Miami Dolphin Cheerleader Amina Daoud reppin #Haiti at Dolphins cheerleader swimsuit fashion show at #HardrockCafe tonight. | 📷 @tguyfrancois| #lunionsuite #haiti #miami #miamidolphins #cheerleader (at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Hollywood, FL)

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It’s finally done!!

Funny thing is that I doodled this comic out on valentine’s day and just never did anything about it. But then recently I got a bunch of followers who liked my cheerleader+nerd girl ideas so I thought I’ll finish this comic out for you guys!

Also they have names now!

Valerie (cheerleader) and Emma (nerd). I want to think of an official series title for them but nothing is coming up at the moment but I will eventually!

stirredbrew  asked:

*whisper* What if it's the other way around? Football Mari, cheerleader Adrien *silently skulks away*

*quietly drops this quick sketch*

then they would be the cutest couple ever.

(also you can definitely tell i cannot draw males to save my life but I’m practicing lolol)

Been rather busy lately with work as well as having a work out with Pokemon Go! It’s finally released in Singapore☺️ been walking non stop in order to be the very best! But here’s a little cheerleader for you☺️ to everyone playing Pokemon go! What team are you guys? Have a great weekend! #cheerleader #drawing #illustration #doodle #sketch #art #girl

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finally I’m done yessssssssss this took forever omg

anyways, an AU where Adrien is a football player and Marinette is a cheerleader :3 they make the cutest couple yes yes yes