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roommate tom would be such a good friend with no romantic feelings (even tho there were speculations of y’all liking each other) & he’d be supportive and he’d know when to leave you alone. like he’d come in one day when you were having a shitty day and you’d give him the most attitude even tho u were trying ur best not to and he’d avoid you until he like checks in on u and goes “u ‘kay now darling?” and then u two would talk about why your day was bad & +++

++ he’d cheer u up w something embarrassing he did that day and you guys would talk on the couch or your bed while some shitty show plays in the back & you guys barely even sleep in your own beds bc you fall asleep together bc a) you’re both lazy and b) you spend a lot of time together. there was a moment where you both were like “could i love you?” and you both said “sure, i guess” but then five seconds later you tried to shove his foot down the toilet because he ate your leftover burrito

i’m laughing and crying simultaneously nICE 


its so fucking funny to me how humans see something amazing happen like the eclipse and just. shout. what are u shouting at? what are u cheering for? why am i yelling at the moon

(^^^ the laughing face of a person immediately turning their tablet on)

[i mean was i supposed to make him a sunfish? :’DDDDDD]

……he lowkey does look a lot better that way

bonus cameo masterpiece by @powerdragonmoon

we’re sorry for this post no we’re not

wait this too cos it’s cute:

i dont get why sending random cute anonymous messages is not the thing™?? like literally it’s easy peazy to drop compliments!! and you will never know… perhaps they need a little cheering up… also bonus: u can make their days a little brighter! just do it!


@hpminorcharnet​‘s gtk our members challenge [Erin]: favorite minor characters - Oliver Wood

the rising star of the quidditch league // a sunshine boy // still a little starry-eyed


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…cos y’all are great ppl.

some of you i’m real close to. others i may not talk to enough, or possibly not at all… but i see you around, and you guys deserve everything good in life and i’m always wishing the best for you. thank you for being positive forces in the fandom!! ;0;/