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Can you rec some klaine fanfic? :)

Sure - I can point you! It all really depends what you like to read but I can rec what I like to read. Basically, I really only read highschool or college coming of age AU’s, as well as some AU boy meets boy (or man meets man as the case may be, that catch my eye). I read various tropes in these - skank!klaine, cheerios!klaine etc…But I am pretty much exclusively in that story type. So there may be an amazing married!klaine out there but I wouldn’t know. Also writing style and characterization is very important to me…

So right now I rec reading the absolutely amazing Clinging to this Hating Game by @notarelationship - Brand new and the BEYOND perfect…Likely in my top 10 ever and I have read A LOT of fic…There is one more chapter to be posted very soon I hope!

So basically, I rec my fic rec tag - which will have a lot of what is described above. Also if you like early!klaine (many canon gap fillers and some AU) - this is my early!klaine tag

Finally, if you like my writing - here is my gleekto writes tag. And my longer stories are all on AO3 - author: gleekto.

Awkward Turtles

Grayson (@klainedrops-on-roses) prompted “I twisted my ankle and you’re the only one here strong enough to carry me to the nurse’s office but we’re both really awkward.” with Cheerio!Kurt and Footballer!Blaine AO3

Note: Get ready to feel a whole lot of secondhand awkwardness. You’ll really wanna smack the both of them and just yell “KISS ALREADY!” and the awkwardness of it all made me laugh so much, so I hope you guys get a few laughs too :) Darling Grayson sent this to me when I has having a rough day a month or so ago, and I finally have the time to complete it! I hope that it can help bring you as much joy as you brought me that day <3

The football came out of nowhere. Just sailed through the air and had it not been for his reflexes, it would have hit him square in the eye. But then again, his current state of being sprawled on the ground in an attempt to dodge the ball wasn’t too good either.

Kurt groaned, blinking his eyes open and trying to focus. Everything around him seemed to be spinning though, so he closed his eyes again hoping that it would settle. He felt a hand on his shoulder and flinched.

“Oh my goodness are you alright?”

That voice… He knows that voice.

Opening his eyes again and squinting at the bright sunlight, a familiar face came into focus. A really familiar face. Tanned olive skin, hair styled with gel and those gorgeous hazel eyes that oh hello look even better up close. “You’re…”

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I decided it would be a good time to organize everything so it will be easier to navigate this archive of drabbles.

  • More than 1k (or around that)
  • By rating: mature (the rest is pretty pg or pg-13 for minor stuff like language and nudity)
  • The most popular drabbles
  • Major Tropes (actually this is not all because there are like one-time ridiculous things I wrote like flight-attendants!klaine and such, but tagging it into a separate category would be superfluous)




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Thank you all for reading!

(Also here’s a link to my AO3 page if anyone’s interested)

Fic: Sharing and Caring

Cheerio!Blaine/nerd!Kurt AU, featuring a terrible pick up line and copious amounts of fluff. PG, ~1100 words.

It all seemed to happen in a blur. One minute, Kurt was turning away from his locker after retrieving his algebra book to take home, and the next-

-searing coldness all over his face and shoulders, dripping and melting all over him as the passing football jocks laughed and high-fived as they walked away, not even worried about getting in trouble.

Kurt just stood there with his eyes shut tightly, trying to figure out if he knew how to get to the closest bathroom without opening them and getting even more corn syrup in his eyes, when he felt a hand wrap gently around his elbow and tug him away.

“C'mon, just follow me,” a somewhat familiar voice said. Kurt knew he had heard that voice before, could almost picture the person it belonged to, but he was drawing a blank. The stress of having a slushie thrown in his face was impeding his normally quick brain from working properly.

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summary: The Glee girls convince Kurt to spy on their boyfriends. Cheerio!Kurt and Shy!Blaine.
authors note: this may be my longest one shot ever! i really got carried away. anyway, i’m dedicating this to chriscolfuck bc she’s a sweetie and talks about headcanons all day long with me <3
word count: ~4,000

Kurt strutted down the halls of McKinley, feeling more confident and safe than he ever had outside of the choir room. And (as much as Kurt hates to admit it) it was all thanks to Sue Sylvester.  

While Kurt’s first audition to the Cheerio’s didn’t go quite to plan - and Kurt curses his sweaty hands because if his baton hadn’t of slipped he would have been head cheerleader a long time ago.  

Okay, he’s co-head cheerleader. While Kurt is a close second, Becky Jackson will forever be Coach Sue’s favourite.  

Still, it feels good to be on top. He’s sure that the football team still sees him as the Glee club loser, they can’t touch him. Kurt has noticed, oddly enough, that the rest of the school don’t seem to recognize him. As if they don’t know he’s the high voiced gay kid form Glee club. The other day, he swore he heard a girl call him hot.  

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Fic: Live That Fantasy

trufflemores asked for badboy!Blaine and I delivered, with some bonus Cheerio!Kurt just because. ~1900 words, kind of a Prom Queen redux. PG-13.

“C'mon – unh – please, Blaine?”

“You are way too coherent right now,” Blaine said, going back to the sensitive spot on Kurt’s neck. He kissed carefully under Kurt’s ear, knowing Kurt would kill him if he left a hickey but wanting to distract Kurt from their current topic of conversation.

Ohmyguh – Blaine, why don’t you – Jesus – fine, we can keep making out for now,” Kurt said, pressing a quick kiss to Blaine’s jaw and reaching his hands under Blaine’s leather jacket. “But when we have our not-a-date after school, you’d better tell me why you’re so against going to the prom.”

“It’s not like we could go together, babe,” Blaine said. “I thought you didn’t want the whole school knowing that their esteemed head Cheerio finally gave it up to the ‘obnoxious mouthbreathing James Dean wannabe.'” He moved his hands away from Kurt’s face reluctantly to make air quotes around Kurt’s old insults.

“I never said you were a mouthbreather,” Kurt protested. “And honestly, I don’t care anymore, Blaine. I was kind of worried about the fallout at first, but I realized that combining my social status and your reputation would make people think twice about trying to screw with us.”

“You’ve got a point there,” Blaine said, inclining his head in acknowledgment. “But still, the prom? A stupid school-sponsored event full of boys in bad rental tuxes grinding on their intoxicated girlfriends all night?”

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klaine advent drabble challenge day 16: passion

word count: 1550

shamelessly inspired by chris’ new photoshoot. thank u to klaineaus on twitter for inspiring the end of the fic, you’re ace and i fuckin love you.

“Hey,” Kurt pushes into the girls bathroom in the science block, kicking the wet floor sign into place behind him so no one walks in on them, “I got your text. Everything okay?”

Blaine is hunched over the sink, scrubbing furiously at his letterman’s jacket. “Santana spilled her entire slushie down my front when I walked out of Biology. She says she didn’t mean to but it’s obvious she’s pissed that I got head cheerleader and she didn’t.”

Kurt steps closer, he can almost see the fury rolling off Blaine. “I’m sorry.”

Blaine huffs and Kurt sees his angry façade crack, his shoulders slumping. “I don’t get why she hates me so much,” he says weakly, “It’s not like I asked to be head Cheerio. Sue just gave it to me.”

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I have a prompt :D Now that the cheerio's don't have a coach (bc sue got fired) they have voted for Kitty to take the lead and she decides they sould watch all cheerio performances from national championships and Kitty's all "ok so they were national champs in 2009(2010?)" and they watch and are all gobsmacked bc epic celine dion medley by Kurt and they(kitty&twins) become Cheerio!Kurt fangirls :D

Klaine Bingo: Cheerleader

“Gather round, maggots!”

At that point, the Cheerios are so used to Kitty’s ways that they just obey without even sighing.

“If we want to win,” Kitty calls as she plugs a laptop to Sue’s ridiculous, gigantic screen, “we need to use our history.”

Some exchange dubious looks, but Mason and Madison sit on the edge of their chairs.

“We need to learn from our mistakes, of course,” Kitty continues, slides of the latest, craziest stunts pulled by the team of cheerleaders–everybody shivers away at the sight of the cannon Sue had planned, and a gasp travels through the group as the bouncy castle appears–, “but we need to find an inspiration in our greatest moments too.”

The slides stop, and videos start.

“Take notes, babycheers,” Kitty says, “because this. Is. Our. Future.”

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Badboy!Blaine had never really paid much attention to Cheerio!Kurt. That is until his car breaks down and the cheerleader is the only one around to help. 

“Shit. Shit, shit, shit." 

The car had just stopped. That was the only way Blaine could explain it. He had the hood of the car up and he was staring at the engine but nothing seemed out of place to him. Mostly because he had no idea where anything was supposed to be. 

Maybe he should have paid more attention when his dad had tried to explain these things to him. Too bad he had been too busy trying to make a point of not giving a shit.

"Do you need help?" 

Blaine looked up from the engine to see that a car had pulled up behind him. He recognized the boy that was standing next to it to be Kurt Hummel, the Cheerio he had noticed because he was ridiculously hot but even though Blaine was out and proud, he had decided not to pursue the other boy as he was practically untouchable. 

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Klaine prompt: football player!Blaine asks cheerio!Kurt to wear his jersey on game day. (Also have a good day/night)

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: G-ish

Blaine perches on the edge of Kurt’s bed, uncharacteristically tentative.  He knows he’s more than welcome in Kurt’s room – in Mr. Hummel’s home – but his nerves are creeping up on him.

“Can I ask you something?”

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"Throw Away The Key" - Kurt/Blaine

Skank!Kurt is a teensy bit shy about approaching Cheerio!Blaine.

Warnings for: Puck being Puck

UPDATE: It’s now a verse!
Part 1 of the Cuffed Verse

~1800 words


The new captain of the Cheerios is a problem.

Kurt takes a drag of his cigarette, puts a hand on one of the steel bars of the bleachers above his head, and watches this problem twist his way across the football field.

The red and white polyester hugs his compact body in the exact right places, and he rocks his hips in an easy figure-eight with Santana and Brittany doing the same on either side of him. His slick black hair glistens in the sun, and so does the sweat running down his neck when he turns his head just right.

Kurt holds the smoke in his lungs and runs his tongue around in his mouth. It’s not the taste he wants, not what he imagines the warm, salty taste of Anderson’s sweaty skin might be, but it’s all he has at the moment.

He hears Quinn and Puck making out on the ratty sofa behind him, lips smacking wetly against each other and Quinn making husky little noises into Puck’s mouth. And Kurt can’t help it; he wants that too.

Kurt wants that with Anderson, specifically.

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Can you recommen new fics about badboy! Klaine and/or Cheerio! Klaine and / or Nerd!Klaine??????????????/

Asses and Skipping Classes by crisscumfer (Rated M – Complete)

Kurt Hummel is most definitely not a virgin, no matter how many people think he is and no matter how small or non-existent the number of people he’s had sex with is. He’s not. He’s so not.  Skank!Kurt Nerd!Blaine

When I Get You Alone by robin2312 (Rated M – Complete)

Kurt Hummel wears his Cheerios uniform like an armour, convinced that it can protect him from everything and everyone. After all, nobody messes up with a Cheerio, right? Wrong. Blaine Anderson has just transferred to McKinley, and he can’t wait to mess up with Kurt, in every way possible.    Badboy!Blaine Cheerio!Kurt

Afraid To Fall by Larry_Klaine_Stylinson (Rated M – Complete)

When Blaine Anderson’s father loses all of their money, they’re forced to relocate from their expensive house in Westerville, where Blaine has been attending Dalton Academy, to Lima, where Blaine will be attending William McKinley High School. And he couldn’t be less excited. Until he notices an extremely attractive Cheerio, named Kurt Hummel, who he’s determined to get to know.  Cheerio!Kurt/Nerd!Blaine

Fire With Fire by mmerainbows (Rated M – Complete)

Badboy!Blaine (S2/3 AU) WilliamMcKinleyHigh School has its jocks, its geeks, its preps, and its skanks. It also has the one kid even the bullies stay out of the way for - Blaine Anderson. No one crosses him, and Kurt knows to keep out of his way and do what he wants, whether that’s supplying Blaine with a pencil for French class when it’s demanded of him, or just staying quiet.   *I really enjoyed this version of badboy!Blaine.  And Kurt ain’t no pushover.

Boys Like Us by  threetequilafloor (Rated M – Complete)

Blaine Anderson never thought he would have any reason to venture near McKinley reform school, but that was before he met Kurt Hummel. A Badboy!Kurt fic.

Fic: Grab A Boy

Junior Cheerio captain Blaine falls hard for cute freshman cheerio Kurt. Hell yeah.

~2000 words, PG-13, fluff.

“I think my eyes are about to start bleeding from how incredibly awful that was. In the future, you’re not even allowed to look in my general direction or else I will end up vomiting all over your outdated haircut. Next!”

Blaine silently watched the freshman girl with the truly unfortunate shag leave in tears after Coach’s critique, praying that whoever was next had at least a shred of rhythm. Usually Cheerios tryouts weren’t quite this painful, but apparently this year’s crop of recruits were all born with two left feet and no lung power. Getting to Nationals this year was looking like more work than he’d originally thought.

“Oh dear God, it’s like a Precious Moments figurine come to life,” Coach muttered as the next kid walked in, prompting Blaine to look up from his notepad.

His pencil slipped from his fingers.

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