Fic: Love Shack

Summary: On a sweltering hot summer’s evening, Kurt discovers a new cheesecake bakery in his Bushwick neighborhood. He soon realizes the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. An alternative meeting, written for the 2016 Klaine Valentines Challenge on Tumblr. The song used in the story is “Everything Has Changed” performed by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Rating: General Audience

Author’s note: This story is dedicated to @therealblainepuppet and @truebluekurt Your blogs’ posts and photographs brighten up my day! If you haven’t discovered their puppet magic, please go to their blogs on Tumblr. Here is the post that inspired the story.

A big thank you to my beta, @sunshineoptimismandangels, although all mistakes are mine. Go check her out her stories - they are really wonderful and leave you at the edge of your seat until the very end. Her stories are nothing like the fluffiness you are about to read!

You can also read on A03 and FF  

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Someone That I Can Talk To

Written for Klaine Valentines 2016 – prompt:  Just the Way You Are, by Billy Joel
Klaine, 900 words, A03


It was just after their first wedding anniversary, and Kurt and Blaine were out for the evening with Santana and Brittany, at Brittany’s insistence.  While she had agreed that they didn’t need to spend the exact day of their joint wedding anniversary together, she still wanted them to mark the occasion together, and frankly it wasn’t such a hardship to spend the evening with two of their closest friends.

The swanky club their friends had chosen was quite a bit calmer than the usual dance clubs they frequented, and Kurt had to hand it to Santana for the excellent find.  A jazz trio had just finished up, and a singer was making himself comfortable at the piano.   Blaine and Santana were over at the bar, their dark heads close together as they whispered secrets and silliness to each other.

Blaine looked delicious tonight in a slim fitting black shirt and blazer, tight dark purple slacks and exquisite leather shoes that he had saved up to buy with the extra money he made teaching piano.  He had forgone the bow tie, opting instead to open the top button on his shirt, adopting a slightly less formal look.  Kurt could hear Blaine’s laugh over the chatter in the club as Santana rocked back on her ridiculously high heels and slapped him on the shoulder, apparently equally as entertained by his husband as Kurt was, if for different reasons.  

Brittany had just finished explaining something about her new cat, who apparently was related to Lord Tubbington in some convoluted and probably imaginary way, when Blaine and Santana made their way back to the table.  The piano player started up on a familiar song, and Kurt wasn’t surprised in the least when Blaine held out his hand.  “May I have this dance?”

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anonymous asked:

Your favorite soulmate fic?


Expectation Fails by @lilinas

In a D/s soulmate AU where the name of your soulmate appears on your wrist sometime during puberty, Kurt and Blaine are marked for each other. But Kurt, the dom, is a 16-year-old high school student and Blaine, the sub, is his 27-year-old history teacher.  


We Compare Our Hearts To Things That Fly But Cannot Land by  Twivamp92

When Kurt Hummel was six years old, he told his mother he wanted a soulmate. Ten years later, when he shakes Blaine Anderson’s hand, a spark shoots through his entire body. At first, Kurt writes it off as nothing, just static electricity. But as days go by, they both realize that they are starting to get constant headaches, stomach cramps, the whole nine. The only time the pain stops? When they’re near each other. The longer they’re together, the stronger the bond becomes, eventually escalating to needing physical contact. So when they realize they need to literally be together 24/7 to survive, how will they cope?

Weekly Round-Up/Prompts

Okay, so going forward, fic stuff is going to be done a little differently.  On Mondays, I’ll post any prompts for that week, usually the Spotlight Author’s Prompts, and then I’ll do a round up of the fics sent to me that week–first the recap of the Author Spotlight fics, then any that have been reblogged throughout the week.  Concerning fic, just to get more through, I’m welcoming anything, but encouraging people to send me new fic to reblog.  If you have a rec for a fic, send it my way, and I’ll get it out there during the week, and then add it to the Weekly Round Up on Monday.  Hopefully makes sense? Also, news, if any, will remain at the bottom. 


Prompts: Week 20

Prompt 58:  Mythology!Klaine – Kurt and Blaine as gods, demigods, or other mythological characters, or the two of them interacting with mythological characters. (Spotlight Author Nadiacreek’s prompt)

Prompt 59:  Re-imagine a fairy tale- Klaine-style. Any kind of fairy tale- classic, Disney, foreign, nursery rhyme… you name it. Just give it your twist and feature our favorite boys! (Spotlight Author Klainebowsanddramioneflies’s prompt)

Prompt 60: All the “Gay for you” stories! (Spotlight Author Seeroftodayandtomorrow’s prompt)


Spotlight Authors for the past three weeks: 



Summary: Kurt Hummel chose his soulmate too early. Blaine Anderson thought he’d never have a chance to choose one at all.


Summary: After Kurt and Blaine break up, Brittany shows Blaine that he is more than he ever imagined. Will it be enough to bring Kurt back into his life? (Blaine/Brittany with Kurt/Blaine endgame)

Unplanned Parenthood

Summary: Kurt and Blaine become the adoptive parents of the other Glee kids’ “whoops” babies, one after another.

Ready or Not

Summary: This is a D/s universe fic that takes place in high school. Blaine collapses from submissive sickness during a show choir competition, and Kurt is the only gay dom around to help him out. The problem is, Kurt doesn’t feel entirely ready to be in a relationship or to be someone’s dom.




Baby I’m Howlin’ For You: Werewolf!Blaine, Human!Kurt, also Badboy!Blaine- There isn’t glee club and Kurt’s in his junior year. Blaine just moved to Lima for his senior year at McKinley. Supernaturals exist but aren’t discussed- they generally just try to blend in if they don’t stay away with their own kind. Kurt’s noticed a naturally attraction to Blaine since the new guy showed up, and now Blaine’s acting on it. (warnings for: smutty smut, kinky smut, claiming, marking, biting, mating, knotting (yeah, I went there), um… cumplay, oversensitivity, I think that’s all?) Note: Humans can only be turned during the full moon in this ‘verse. (Title from The Black Keys “Howlin’ For You”)


Summary: Prompt from Tumblr for a D/s relationship with Dom!Blaine and sub!Kurt. From Kurt’s POV. More focused on the mindset of the sub than the actual smut, if that makes sense

WINGS VERSE;  Broken Wings

Summary: [Note: Blaine is the same age as Kurt, Finn, Puck, etc. in this fic.] Blaine Anderson didn’t want to stay hidden away at Dalton Academy for his whole high school career. He decided to take life back into his own control, and the first step is enrolling in public school again. The incident from his Freshman year still haunts him, though, and so he hides who he is, but one boy could change everything. One boy might give Blaine the courage to soar.



Spotlight Fic: Defiance

My take on  the D/s trope. I chose it because it’s my most popular story, and also because I’m still writing the sequel, Deliverance, so it’s on my mind a lot.

The Simple Life

Summary:  What if your soulmate is the one person you can’t allow yourself to love?


Regular Fic Recs:

~Nights of Hedonia by @misqueue

Summary:  Sci Fi AU. Blaine has attained a high rank at a young age in the Apathean Diplomatic Corps, thanks to his diligence and talent as well as the generous mentoring of renown Ambassador June Dolloway. However, a mission to negotiate with the pleasure loving Elyssians may threaten all he’s worked so hard for.

(New: Chapter 17)

~The Journeying by @flowerfan2

Summary: Freshly graduated from music school, Blaine is thrilled when he is chosen to stay in the cast when the production of Into the Woods he was lucky enough to be part of in Boston moves to Broadway. He knows it’s going to be hard returning to New York City – the scene of his epic breakup with his fiancé and the emotional meltdown which cost him his place at NYADA. But he’s determined that this time, everything will be different. Little does Blaine know that out of thousands of potential castmates, his director has chosen none other than Kurt Hummel to play the part of Jack. Blaine has worked hard to recover from their breakup three years ago, and struggles to find a new way to relate to Kurt and simultaneously protect himself, especially when tragedy strikes.This story looks at what would have happened if Kurt and Blaine had reacted differently to the break up in 6x01 than they did in canon; if events hadn’t brought them back together as soon, and if forgiveness hadn’t come so easily.Canon compliant through the end of season 5 (and the breakup as described in 6x01).

(Written for Blaine Big Bang)

~Three’s a Charm by @flowerfan2

Summary:  When Sam confronted Blaine about being his guilty pleasure, he wasn’t freaked out at all. In fact, he was kind of into it. Kurt is still nervous about being sexual with Blaine, so when Blaine tells him about Sam, he gets an idea.

(New: Chapter 3)

~Six Ways You Bang When You’re in a Committed Relationship by @alilactree

~Naming and Knowing by @flickerthenflare

Summary:  Kurt and Blaine learn that grocery shopping and baby naming shouldn’t be done on an empty stomach. PG-13. Read on AO3 here. Fits into the same ‘verse as Zig and Zag but can be read on its own.

~Under Your Spell(ing) by @notthetoothfairy

Summary: Emotionally isolated skank!Kurt approaches Blaine at a church youth group meeting, and somehow ends up with more feelings than he can handle.

~Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope by @dreamingkate

Summary:  A jealous god curse’s the love of Apollo’s life with a horrible kind of immortality. He will be reborn and fall back in love with him only to be snatched away before they can truly be happy. Blaine is the newest reincarnation.


Other News

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Klaine Valentines Day 8 - Everything Has Changed

set right after 5x01

Blaine was going to turn off his car and pick Kurt up properly at the front door for their date - their first date as fiances! - but the song that came on as he was reaching for the radio knob made him pause.

All I knew this morning when I woke
Is I know something now, know something now I didn’t before
And all I’ve seen since eighteen hours ago is green eyes and freckles
And your smile in the back of my mind making me feel like-

“B?” Kurt asked from outside the passenger side window, making Blaine jolt.

“It’s unlocked!” he called back, pressing a hand over his racing heart.

“Sorry about scaring you,” Kurt said, settling into the somewhat low-slung seat with a practiced ease. “There a reason you were sitting out here in the dark?”

“No, I meant to come up and say hi to everyone, but - listen,” Blaine said, blushing slightly and gesturing toward the dashboard.

All I know is you held the door
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours
All I know since yesterday is everything has changed.

“Oh,” Kurt said softly, eyes widening before a contented expression settled onto his face. “I see.”

“It’s like she was watching us,” Blaine said, feeling himself well up a little. “That first day, at Dalton - I got the door for you when we got coffee.”

“And then on our first date, I got your car door once we got to Breadstix,” Kurt said, half-smiling. “Fair’s fair, after all.”

“Everything really has changed,” Blaine mused. “Yesterday morning, we were tentatively back together, but a few hours later….”

“I was reminded why there could never be anyone else,” Kurt said. “No one else makes me feel the way you do, Blaine - connected. Safe. Loved.”

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do,” Blaine said, giving up on keeping his tears from falling. “I love you so much, Kurt.”

“I love you too, Blaine,” Kurt said, squeezing his hand almost painfully over the center console. “God, aren’t we supposed to cry over Taylor Swift songs when we’ve been dumped? We’re going about this completely backwards.”

“We could never be traditional, babe,” Blaine teased wetly. “Far too boring.”

“As always, you make an excellent point, sweetheart.”






























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Just The Way You Are

When Blaine begins to feel insecure again, Kurt puts all his insecurities to rest.

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge 2016.

948 words.  Rated: G

Can also be found on AO3.

It didn’t take long for Kurt to realize that Blaine was feeling insecure about himself again. It started out small with a simple “Do I look okay?” whenever they would be getting ready to go on a date or in the mornings before they both headed off to their separate schools. Of course, Kurt quickly put to rest any ideas Blaine may have had about not looking just right right away, but Kurt knew that sometimes it wasn’t enough for him to say that he thought Blaine was perfect.

“You have to say that. You’re my husband,” was Blaine’s argument whenever Kurt said that he thought Blaine is incredibly gorgeous.

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I said I love you and that’s forever (Klaine Valentines Challenge Day Seven: “Just The Way You Are”) The first grey hair. 

“Blaine?” Blaine lifts his head at Kurt’s voice, peering at his husband where he leans against the door frame. Crossing the room, Kurt sits down next to Blaine on their bed, resting his palm against his husband’s knee. “Are you okay?” he murmurs, stroking his thumb gently over Blaine’s knee. “You’ve been acting weird lately…”

Blaine sucks in a breath, staring at their feet. “I…” he begins and then closes his eyes.

Kurt bites his lip, and he can feel the nerves itching underneath his skin, heartbeat suddenly too quick. A thousand worries run through his mind: is he sick? Is he upset? “Blaine, you know you can tell me anything.”

Blaine nods, pressing his palms together. “I…I found a grey hair.”

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Like A Plaintive Melody, Ch.1

Here it is, folks, my “Singin’ In The Rain AU”

I hope you’ll enjoy it ;)

Read on AO3

“Premiere Tonight : the Biggest movie of 1927!”

Tina checks that her dress’s folds are not too rumpled by her coat, and that her feather hat is shiny and looking fabulous before turning towards the microphone.

“Live from the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, this is Tina Cohen-Chang, reporting from the event of the season. What a night, ladies and gentlemen, what. A. Night!”

She looks over the different socialites making their arrival on the red carpet.

Not the main event yet.

Okay she can go on.

“Everyone is breathlessly awaiting for the arrival of the two stars of the evening–”, she starts, when a clamor from the crowd cuts her short.

A limo parks in front of the theater, and a dashing young man in a perfectly tailored suit–with sequins on the hem–comes out of the car, followed by an elegant older woman.

“And look who just arrived : none other than famous Zip Boy of the screen Hunter Clarington and his latest conquest, Miss June Holloway!”

The couple walks by her, the young actor smiling and waving at the crowd.

“Hunter has been so unhappy in his relationships, let’s hope that this is the one!” Tina continues, reporting on the event. “And now here comes–”

She pauses, puzzled by the relative silence of the crowd.

She recognizes the newcomer, of course–it’s her job, and Tina Cohen-Chang is the best at what she does.

“Here comes Sebastian Smythe, Blaine Anderson’s best friend. He’s the one who plays those delicious melodies that set the mood for the two lovebirds!” she says, beaming at Sebastian as he approaches nonchalantly, kissing the back of her hand. “Sebastian, what can you tell us about this new movie?”

Sebastian opens his mouth, but before he can say even one word, the crowd starts yelling and Tina nearly sends him flying into the theater’s door.

“Oh, oh, folks, this is it,” she says excitedly, clutching the microphone and missing Sebastian mimicking her behind her back, “it’s the producer of “The Dashing Warbler” herself, Holly Holliday, who has given you folks all of those pictures we love so much, and her wife, former silverscreen star April Rhodes-Holliday and with them–,” Tina gasps as the crowd’s clamor increases, –”yes! It’s those romantic lovers of the screen, Blaine Anderson and Sugar Motta!”

Out of the limousine, Blaine Anderson steps into the spotlight, waving at the fans with a genuine smile and a few comments for those who paid a tribute to one of his particular roles. Sugar Motta follows behind him closely, her smile blindening in the lights that surround the theater.

They walk across the carpet until they reach Tina, both actors hugging her warmly.

“Blaine, Sugar,” she says, a little breathless, “you both look lovely!”

Sugar bows graciously, sending kisses towards the crowd. Blaine humbly bows his head with the shy smile that has given him his fame.

The crowd goes wild, and Sebastian exchanges a smile with Blaine over Tina’s head.

“Looking at you two, it’s no wonder that your names are a household all around the world,” Tina comments, eyeing the two actors with a critical, if admirative, gaze. “Bacon and eggs, Motta and Anderson!”

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Klaine Valentines Challenge - “Everything Has Changed” (Rated T)

A little afterglow fluff with Kurt and Blaine right after their first time. (361 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge Day Eight prompt “Everything Has Changed”.

Blaine smiles at the blue eyes staring into his own.

“What are you thinking?” he asks, running his fingertips lightly along Kurt’s arm where it drapes over his chest.

“I’m just wondering…” Kurt starts, swiping his tongue over his bitten lower lip.


Kurt’s eyes narrow, their gaze shifting from Blaine’s eyes to his hair.

“How did we just…do that…and yet your hair is still kinda glued down in one place? I mean, we even showered before!”

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Klaine Valentines Challenge Day 7

Prompt: Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel
Word Count: 455
Also on AO3

Blaine had a lot of insecurities, but Kurt didn’t mind. But tonight he could see it. They had spent the day making decisions for the wedding, and he hadn’t noticed the way Blaine’s enthusiasm dwindled as the decision making process carried on. After all day of thinking about it, Kurt finally came to the conclusion about the source of Blaine’s unhappiness while he was cooking dinner.

There had been a lot of discussion that day about the things they couldn’t have at the wedding because of Blaine. Certain music gave Blaine headaches, certain foods Blaine couldn’t have, even certain people couldn’t be invited because they didn’t approve of their being together. Every time there was something that Kurt wanted but quickly had to change his mind about, he could see the way Blaine’s excitement faded.

With a sigh, Kurt put the food in the oven and called Blaine into the kitchen. Blaine sat at the counter and looked at him with those sad puppy eyes. Kurt went over and took his hand.

“Want to tell me what’s bothering you?” Kurt asked.

Blaine shook his head.

“Come on then, silly. Spit it out. I know something is up.” Kurt brushed his thumb over Blaine’s knuckles.

“Nothing,” Blaine mumbled.

“It’s because of the wedding stuff, isn’t it? You’re unhappy because I had to make all those compromises for you?” Kurt dipped his head down to try to catch Blaine’s eyes as he looked down.

“Hate you have to change ‘cause of me. Wish I was different, wish I was normal. Then you have your dream wedding. Everything be good then. Want to give you everything.” Blaine squeezed Kurt’s hand back weakly and didn’t look up.

“Hey…hey now. Come on. Don’t say those things. You know I love you just the way you are. That’s why I’m marrying you. I don’t need a loud band or my redneck cousins or a six foot tall ice sculpture or expensive wine to make me happy. I need you, standing across from me at the altar, holding my hands and saying ‘I do’. Everything about you is perfect to me, and I couldn’t imagine marrying anyone else. You know that. So why does this bother you so much?” Kurt squeezed his hand back and tipped his chin up to finally look into his eyes.

“Just want it to be special…” Blaine whispered.

“It’s going to be special. You know why? Because it’s our wedding. It’s the most special day of our lives. And you are going to be my husband whether you like it or not.” Kurt leaned in to kiss him, his lips lingering softly and chastely before he pulled back, satisfied to see that Blaine was at last smiling.