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Something Stupid (Like I Love You)

Title: Something Stupid (Like I Love You)

Summary: Dean didn’t think he could ever be jealous over someone who’s not his. He was wrong.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (mentioned), OMC.

Word count: 2014

Warnings: Not much. Tiny bit of fluff, some angst and a whole lot of language (because we all know that Dean and the f-word go together). Jealous Dean, I guess?

Author’s Notes: This is my sumbission for @death2thevirgin “Cassie Classic Challenge”. Cassie, congratulations on your milestone and thank you for letting me participate. I loved working on this one. 

Also, I’d like to thank my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for her insightful comment on part of the dialogue -which was really needed- and some general advices about the beginning. Twin, YOU’RE THE BEST!

Now. My prompt for this was “I wish I knew how to quit you” from Brokeback Mountain and is included in bold in the text below. (This is written entirely from Dean’s POV)

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The tiny bar was crowded, filled with smoke and hundreds of conversations narrated in loud voices, brightened only by some old bar lights. Rock music blasted through the jukebox and people around Dean laughed and danced and talked in an annoying cheerful manner.

And he… Well. He absolutely hated it because there was nothing to be cheerful about.

Swirling the amber liquid in his glass, he let the alcohol burn down his throat, eyes focused on the fascinating girl that was sitting a few tables away from him.

She was beautiful in that old Bad Company T-shirt that had once been his, head thrown back and eyes twinkling as she laughed at something the blue-eyed man next to her had said. She looked happy and engaged in a conversation with a man that wasn’t him and he knew, no matter how much it pained him to admit it, that she wouldn’t be heading back to their table anytime soon.

And part of him realized that it shouldn’t bother him. He realized that he had no right to be jealous and that Y/N was free to do as she pleased but the sight of her so close to another man, laughing at his stupid jokes and looking at him like he was the moon and the stars hurt him. Because only minutes earlier she had been chuckling at his antics, arm brushing up against his and bright, wide smile playing at the corners of her lips ever every time she caught him staring.

And he wasn’t being possessive. Or, at least, not entirely. Surely, he hated the idea of someone else putting their hands on Y/N, abhorred the mere possibility of that asshole kissing her, tracing soft skin and curves with his fingers, doing all the things Dean wished he could but knew he’d be never able to.

And yet, he was aware that she wasn’t his to begin with.

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Cheer Up Post #4711

amber-sweet would like a post featuring Elder McKinley from Book of Mormon and Heather Chandler from the Heathers musical. Enjoy!

Women Masterpost

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blessed things that i will never forget that happened at the show:

• before the show, cast members were giving out yummy lil dumplings and explaining the show and answering questions lmfao

• denée singing no one else actually brought tears to my eyes like seeing a black woman like that, on a stage, in front of all those people, it was so inspiring. and she was so beautiful.

• the amount of applause oak got after dust and ashes was insane. i bet we would have clapped and cheered for two hours if time allowed it was that good.

• lucas breaking character a bit to giggle at his applause and then shushing us when we tried to cheer more.

• amber gray ….. god damn ….. her during charming (and honestly the whole show) cleared my skin.

• denée winking at me full on during letters. i actually melted

• grace. just GRACE IN GENERAL. but during letters we had some intense eye contact going but she left and came back and handed me a letter with a full on smirk and god i am so gay.

• the clarinet player smiling at me before she went OFF on that shit.

• THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE OF THE ABDUCTION HOLY SHIT !!!! the applause again, couldve went on for hours.

• denée and oak during natasha and pierre …. bitch ….. my heart

• the great comet of 1812. just the lights. and oaks voice. and the backing vocals of the cast. and then the way they did the comet ? it was all so beautiful.

in conclusion: this show definitely deserved more attention, and i hope to god it doesn’t close any time soon.

an Andi Mack prediction

I’ve missed making theories and predictions since GMW is over, so I figured I’d make one for Andi Mack, specifically about episode 2x01 (aka the missing episode 1x13). I’m basing this on what we’ve seen so far in the show + all the footage of the missing/not yet aired episode from the promos. I love some good detective work :)

So as the iconic Cyrus Looked Back scene showed us, Cyrus, in addition to Andi, has a crush on Jonah Beck. There are still idiots out there (outside of Tumblr) trying to debate this, but the scene couldn’t be more intentional. I mean….TV production 101 (plus the cast reaction video…c’mon). Ok, that’s pretty settled.

Anyway, when Jonah dumps Amber in 1x12, he asks for the bracelet (that Andi made) back. In the promo, we see Jonah giving Andi the bracelet back. Andi looks surprised and we see Jonah walking away down the hall. Mostly likely he just told Andi about the break up and gave the bracelet back. Later in the promo, we see Andi (in the same outfit as the hallway scene) talking to Bex, saying “my mind is like a see saw—yes…no…”. I picture Andi telling Bex about Jonah dumping Amber, plus getting the bracelet back, and Bex asking Andi how she feels about Jonah now and that’s how she responds. Her answer saying she’s indecisive makes sense, given the fact she was living a “Jonah free lifestyle” prior to this…..but she also did turn back in 1x12. 

In another promo, we see Andi in the same outfit and scene with Bex, freaking out: “What am I going to wear??” While this seems like it would be something someone would say before a date, I don’t think that’s what’s happening. I think when Andi tells Bex she isn’t sure how she feels about Jonah, Bex encourages her to go to the Space Otters awards ceremony/event to hang out with Jonah again and find out how she feels. Bex is all about Andi discovering herself and having moments etc, so no doubt she would want Andi to go and sort out how she feels.

So Good Hair Crew goes to the Space Otters event (pretty sure it’s an awards ceremony….I think there were trophies on the table next to Jonah when he was talking). Jonah hosts and gives out awards, and we hear and see him say, “There is one person who truly stands out”. In the promo, it cuts to Andi sitting at her table and smiling, but I think that’s a misdirection. Given the fact that Andi quit the team, but Cyrus is the #1 supporter (and Jonah “loves it when Cyrus comes to the games in that vest with all the swag”), I think he’s actually talking about Cyrus. Also, Andi’s smiling like she just heard a corny joke (which is plausible with Jonah lol), not smiling like she won an award, and Buffy and Cyrus turn away from her, not towards her. So I really do think he’s actually talking about Cyrus when he talks about the person who truly stands out.

Understandably, Cyrus is thrilled to be recognized by Jonah (oh middle school crushes). Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the awards ceremony was something Cyrus suggested to Jonah in an effort to cheer him up post Amber break up. Anyway, after Jonah’s done hosting, we see him approach the Good Hair Crew and is talking with them. Cyrus is holding a Space Otters shirt and making one of his patented “trying to flirt with Jonah Beck” faces that we’ve seen him make all season. So I’m guessing Jonah gave Cyrus his own team shirt (omg imagine if the back says Cy Guy) and Cyrus is trying to flirt. But then Jonah cuts him off and says to the group “I was hoping I could talk to Andi…..alone”. We don’t see Cyrus’s reaction to this, but I’m sure he’s at least kinda crushed, especially after Jonah gave him the award and shirt. So then in the promo, we see Jonah say to Andi “I like being around you”, and Andi is beaming at him. This is where I think Jonah and Andi get together/ask each other out. At first I thought Andi texts Buffy and Cyrus about it, but then when I rewatched the promo, it seems clear that Buffy and Cyrus are standing outside of The Spoon by the window and they’re actually spying on the whole Andi and Jonah thing via Buffy’s cell phone front facing camera (you can see Andi and Jonah in the distance inside). Buffy, excited, asks Cyrus if he’s happy for Andi and we get the obviously-not-happy “yeah…..”. Poor Cyrus is obviously crushed by his crush, but doesn’t say anything. Buffy probably picks up on the weird vibe, but doesn’t confront him about it.

Next day/later in the week either Iris asks Cyrus to go out or Cyrus asks her. But regardless, Cyrus tries to really date Iris, but clearly isn’t totally comfortable. He probably introduces her to everyone as his friend, which leads to her saying “You can say girlfriend…” and Cyrus smiling kinda uncomfortably. Iris later kisses him goodbye and he gets confused: “what’s happening??”. Or the scenes are other way around and he gets confused at the end of the date (”what’s happening?”) and then she kisses him. Regardless, I think Cyrus realizes something doesn’t feel right. Cue some very conscious realizations about his feelings and who is crush really is.

Obviously, this might be an overwhelming realization for him given the current circumstances and he is going to feel like he can’t tell Andi about it obviously, so he asks Buffy to meet him at The Spoon the next day. She arrives and he’s already at the table, hands folded and kinda nervous. And he tells her he has to tell her something but she can’t tell anyone. Buffy, remembering how Cyrus didn’t really seem happy for Andi the previous night, asks the question we saw in that initial promo, “Do you like Andi?”. Cue Cyrus admitting he realizes that he likes Jonah. And because it’s Andi Mack……*end of episode*…… and the ball really gets rolling on Cyrus’s sexuality story line.

Now obviously I don’t know any of this for sure, just my guesses based on the promos, but I wouldn’t be mad if this is how it went down. What do you guys think?

Soldier Suitor (Felix Volturi x reader)


Y/n - Your name          Y/l/n - Your last name

Y/h/c - your hair color   y/s/c - your skin color

Request by @viseryss : I have a request! Could I have a Felix volturi x reader. Rennesmee is now fully grown and Aro has sent Felix and demitri to see her. They don’t know that the reader is there as she’s a vampire recently taken in by the Cullen’s. They walk in and as Felix is scanning the room he sees the reader and a true mate bond is created. Carlisle then gives permission for her to go to volterra. Can you please feature Felix’s thoughts and feelings as it unfolds? Thankyou!

Word Count : 709

(I really tried, sorry if it isn’t how you imagined!)

Originally posted by nobroken

When Renesmee had finally stopped growing, seven years after her birth, Aro Volturi sent two of his higher guard to see the girl on behalf of the Volturi. The Cullen’s were sitting around and helping their newest member, Y/n, adjust to her new life as an animal eating vampire. Alice had seen her running in the woods and had chased her, when the y/h/c female finally stopped and Alice managed to convince the other woman to come with her. Y/n wasn’t adjusting very well but she managed, her and Renesmee had actually become friends so she could control herself enough. Suddenly Alice froze up and her eyes glazed over, the sudden movement causing Y/n to look up over the top of her book at her adoptive sister with a confused look.
Y/n knew Alice had visions but she had never seen one in action, or known how long they were so she was startled. Alice had seen two things -these made the vision longer- one thing was that Felix and Demetri Volturi were coming and the second was Felix and the newest Cullen. A smirk came to Alice’s face and Y/n looked up again with a sigh “Guys what’s that smirk, I really don’t like that smirk” She whined, placing her book down. “Felix and Demetri are coming, to check on Renesmee…and they haven’t met Y/n yet” Alice said with a cheerful tint in her amber eyes, Y/n raised an eyebrow at her “You say Volturi as in the cruel, evil, murderous family of higher vampires?” The girl responded, her voice scared as she put her book down.
“They won’t hurt you” Bella said in a reassuring voice, placing a hand on the other girl’s shoulder in an attempt to keep her calm. Y/n blew air from her cheeks as she stood up, speeding to place her book back in her room before coming back to her family “I’m sure it’ll be fine”.

The Cullen’s were all waiting around when the knock came, Carlisle went to answered the door as Y/n sat down next to Renesmee. Felix wanted to get it over with, he hated running around for stupid missions such as these. All he wanted to do was see the child, Demetri usually talked to the person in question for details, and be able to go back home to the castle where he could relax. He simply nodded to Carlisle before Demetri dove into the multitude of questions the three kings told him to ask, Felix sighed and stepped into the Cullen household. He stood there, bored and annoyed, with his arms crossed as his eyes scanned the room. Eventually his eyes landed on an unfamiliar head of y/h/c hair, his eyebrows furrowed when he realized they had added a new member without the Volturi’s knowing.

She must’ve felt his confused stare burning into her skull because she eventually looked up, her dulled red eyes meeting in his. His mouth opened a little, it felt like a physical being had pushed him forward. She was the most beautiful person he’d ever met, her y/h/c framed her beautiful face perfectly and the light in the room made her y/s/c skin glow slightly. After a minute, her slightly more pigmented lips pulled into a soft smile that literally made him weak in the knees, all he wanted to do was pick her up into his arms and never let her go. Subconsciously Y/n made her way towards him, her hand extended towards him as she slowly inched forward while seemingly trying to urge herself to move faster. When she was within arm’s reach Felix gently grabbed her arm and pulled her into his chest, indulging himself in her lovely scent as she was his. Whilst they were drowning in each other’s embrace the two newly mated vampires failed to realize that Demetri had finished his conversation, and that every single pair of eyes was on them.
Carlisle went to say something before Jasper notified him of the pure emotions of love and desire emitting from the both of them. “Y/n you can go to Volterra” Carlisle said with a small smile as you made a happy noise, still completely engulfed in the man who turned out to be your mate.

Cheer Up Post #4535 - Amber Edition

hauntedtyrantqueen would like a post featuring amber (the stones). Enjoy!

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How would they kiss ? (part 2)

It’s the second part of the “How would they kiss ?” gifs, but what if, this time, Candy/Guardienne (also) liked girls ? This is a MCL & Eldarya headcanon. 

They’re not all here (too much female characters, really) so if you want to see another girl, you always can ask me. 

Tell me who you would date if you had the choice ! Personally, it would be Peggy, Ykhar or Miiko, I don’t even know why.

(If I do a girl x girl set, of course, you can imagine what will be the third part.)

Enjoy !

MCL girls

  • Peggy - Be ready for a lot of deep and quick kisses, because as in everything else, Peggy stays impatient and acts like a little tornado. She has a lot of energy, can past hours with you when she decides you are the most important business of her day/night. She can catch you off guard, initiates a lot of your moments. Yes, she is quite dominant. But she needs you, you have the power to slow her down, you calm her as no one could do, not even her. It is maybe in those moments you share your most sentimental and romantic kisses. 

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Anytime, Sweetheart: Part 3

Pairing: JDM x OFC (RPF)

Features: Ackles & Padalecki Families, R2, Misha Collins & Vicky Vantoch, Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Ruth Connell, Corey Taylor and other cast members & OFCs*

Series Masterlist

Summary: (I’m horrible at summaries, but let me try): Kylin Ackles runs to her brother’s house after leaving her abusive boyfriend of 3 years, where she meets Jeffrey. Events unfold that bring them together, as well as push them apart. 

Warnings: Emotional abuse, Physical Violence, mentions of rape, cursing, drinking, recreational drug use (weed), Strip Club, RPF, NSFW**, GIFs, implied smut, Age Difference, Slow burn, Emotional rollercoaster, poorly written smutt, etc… 18+ please

(A/N: This is strictly a work of fiction that I came up with off the top of my head. For fictional purposes his S/O & Son are not mentioned. I love him and his little family, though, so no hate intended. This is the first time posting anything on Tumblr, but I couldn’t get it out of my head since my ao3 fic is currently on hiatus because writers block. Feedback is appreciated. unbetaed, all mistakes are mine.)**I can’t figure out who I picture more as Kylin, Cara Delevingne or Taylor Momsen, so I’ll be using gifs of both till I get it figured out.**

TAGS: @jml509 @jesbakescookies

Originally posted by papioncufunditanebuna

   I spent the next 4 weeks in Austin. The first week, I barely left the bed, barely eating. The second week, after most of the bruises had healed, leaving only a minor scar above my right eyebrow, I ventured into the living room and out in the backyard. The third week I had been so grateful that no one had brought up the subject that I began to talk again. By the the fourth week I felt a lot better and decided that it was time to go back to Dallas. Jensen had insisted that I could stay, but he also understood my need to move on and past what had been the last 3 years of my life. He lent me the money to find a new loft in one of the sub cities in the Dallas Metroplex, and by the end of the second month I had went back to bar tending, what I did before Anthony forced me to quit working. After working at the most expensive strip club in Fort Worth for only two months, the owner himself promoted me to lead. My life was actually some what normal, and I was starting to become my old self again.
    “Kylin, hun, I need your help tonight.” John, one of the managers, a large man with muscles on top of muscles, began pleading one night, hands in the praying position while sweat dripped from his greasy forehead and onto his expensive suit. 

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Update: he passed August 4th, 2015.


School starts and on the first day, Amber goes to English and the teacher has their names on their desks.

The desks are in groups of two and Amber finds hers and sits. She peeks at the name next to hers and laughs.

“Is this seat taken?” Todd asks and she grins up at her brother.

“Must be alphabetical,” she says, and Todd nods and sits down. Amber looks at the desks in front of her and freezes.

The girl sitting in front of Todd is The Girl.

The girl who Amber’d tried not to stare at all week of cheer camp. The freshman who’d been bold and bright and Amber was pretty sure she was in love. The girl hadn’t been on cymbals all week since the first day, and when she drummed she looked so happy.

Amber realizes she was staring and looks away. Todd smirks at her.

“I hate you,” she whispers and he shrugs.

“Who’s she?” he asks quietly, leaning towards her. He’s still smirking and she really does hate him.

“Nobody,” she lies.

“Is she a cheerleader?” Todd asks, and Amber shoves him.

“No,” she hisses, then the teacher calls out, “Introduce yourself to your neighbors!”

The two people in front of them turn.

“Hi, I’m Jenny,” The Girl says, waving and smiling and Amber almost melts.

“Amber,” she forces out.

“I’m Todd,” Todd says, and the guy in front of Amber nods.

“My name is Arthur,” he says, sounding sheepish. “But please call me literally anything else.”

“Can I call you Artie?” Jenny asks.

“If you want?” he says, shrugging.

“Cool,” Jenny says. “Hey, Amber, are you a cheerleader?”

“Yeah,” Amber says. She hopes she’s not blushing. “And you’re in band?”

“Yep, I thought I saw you over the summer.”

“Cheer camp,” Amber says.

“Band camp,” Jenny says, nodding. The teacher calls out to the class and Jenny and Artie turn back around.

Amber buries her face in her hands and tries not to scream and Todd pats her shoulder consolingly.

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My Red Tulip: Ch 1: Ain’t My Fault

Word Count: 2597

Genre: Angst | Humor | Fluff | Hybrid | Smut

Rating: General | Teen | Mature

Pairing: Amber Liu x Reader (GXG)

Fandom: F(x)’s MeU

A strong smell of Lysol hit her nose. No trash or shirts were scattered around the room. The kitchen was organized and everything was in so much order that it confused her for a second if she had come into a wrong apartment. Her usually small apartment seemed very spacious today and her two babies played in a crib cheerfully.

Well, Jack Jack was playing cheerfully. Tuna was trying to just take a nap…as always.

Amber heard a shower running and smiled. It was a long tour and this was perfect. Coming home to such an amazing person. Amber hid herself behind the door and decided to sneak behind her. Y/n stepped out of the bathroom wrapped around in a bath towel and a towel turban around her head.

“Amber, welcome back,” she said before Amber even approached her.

Amber groaned loudly and pouted, “Y/n!! I wanted to surprise you!!”

“Maybe next time hide your suitcase too,” she pointed to the suitcase sitting in front of her and smirked at Amber. Amber rolled her eyes and mumbled, “smartass” before Y/n giggled and took off her towel turban and began drying her hair.

Amber stared at her. She looked beautiful and she had somehow forgotten that she was still standing in towel in front of Amber.

“Take a picture. It’ll last longer,” Y/n teased and Amber blushed slightly.

“Imma go take a shower.”

“Cool. I’ll cook something.”

“Cool,” nodded Amber as she headed towards the bathroom.

A pair of thin yet strong arms wrapped around her waist and a body pressed up against her back.

“I’ve missed you,” Amber whispered in Y/n’s ear and Y/n smiled and leaned into her touch.

“I’ve missed you too, baby.”

Amber moved Y/n’s wet hair to one side and snuggled into her neck. She heard a soft groan come out of Y/n’s mouth and smirked as she softly began kissing Y/n’s neck.

“I’m trying to cook for you, babe.”

“I didn’t say anything,” mumbled Amber against Y/n’s neck causing soft tickles for her breath. Y/n shuddered and turned her head around to tell Amber to go sit down, but Amber took this chance to pull her into a slow and sensual kiss.

Amber smiled as she pulled apart and left Y/n standing in the kitchen to go sit at the table.

It was an amazing dinner with the person she loved.

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1. Who asks the other on dates:

Probably Amber since Krystal is too lazy to go out lol

2. Who is the bigger cuddler:

Amber since Krystal probably says something like “I’m cold” and she would have automatically a llama hugging her.

3. Who initiates holding hands more often:

Krystal. Amber is probably walking and looking at the background. It’s most likely to be like this since Amber would be running or trying to take pictures and Krystal will take her hand like “can you calm your shit down”

4. Who remembers anniversaries: Both. Krystal would be waiting for the day and Amber will probably forget it but actually she has been planning how to spend the day with Krystal. 

5. Who is more possessive: do I have to say it? lmao.

6. Who gets more jealous: Krystal lol since everybody is friends with Amber and Amber is like “Hey, Krystal, I bring Ellin to sleep with us. R u ok with it ”

7. Who is more protective: they both. Amber is like “have you sleep?” “Have you took your medicine” “do u want me to go with you” and she probably will give her life for Krystal. Soojung might look as she doesn’t care about Amber but actually she is 24/7 looking for her and reading fans comments in ambers ig to know who is she gonna hit up. She’s like “do what you want”, but if something happens to Amber, she will be the one to run and hit and kick the one who hurt her. She’s also trying to cheer up Amber when she’s sad and probably feel not enough to make her happy but actually Amber loves to have Krystal next to her.

8. Who is more likely to cheat:

I don’t think any of them will do it tbh. Amber is likely to get rumors since she’s friends with everybody and she’s like “lol Eric lets have a ship name lmaOH KRYSTAL SORRY I WAS JUST PLAYING SKDKSDKSSK”

9. Who initiates sexy times the most:

Krystal since Amber is to shy to have “the thing” lmao. Krystal will be like “HEY AMBER ;)))” and Amber is like “OH FUCK WHAT ARE YOU DOING *tries to cover Krystal with her shirt*”

10. Who dislikes PDA the most: both love PDA, but probably Soojung is like “wait until we arrive home”

11. Who kills the spider: At first I thought “Amber is gonna be like telling Krystal the animals rights and talking with the spider” but I remember that she’s the one who has to deal with spiders when she’s with f(x) because they get scared af.

12. Who asks the the other to marry them: Krystal and she probably say it everyday as a joke but lowkey actually mean it since Amber is too shy to ask her. Amber probably have been planning the day but when the day comes, she’s like “oh fuck, I forgot the speech” and Krystal is like “as I expected”

13. Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Amber since she’s Krystal’s sugar mommy. She would buy a whale for her if Soojungie ask her to. 

14. Who would bring up possibly having kids: Amber since Krystal is like “are you saying i need to have the baby in my tummy? Hell no, that space is for food. Amber is gonna have them.”

15. Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Of course Amber. She probably has been practicing her Korean in front of the mirror “hi, I’m the one who kiss and shake your [daughter] (br)ass.” 

16. Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Krystal would kick Amber off and even when the one who is angry is Amber, Krystal is like

Jsj: oh ok, then go to the couch

Ajol: OK *amber leaves*

Also Ajol: HEY!

17. Who tries to make up first after arguments: we have been thinking of Krystal as the princess and stuff, but actually when she does something bad, she will recognize it, but will not ask directly for kisses or stuff. She’s like “hey, im here and I know it was bad, come and kiss me”

18. Who tells the other they love them more often: both would do it equally. Amber say it loudly and Krystal smiles and in a whisper says “I do too, stupid” , maybe is like she doesn’t need to say it because it’s pretty obvious and she feel embarrassed to say it out loud.