandem from both parties. And it is, again, so deeply ingrained in Gem culture that even characters who are under mortal peril take the time to observe the etiquette. 

This has to say something interesting about the Gems that first discovered fusion- and someone had to. What we see of Gems proves that grasp of their powers and abilities are not intuitive. Whoever those initial Gems were, they must have had a very close relationship founded in mutual respect. From there, they codified what, even though fusion is publicly considered mostly a practical, functional ability, is a very formal and even artistic way of making it work- something that was well set in stone long before Ruby and Sapphire had their first dance in The Answer. Because if that was pioneered by Garnet, we wouldn’t see it on Homeworld’s side of the divide.


Tom Cruise being a factor is what has probably turned a lot of people off on this, and I totally understand that. He goes from giving solid performances to being the top of the Scientology cheerleader pyramid in the span of a second, and Scientology has made itself known as the world’s most punchable religion. But if we stick to the movie side of things, the stereotypical Tom Cruise people imagine is no longer the Tom Cruise who appears in films. Anyone who’s seen the last few Mission Impossible films and Edge Of Tomorrow knows that Tom Cruise spends most of his time now getting the shit kicked out of him.

The trailer takes 30 seconds (a fourth of its total run time) to show you Tom Cruise getting tossed around in an airplane. And sure, he does that typical “I got SECRETS and a PAST” look in the beginning, and then shows off how fast he can run by the end, but if his recent roles are any indication, this film will feature way less of Cruise being insufferably badass and way more of him looking goofy while he nearly gets mangled in different countries. And that’s the best kind of Tom Cruise.

Why The New ‘Mummy’ Movie Might Be The Best Version Ever

Good things,

•Shiro laughing
•Shiro laughing right after they form Voltron for the first time cause he’s so happy
•Shiro making terrible laser gun noises and getting down like he’s shooting a real gun
•Shiro sitting cross legged on the floor with a juice box
•Shiro loving the food fight they had
•Shiro smiling
•Shiro loving the title Defenders of the Universe
•Shiro being happy
•Shiro waking up waaaay early to do push ups in his paladin armor
•Shiro comforting pidge
•Shiro in his official garrison portrait
•Shiro nailing the nose dive exercise
•Shiro taking the lion cheerleader pyramid very very seriously

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Making Sinnoh fangames can be tough since most of the tileset is made of those weird 2.5D models that don’t really work when ripped as sprites.
So today I’m having a go at fixing/revamping some furniture!
Ingame bed is on the far left, then we have my redrawn version, and then some Galactic Grunts being silly XD


Highschool AU

i wanted to do a highschool au a long time ago, like may-ish this year before i forgot about it, i figured i’d better actually post these! in case you don’t know who is who -

1. Agent David Washington - Tutor to Grif, Simmons, Tucker and Caboose.

2. Agent CT ( Connie ) - Washingtons best friend.

3. Agent Texas - New transfer student, aiming to be on top of the pyramid in cheerleading.

4. Agent South Dakota - The “I don’t really care, but secretly care about everything girl.”

5. Agent Carolina - Head Cheerleader, on top of the pyramid, close friends to Wash and brother to “Church”, daughter to Leonard or Principle Church. Best friends to Maine.

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Dude, did you just predict the future!? Tarjei looks miserable at the bottom of that pyramid, though. (Cheerleader au gives me life!!)

hahahah i know! its so strange getting that picture after this talk,,,,,,also pls all praise to the anon coming up w it we wouldnt be here without them