Hi everyone! 

I’m Marauder (marauder-in-warblerland) and the artist of that gorgeous cover is the beautiful Leo (aka dressedupinlights). We were lucky enough to work together for the second klainebookproject and we had such a good time we’ve decided to take our act on the road!

With your help, we’d like to make a little art to celebrate our follower milestones and the show that we love. 

Here are the details:

  • Enter as many times as you like. Likes and reblogs both count.
  • On May 1st, we will randomly select three winners.
  • Each winner will receive one piece of art and a short fic (roughly 1-2K) based on the characters, ship, and prompt of their choosing.
  • We are open to writing/illustrating a wide range of characters and situations, but we do have a few limits. For example, we would rather stick to Glee characters, which means no RPF. If you want to know if we would be okay with your prompt, just ask!
  • You do not need to be following either of us, but it would be awfully nice of you.
  • And finally, THANK YOU! You’ve all brought us more joy than we can possibly give in return.
Fic: Miscommunications

anon prompted: Could you write a fic where Kurt pretends to be mad at Blaine because of something and Blaine thinks he’s really upset after he teases Kurt about it and Kurt doesn’t relent and then Blaine just thinks he’s screwed up once again and then he cries and I want it to be hurt and comforty please!!!
I didn’t do exaaaactly that, but believe me, the H/C still abounds. ~1000 words, PG.

Blaine wouldn’t go so far as to say he was having the worst week of his life, but it was definitely pushing the top five. He had two papers and an in-class practical exam all due on Friday, shifts every night at the diner, a growing allergy headache from all the trees starting to bloom again, and to top it all off, had just spilled his coffee all down the front of his nice white polo, leaving him scalded and stained.

He managed to change shirts quickly enough that he didn’t burn the pancakes he was making - his inner stressbaker was making an appearance, unsurprisingly - flipping the last of them off the griddle and onto a plate just as Kurt emerged from their bedroom, adorably tousled and relaxed.

Blaine was kind of jealous, if he was telling the truth. He’d been up since six after waking up with an epiphany about one of his thesis statements, and now it was pushing ten. He could feel himself flagging a little.

“Morning, sweetie,” Kurt said, plopping down at the table. “Sleep well?”

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I’ve decided that the only things I’ll accept as canon from Season 6 are:

The Klaine kisses (not necessarily in context, some of them just happened)
The duets
The fact that they’re married (not the wedding itself)
They both came to help with the choirs for extra credit (because the new newbies WERE fun and refreshing)
2009 and the finale

Everything else was just some disgusting AU that’s so bad you can’t stop reading it and once you’re done you do everything in your power to erase it from your mind.
And yes I’m still bitter.

WELL! I’m probably just gonna keep drawing head cannons as they come to me, so you have all been warned. I apologize in advance for not being sorry about it. 

I fell like Blaine would be smitten by baby, and that he’d probably be the push over parent… I also feel like he wouldn’t be able to move when they finally get her home, he is wherever she is. 

This drawing is based after Sarah’s (lovetheblazerfic. So there’s no specific fic for this, but you need to go read the one that inspired it, if you haven’t already. 

Also! Open the image in a new tab, the drawing is much bigger than tumblr shows it at. But you can see all of it’s flaws XD 

So it seems the script from 6x01 we got yesterday is fake, guys.

Or at least, this wasn’t even a serious script. A girl who worked as an intern with the writers for the first episodes of season six said she never saw or heard them talking about something like these lines, and she never read this script.