Science Fair Rock Star - Anika Cheerla

Anika Cherla is only 13 years old and she’s already created a computer program that can detect Alzheimer’s with 95% accuracy!

Anika used her coding skills to create different neural net structures – a single stage neural network, chained neural networks, and hierarchical neural networks – to test each one on the ability to detect brain damage when presented with MRI scans and clinical features. She included fractal dimension, entropy and other information to boost the effectiveness, and proved that while MRI scans are important, they are not conclusive without mental examinations as well.

Then, she created a simple interface so doctors could input the MRI scans and test results, giving them the feedback they need to start Alzheimer’s treatment much sooner.

This is the sixth in an ongoing series highlighting some of the amazing young women participating in this year’s Google Science Fair. Over the next week I will be sharing stories of many of these remarkable young women. Stay tuned!

Google Science Fair 2015

I had fun writing my series about the remarkable young women in the finals for this year’s Google Science Fair.

Monique Hsu & Gina Wang, with their brilliant method for determining the purity of liquids.

Lalita Prasida and her idea to use waste corn cobs to filter water in rural communities.

Olivia Hallisey and her Ebola Assay Card that will save lives around the world.

Laura Steponavičiūtė and her research into the effects of nanoparticles in the environment.

Anela Arifi & Ilda Ismaili, with their idea to use feathers as biofuel and hydrogen storage.

Anika Cheerla and her amazing computer program to diagnose Alzheimer’s with a 95% accuracy!

Isabella O’Brien and her idea to use waste seafood shells to mitigate ocean acidification.

And Deepika Kurup and her environmentally friendly and socially responsible water purifier.

I hope you enjoyed reading them as well. I’m continually impressed with the clever ideas these kids come up with and their follow through.