cartinelli au where peggy is like the star football player of the other school so everyone hates her but then she switches schools and she’s playing against her old team, so now they hate her, and the only one who cheers her on is that one super cute cheerleader with the blond curly hair

this is a state of grace [1/3]

clarke/lexa + side lincoln/octavia
high school au feat. cheerleader clarke & nerd lexa
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Over the next few months, Clarke makes several key observations.

One, she should probably send a gift of some sort (anonymously; very, very anonymously) to Mr Kane for pairing them up, because Lexa is a great biology partner. Even if it is a little frightening how focused she gets on photosynthesis.

Two, Lexa is not, as Octavia suggested, a serial killer or a practicing necromancer.

Three, Lexa might not appreciate the Taylor Swift CD that Clarke ‘accidentally’ leaves in Lexa’s car or the large collection of British girl bands that soundtrack their now-frequent study sessions, but she does share Clarke’s love of obscure indie bands, medical procedural shows - the House MD vs. Grey’s Anatomy argument lasts an entire week - and overpriced coffee.

Four, Lexa is incredibly attractive. It can get quite distracting.

Five, that weird sensation she gets in her stomach whenever Lexa smiles or waves at her in the hallways may or may not be butterflies.

And six, she kind of, maybe, possibly sort of has a huge hopeless crush on Lexa.