cheerleading majors

*cries before practice*
  • Band Director: Who's messing with you? You know I take kick boxing classes right?
  • Drum Major: Who do I kill? Who hurt my prodigy?
  • Section Leader: You look like a fucking raccoon with all that smeared mascara. What the hell happened to you?
  • Cabinet: Okay, cabinet meeting right now. We need to find whoever is responsible for this.
  • Guard: *brings out rifles and sabers* Okay, so who's messing with you? *smiles*
  • Me: Well, there's this football player...
  • Everyone: *groans* Say no more. *brings out water guns filled with valve oil and spit*

“Where the HELL have you been?!” -Neville 

Let me tell you about a story of growth. It’s a short story. 

The model I chose for this challenge (Crystal Nichol) was one of the first models I ever worked on (ever) on the show. She was our she-wolf bar maid. 
So she got to see me at the very beginning. NO experience, no idea how to compartmentalize all the materials at my fingertips, how to set things up, or how to even put on a bald cap. I was a MESS. 

Fast forward to the semi-finals. 
She walked in, we grinned, we hugged, I had things all set up for a calm and collected application, quick to get the bald cap on… 
She smiled, and looked at me and said something along the lines of “Oh my gosh, look at you! You had no idea what to do in the first episode, and look how much you’ve grown, I’m so proud of you!!!” 

She’d barely even looked at the makeup at that point! The fact that she saw such an improvement told me that yes, I was indeed learning and improving, and it brought tears to my eyes to see her so proud and happy to see my accomplishments!!! 

Crystal was a huge cheerleader, and a major trooper, putting up with the poor vision in that makeup. You’re a hero. 

Get to Know the Classmates: BTS Edition

Other Versions:  GOT7  /  EXO

Kim Seokjin

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  • Majors in culinary
  • Minors in business
  • Wants to open a restaurant with Kyungsoo
  • Force-feeds his friends
  • Always has spare snacks
  • The professors seem to love him
  • Makes a lot of dad jokes and now his professors like him even more
  • Sings and plays guitar to little kids that have gotten lost on the campus
  • It happens so often that people are starting to suspect him of kidnapping
  • The professors give him high grades bc of his handsomeness
  • Sometimes he’s annoyed by it and just turns in blank papers instead of actual projects as a protest
  • The face of the campus
  • Tried to start a club for handsome people but didn’t find enough members to qualify as a club
  • Rants to his friends Low-key flirts with everyone

Min Yoongi

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  • Majors in music
  • Minors in psychology
  • Hoseok is his sunshine
  • Shares an apartment with Youngjae and Vi
  • Sleeps between classes
  • Or mixes tracks on his laptop under some tree
  • Late to his morning classes
  • One of the top students
  • Captain of the basketball team
  • Somehow becomes the host of each party he attends, which isn’t often
  • Argues with professors over basic truths
  • Doesn’t truly wake up before his third cup of coffee, most preferably americano
  • Ready to attack anyone that dares bother him before that
  • Sehun almost convinced him to join the dance club
  • Min Holly is his main source of motivation

Jung Hoseok

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  • Majors in dance
  • Minors in music
  • Everything he does has to do with music or dancing
  • Ray of Sunshine
  • Captain of the dance team
  • Joins dance battles for fun
  • Goes to dance competitions as a solo act or as duo with either Jimin or Jongin
  • Everyone loves him
  • Screams for all of it’s worth
  • Half of the campus is in love with him
  • Brings flowers and chocolate to everyone on their birthdays
  • Cheers absolutely everybody on
  • Was offered a spot on the cheerleading squad but refused bc he didn’t think he was pretty enough to be on the team
  • The cheerleaders beg to differ
  • Draws little comics between his notes to illustrate the point of the lecture
  • Always turns in his projects a day too late but the professors don’t mind

Kim Namjoon

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  • Majors in philosophy
  • Minors in music
  • Breaks everything in his path
  • Accidentally throws out, burns or breaks his books
  • This is the fifth textbook he’s had to buy this month
  • Actually really really friendly despite his intimidating looks
  • Student #1
  • The teachers love him
  • Doesn’t take notes and still passes
  • Confuses people with philosophical debates to get out of answering questions
  • Questionable fashion choices
  • Shares an apartment with BamBam
  • Bambam refuses to let him out of the apartment in his clothes so Namjoon now sneaks out of home before Bambam wakes up
  • Works a part-time job at a local record store
  • Buys his friends snacks before morning classes

Park Jimin

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  • Min Yoongi’s #1 cheerleader during basketball games
  • Majors in dance
  • Minors in social studies
  • Respects Baekhyun for surviving the classes and passing his exams
  • One of the key members of the dance club
  • A squishy ball of fluff until he gets too confident and blinds the girls with his abs
  • Voted best smile
  • Ready to buy anyone lunch just so they stay healthy
  • Gets scolded by Jin and Jackson for not eating enough
  • Shares a room with Jongin and is incredibly happy with it
  • Jamming sessions with Youngjae and Chanyeol
  • Goes to the gym every two days
  • Treats Jungkook like a child
  • Actually kind of scared of Jungkook and Yugyeom
  • Looks especially small in the mornings
  • Works a part-time job at a local dance studio
  • Carries two extra large sweaters with him wherever he goes just in case someone is cold

Kim Taehyung

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  • Majors in acting
  • Minors in psychology
  • Pretends to believe in laundry fairies that do his laundry so that one of his roommates does the laundry for him
  • Shares an apartment with Jungkook, Yugyeom and now you :)
  • Respectfully voted the second best dressed male
  • Follows fashion trends like a religion
  • Shares his lunch with Jimin and Jungkook
  • Spends all of the breaks and weekends on the countryside to rest from the city noises
  • Life of each party
  • Smiling 90% time
  • The teachers enjoy teaching him
  • One of the best students because he asks a lot of questions
  • Sings in the shower and wakes up everyone in the building
  • Acts out random scenes from random movies during classes and earns the professors’ affection
  • Spends a lot of time with his many friends

Jeon Jungkook

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  • Majors in politics for the fun of it
  • At first it was because he had lost a bet but then he started genuinely enjoying it
  • Best student in all of his classes
  • Minors in music
  • Your shy roommate
  • Almost lives at the gym
  • If you don’t look out for yourself, he might end up using you as a weight soon
  • Joined the gaming club with Baekhyun and Youngjae
  • The living meme of the campus
  • All of his notes are on different pieces of paper so he always looks for them
  • If you see a piece of paper with Jungkook’s initials on it and some other writing on it, please do return it to either him or one of his roommates.
  • Has to be the very best in everything
  • Plays PokemonGo on his way to class
  • Gets really excited whenever he spots his favorite pokemon
  • Looks like a player most of the time but runs away each time someone he doesn’t know initiates a conversation
  • Communicates in memes, strange noises and facial expressions

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Louis obviously had to find confidence within himself and he gets credit first and foremost always. I can't help but think that PNC must have given him a boost as well. The fans loving and supporting a song where Louis sings the chorus? Louis, who indeed was overlooked for so long, being the main feature of a song that the fandom rallied to get played everywhere? He's said it was amazing. I'm so happy he felt our support.

Me too.

And I hope the founders of Project No Control are beyond proud of themselves for that :)  

I know that as a major cheerleader for it, I’m very proud of what we all accomplished and how we encouraged him, but I’m just really wanting to hug @conscious–ramblings @buscandoelparaiso and @laynefaire right now :)

Once during a game, a cheerleader was talking with our drum major. This was their conversation.
Cheerleader: How do I make the band go HUT?
DM: You just say Band Ten Hut.
CL: Okay.
She starts to say it.
DM: don’t say it loud cause they will do it.
Band: HUT!!!
The cheerleader look at our DM with a look of complete terror.
DM: I told you so.

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If you could rewrite the inuyasha series, what would you change?

     I’d change the whole fighting dynamic, honestly. I’d make it so the whole inu tachi got in on most all of the fights–instead of being pushed to the sidelines and turned into commentators and cheerleaders for the majority of the series. 
     I would also keep Kikyou as a villain. Two mainstay villains in the series would have been much more entertaining then just Naraku. And I think Kikyou would have been sooo much cooler then she already is–if she’d stayed as a bad guy.
       I would have had Kouga in on the final battle too. The way he just leaves after he loses his shards and after Kikyou passes on for good just rendered him completely POINTLESS. Basically the way he left told me he was only in the series as a foil to the KagKikInu triangle. And that makes me angry. 
       I’d also end the series soon after the Shichinintai arc. I feel like Takahashi dragged the series out far longer then it should have been. And I think after the shichinintai arc would have been a good place to wrap things up. 
       I would have killed off Kohaku and let Kagura live instead…That way there’s at least a small modicum of balance between ‘good guys’ and ‘neutral guys’ kicking the bucket…Also, it would have made more sense to me. Since when did any miko have the power to restore a life? 
        Anyway, I would have made the series last longer than a year in story time…Cause even up to the Shichinitai it definitely seems like it ought to be longer than a year. 
        I would have had Inuyasha admit to himself that he was in love with Kagome too, at some point. We had Kags admit it for the audience-but all we really got was subtle hints and body language from Inu.
       There’s a lot more–But this is all off the top of my head, I’d have to sit and think for the rest…xD But yea…

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