cheerleader makeup

MBTI Types Based On Real Life People I Know:

ISFJ: My aunt; extremely moody and sensitive, affects everyone else with her mood if she’s upset, jealous, emotional and cries easily, cleaning freak, likes to take care of her appearance, generous, old souls, people pleasers

ISTJ: Various friends; Rigid, trusts their own experiences only and labels their subjective and circumstantial experiences as ‘facts,’ blunt, easily annoyed, always on time, takes their time being an absolute perfectionist, prudish, dry, a little shallow and can’t seem to appreciate unconventional/’ugly’ people, will humiliate you at work but doesn’t understand why it backfires

INFJ: Various friends; Reads people pretty well, selfless, kind, spiritual, insists on seeing the good in everyone know matter how batshit shitty they are, beguiling, surprisingly sexual and seductive, shy but outspoken at the same time, creative writers, philosophical

INTJ: Various friends and acquaintances: Pretty shy, sarcastic with a wry but likeable sense of humor, kind of awkward and you’ll see it in their smiles in pictures, places a lot of importance on being as objective as possible and projects that on to other people, their word is ‘law’ and the true facts of the universe, don’t bother arguing with them, secretly lurking over the ENFPs

ESFJ: My mom and other aunt; selfless to the core although they love to show off how selfless and hard-working they are, needs to feel valued, can treat people unfairly and unreasonably when stressed, genuinely kind hearted, says they hate gossip but they gossip, motherly and affectionate, will take care of you, a little tsundere, loves male (and female) attention, pays a lot of attention to their appearances

ENFJ: People I’ve observed; needs some followers to thrive, friendly and like being team-leaders, can’t seem to roast people, always on time and serious about social cues and rules, motherly and will take care of you

ENTJ: Various acquaintances and my uncle; very professional, conscious about their way of dress and love to indulge in materialism or whatever makes them look good, social status is their soul, direct but never cruel, guiding your life is how they care, marshmallows on the inside, witty and polite, conscious of one goal and knows exactly what they want, very picky with choosing their significant other, horny and loves sex jokes

ESTP: Various acquaintances and my dad; callous, cares a lot, but hides it underneath a gruff exterior, love to cake their faces with makeup, says a lot bullshit just for the sake of having to say something, class clown, disorganized yet grounded and serious when need be, athletic and constantly active, they talk like your typical internet trolls only they are serious about it, wants to be admired and love bragging about themselves, Trump, most likely to be the ones to sell stuff to you or wolf whistle/smack your ass as you walk past them, extremely loyal once they found the one

ENTP: Friends and various acquaintances; nothing offends them, tries too hard to be the Cheshire Cat, blunt and not fond of using proper spelling/grammar, will make fun of you but never cruel, loyal friends and you can always count on them, constantly asking the whys and hows of the universe, not as playful as the stereotype says and actually pretty grounded and serious after a certain point, loves to extend their knowledge, is surprisingly sensitive to the needs and emotions of others, laid-back 

ENFP: Various friends and acquaintances; erotic and sensual, places a lot of emphasis on aesthetic, their appearance and eloquence, extremely flirtatious to everyone even when they don’t mean it, wants to be admired/loved, likes cute/childish things and animals, plays mind games, act like femme fatales in risky situations just to see if they can get away with it, extremely sassy and love sarcastic humor, trolls your feelings for the LOLz, mocks society and fuck rules, horny, have trouble with commitment, excellent liars, hypocritical and full of shit

INTP: My beloved friend you know who you are; can reach all kinds of conclusions but hard to make up their minds on one, always asking the hows and whys, shy and introverted, constantly curious, obsessed with ENTJs, observant, will make fun of you, unhealthy ones thing everyone else not them is dumb, extremely articulate and detailed when answering your questions, likes people watching, actually cares about their appearances despite stereotypes saying otherwise

INFP: Friends; secretly loves attention but shy at the same time, takes care of their appearances, spacey and loves to daydream, likes the occult/witch craft/fantasy, extremely creative and artistic, excellent writers, adaptable, horny and kinky, really outspoken and sassy, most likely to send anon hate, can be hypocritical, curse like the sailors, loves kawaii things, opinionated and won’t budge, hard for them to talk about their feelings, difficult for them to commit

ESFP: Acquaintances: knows what they want in a partner, pragmatic and practical, hot-tempered and outspoken, thrives in the spotlight, emotional and cries easily, very funny, class clowns and cheerleaders, loves makeup and need to look good, vivacious and flamboyant, flirtatious and warm, defensive, difficult for them to leave toxic partners, does not like the abstract

ISTP: Various acquaintances; hates xNFPs, likes sex a lot, tries too hard to live up to the motor rider stereotype, they think they’re never wrong, peaceful, emotional, selfless and good on the inside and try hard to hide it, they are like cats, loves reading

ISFP: My cousin and people I know; extremely hot tempered and can be violent, curse like sailors, loves art and drawing, at their best when they’re creating something, generous with gifts, picky about fashion and will criticize your looks, loves shopping, philosophical and can be melancholy, very romantic, wants everyone to be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, withdrawn and distant at times

ESTJ: My manager; bossy and demanding, sassy but tolerant, practical and efficient, does not like to talk about their own personal lives, can get sentimental, easily annoyed, tries their best to be sociable and likeable, surprisingly wise

2x11 watchin rn

umm… why is Frank telling Karen all that shit? why is this scene set up like they are naughty teenagers who snuck out on a coffee date? his loopsided grin, his face full of bruises, he looks like the bad boy who beats up kids after school for fun. and karen is the little cheerleader, face bare of makeup she looks so young and wide-eyed and innocent with her perfectly messy blonde hair.

and then he asks abt MATT of all ppl. why does he start with matt? why is he telling her to keep him? at this point i am confused. staring at my tv and go ‘wtf?!’ at franks stupidly handsome face while he tells her about how his old lady 'brought the pain’ (is that a metaphor or did they do the kinky shit i think they did? or?)

and karen who seems totally surprised (i feel you girl) did you see her eyes when Frank was telling her that she loves Matt?

Is he really trying to push her away? Is that it? Does he even realize what he is doing there or is it just Frank Castle the big bad Punisher being an oblivious fuckwit?

i have questions. burning questions.

I think Karen has too. But of course ecery moment has to end and in Franks case it has to end with bloodshed and Karen being afraid of him? Somehow confirming everything that ppl said to her about him?

daredevil writers? you can’t fool me. i see what you are doing there.