unclench your fists, my lover, the war is over now. 
     (i’ve forgotten how to uncurl my fingers from the trigger.)
be gentle, my lover, the war is over now.
     (i don’t remember what it’s like not to have gunsteel in my bones.)
come home, my lover, the war is over now.
    (i’m back at the place i left but home is gone where i cannot find it.)
sleep, my lover, the war is over now.
    (the war follows me into sleep. i’m afraid i’ll never leave it behind.)
kiss me, my lover, the war is over now.
    (my fingers still drip red and i do not want to stain you with them.)
—  teach me how to be at peace again ( j.p. )

Bughead –> Betty Cheerleading + Jughead heart eyes <3

Thank you anon for requesting this, I honestly was so happy and excited to make this xxx

Leaked NFL handbook reveals the sexist rules cheerleaders put up with for abysmal pay

If you want to be an NFL cheerleader in California, you’ll have to learn to keep your legs closed. 

Literally.In 2014, the Los Angeles Times released excerpts of the 2012 Raiderettes etiquette agreement. 

Mic obtained a comprehensive copy. It provides an unsettling overview of the rigid and blatantly sexist double standards cheerleaders must endure with a smile, because “negative facial expressions” are prohibited. Read more. (2/16/2017 5:00 PM)


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