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anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering what your opinion on Cheerios campaign, Bring Back the Bees? They gave away 100 million wildflower seeds to plant, but I find it kind of backhanded because they rely on the exploitation of bees for their product.

It’s classic offsetting, animal exploiters do it often. The licence fees of trophy hunters often go to support local conservation efforts, but that doesn’t make killing lions any better. The same is true of what cheerios are doing. Giving away wild flower seeds is a great thing, but it doesn’t offset the use of honey in any way, they are separate acts. You can get the seeds for free from their website though and there is nothing wrong with doing that, since you don’t have to buy their products to get the seeds. Do pay attention to what you’re planting though and make sure it’s not an invasive species where you are.