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Something Stupid (Like I Love You)

Title: Something Stupid (Like I Love You)

Summary: Dean didn’t think he could ever be jealous over someone who’s not his. He was wrong.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Sam Winchester (mentioned), OMC.

Word count: 2014

Warnings: Not much. Tiny bit of fluff, some angst and a whole lot of language (because we all know that Dean and the f-word go together). Jealous Dean, I guess?

Author’s Notes: This is my sumbission for @death2thevirgin “Cassie Classic Challenge”. Cassie, congratulations on your milestone and thank you for letting me participate. I loved working on this one. 

Also, I’d like to thank my amazing twin @ravengirl94 for her insightful comment on part of the dialogue -which was really needed- and some general advices about the beginning. Twin, YOU’RE THE BEST!

Now. My prompt for this was “I wish I knew how to quit you” from Brokeback Mountain and is included in bold in the text below. (This is written entirely from Dean’s POV)

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The tiny bar was crowded, filled with smoke and hundreds of conversations narrated in loud voices, brightened only by some old bar lights. Rock music blasted through the jukebox and people around Dean laughed and danced and talked in an annoying cheerful manner.

And he… Well. He absolutely hated it because there was nothing to be cheerful about.

Swirling the amber liquid in his glass, he let the alcohol burn down his throat, eyes focused on the fascinating girl that was sitting a few tables away from him.

She was beautiful in that old Bad Company T-shirt that had once been his, head thrown back and eyes twinkling as she laughed at something the blue-eyed man next to her had said. She looked happy and engaged in a conversation with a man that wasn’t him and he knew, no matter how much it pained him to admit it, that she wouldn’t be heading back to their table anytime soon.

And part of him realized that it shouldn’t bother him. He realized that he had no right to be jealous and that Y/N was free to do as she pleased but the sight of her so close to another man, laughing at his stupid jokes and looking at him like he was the moon and the stars hurt him. Because only minutes earlier she had been chuckling at his antics, arm brushing up against his and bright, wide smile playing at the corners of her lips ever every time she caught him staring.

And he wasn’t being possessive. Or, at least, not entirely. Surely, he hated the idea of someone else putting their hands on Y/N, abhorred the mere possibility of that asshole kissing her, tracing soft skin and curves with his fingers, doing all the things Dean wished he could but knew he’d be never able to.

And yet, he was aware that she wasn’t his to begin with.

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Update: he passed August 4th, 2015.

anonymous asked:

It is now in Farrah's contract that she never has to be in the same room as the other girls because she would not agree to return to the show after what happened with Amber at the last reunion. WhY do people think it is ridiculous that Farrah won't be in the same room as the others like Amber attacked her verbally and tried to physically hit her as well while Cate&Maci cheered Amber on. I'd refuse to be in a room where I'd was at risk of being ganged up on&physically attacked too.

So would I to be honest!!


DWTS S23 - All Access || Val & Amber’s interactions 

I was going through my ‘all access cams’ videos yesterday, to see which ones I would keep and which ones wanted to delete, when I stumbled on some Vamber’s interactions and figured I could post them in one video (also included Val cheering while Maks and Amber danced their Cha Cha, cause it was the cutest thing)


1. Who asks the other on dates:

Probably Amber since Krystal is too lazy to go out lol

2. Who is the bigger cuddler:

Amber since Krystal probably says something like “I’m cold” and she would have automatically a llama hugging her.

3. Who initiates holding hands more often:

Krystal. Amber is probably walking and looking at the background. It’s most likely to be like this since Amber would be running or trying to take pictures and Krystal will take her hand like “can you calm your shit down”

4. Who remembers anniversaries: Both. Krystal would be waiting for the day and Amber will probably forget it but actually she has been planning how to spend the day with Krystal. 

5. Who is more possessive: do I have to say it? lmao.

6. Who gets more jealous: Krystal lol since everybody is friends with Amber and Amber is like “Hey, Krystal, I bring Ellin to sleep with us. R u ok with it ”

7. Who is more protective: they both. Amber is like “have you sleep?” “Have you took your medicine” “do u want me to go with you” and she probably will give her life for Krystal. Soojung might look as she doesn’t care about Amber but actually she is 24/7 looking for her and reading fans comments in ambers ig to know who is she gonna hit up. She’s like “do what you want”, but if something happens to Amber, she will be the one to run and hit and kick the one who hurt her. She’s also trying to cheer up Amber when she’s sad and probably feel not enough to make her happy but actually Amber loves to have Krystal next to her.

8. Who is more likely to cheat:

I don’t think any of them will do it tbh. Amber is likely to get rumors since she’s friends with everybody and she’s like “lol Eric lets have a ship name lmaOH KRYSTAL SORRY I WAS JUST PLAYING SKDKSDKSSK”

9. Who initiates sexy times the most:

Krystal since Amber is to shy to have “the thing” lmao. Krystal will be like “HEY AMBER ;)))” and Amber is like “OH FUCK WHAT ARE YOU DOING *tries to cover Krystal with her shirt*”

10. Who dislikes PDA the most: both love PDA, but probably Soojung is like “wait until we arrive home”

11. Who kills the spider: At first I thought “Amber is gonna be like telling Krystal the animals rights and talking with the spider” but I remember that she’s the one who has to deal with spiders when she’s with f(x) because they get scared af.

12. Who asks the the other to marry them: Krystal and she probably say it everyday as a joke but lowkey actually mean it since Amber is too shy to ask her. Amber probably have been planning the day but when the day comes, she’s like “oh fuck, I forgot the speech” and Krystal is like “as I expected”

13. Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Amber since she’s Krystal’s sugar mommy. She would buy a whale for her if Soojungie ask her to. 

14. Who would bring up possibly having kids: Amber since Krystal is like “are you saying i need to have the baby in my tummy? Hell no, that space is for food. Amber is gonna have them.”

15. Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Of course Amber. She probably has been practicing her Korean in front of the mirror “hi, I’m the one who kiss and shake your [daughter] (br)ass.” 

16. Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Krystal would kick Amber off and even when the one who is angry is Amber, Krystal is like

Jsj: oh ok, then go to the couch

Ajol: OK *amber leaves*

Also Ajol: HEY!

17. Who tries to make up first after arguments: we have been thinking of Krystal as the princess and stuff, but actually when she does something bad, she will recognize it, but will not ask directly for kisses or stuff. She’s like “hey, im here and I know it was bad, come and kiss me”

18. Who tells the other they love them more often: both would do it equally. Amber say it loudly and Krystal smiles and in a whisper says “I do too, stupid” , maybe is like she doesn’t need to say it because it’s pretty obvious and she feel embarrassed to say it out loud.

17 Kisses

30 Days of Domestic Fluff

Other fics

Pairing: Bart Allen x OC

I was going to write something cute… then my hand slipped. 

“Gigi, just stay with me” Bart whispered standing over her as the nurses hooked her up to an oxygen mask. He had raced her from the mall where her (now ex) boyfriend had shot in front of her and a bunch of her high school friends. One of the cheerleaders had live streamed it when Mike had been calling her a monster and waving the gun around. 

Bart had seen it over the TV and rushed right over, but he was too late. Gigi had pushed her cheer friend Amber out of the way after the other girl had told Mike to shut up causing the boy to flinch and set the gun off shooting Gigi in the side. Moments later mall security tackled him while Bart raced in picking Gigi up and rushing her to the local hospital.

The red haired girl blinked up at him through the pain as the doctors peeled her hand away from the wound on her side. “I’m a monster” she mumbled tears from both the pain and probably the horrible things that Mike had said to her. 

Bart wanted to kill that boy at the moment. He wanted to punch him so hard he would never walk again. How could anyone call Gigi, the sweetest most beautiful person in the world a monster?

“You’re not a monster.” Bart whispered as they wheeled her quickly into surgery, “You are the most beautiful human ever.”

“I…” she paused taking a deep shaky breath as they quickly hooked her up to an IV. “He’s right…”

Bart shook his head feeling his own legs feeling weak as he watched Gigi’s eye flutter “You are the most special person there is” He said kissing her hand before they pushed her away into the medical room.

Michael Clifford Smut → Ever After

PairingMichael x Reader


Word Count: 2.007

Having my own family, my own little house or getting married was one thing I thought I’d never get. I grew up in a pretty fucked up family and I never expected that one day I would end up buying a house, talking about children and getting married with the love of my life. His name is Michael Clifford. I met him eight years ago in a small music store downtown. I’d love to say that it was love on the first sight but to be honest I didn’t like him at all in the beginning and he definitely wasn’t my time. He was wearing ripped jeans and a ripped band tee. He had a piercing and his hair was green and when we had our first conversation I thought he was an arrogant prick. Basically he wasn’t a guy I would normally talk to. Turned out I’ve never been so wrong in my life.

I came back to the store the next week, Michael was there as well of course and as soon as he spotted me he came over and tried to start a conversation with me. I had to admit, I gave him a pretty hard time but eventually he convinced me to say yes to a date. At first I didn’t want to go but I’m endlessly grateful that my best friend Amber practically dragged me to the little cafe Michael and I were suppose to meet. It was weird at first but after a while, and endless unfunny jokes from his side, I realized that he was actually a really amazing guy so I agreed to meet with him again. Three month later he asked me if I wanted to be his girl…and today?

Today is our wedding day! The happiest day in my life. I haven’t seen Michael since yesterday and I was more than nervous about today. Everyone was already in the little chapel we booked for today. My bridesmaids, Amber and Eva were with me, trying to calm my nerves a little while the other guests were already in the small church. “Oh my god I can’t believe I’m actually getting married.” I said nervously. “Who would have thought that you’re the first to get married?” Eva laughed and zipped up my white dress. “I always thought Amber would.” I laughed and pointed to my best friend Amber who was fixing her hair. “I would need a boyfriend for that sweetie.” She sighed. “Oh well, we invited enough young and single lads. Only for you guys.” I winked and turned to the mirror to inspect myself in my wedding dress. It’s a traditional pure white A-Line dress, strapless, with a v-shaped back and almost no train. It showed of my curves and my cleavage perfectly.

“Michael won’t be able to take his eyes of off you! You look amazing.” Eva raved. Nervously I scanned myself and started to get a little anxious. “You really think so?” I asked unsure. Both, Eva and Amber nodded enthusiastically. “Definitely. I mean look at you. You’re dead gorgeous. I swear he’ll start drooling!” A chuckle escaped my lips. “I hope he won’t drool over the dress though. And I swear, if he won’t start crying when I walk towards him I’m gonna turn around and leave” I laughed and Amber and Eva joined in.

I glanced to the clock above the door and my heartbeat increased immediately. “I think we should go. They are all probably waiting already.” Amber nodded. “Are you ready?” She asked and opened the door. I inhaled deeply. “I think I am.” I took my bridal bouquet in my hands, put the veil over my face and we stated walking outside.

“Let’s get married.” I said nervously when I reached the church door. “Are you ready (Y/N)?” My brother Josh asked me. “Yes I am.” Since both of my parents can’t be here today I asked Josh to walk me along the aisle. “Let’s go then.” He smiled and opened the chapel door. Music started playing and everyone stood up from their seats. With a pounding heart I stepped inside and with a big smile on my face, my feet carried my towards my beautiful soon to be husband. This was the first time I saw Michael in a suit. He looks so beautiful. His usual wild hair was combed back and in this black suit he looked more than handsome.

“Wow” he mouthed when he spotted me. My heart was pounding like never before and tears of happiness were stinging my eyes. “Oh god you’re so beautiful.” He whispered with teary eyes as soon as I stood next to him. “So are you.” I smiled. From now on everything went by so fast. The pastor started with the ceremony but all I could do was look at Michael. Happiness washed over me and I couldn’t wait to speak my vows. “Now, the rings please.” The pastor said and waved Amber and Luke, Michael’s best friend, to his side to hand over our wedding rings. I took Michael’s ring and Michael took mine. We turned to each other and and with shaky hands Michael put my ring to the tip of my finger before he spoke his vow, “(YOUR FULL NAME) I promise to love you and care for you and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you. Kind and patient. Forgiving and caring. But most of all I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you. Forever.” He slid the ring down my finger and tears escaped from his eyes.

The smile on my face grew wider and I had to keep myself from crying to hard. I took Michael’s hand and put the ring to the tip of his finger and with a shaky voice I spoke my vows, “Michael Gordon Clifford, from this day forwards I give you my heart, my soul, my promise to walk with you hand in hand wherever our journey leads us. Living. Loving. Caring. Together. Forever.” With shaky hands I slid the ring down Michael’s finger. “You may kiss the bride.” The pastor said joyfully. Michael cupped my cheeks and softly pressed his lips against mine to seal our promises. “I love you so much.” He whispered after we broke the kiss. “And I love you.” I smiled and kissed him again. The church was filled with cheers and sobs. Amber and Eva cried harder that I did and after Michael walked out of the church hand in hand they practically jumped on us to congratulate us. “Oh my god the ceremony was so beautiful I’m so happy for you I can’t believe this just happened!” Amber chirped and embraced me in a tight hug. “Excuse me Amber, I need to steal my bride for a few minutes. Tell everyone we’re…taking pictures or something.” Michael said, grabbed my hand and rushed with me towards the small beautiful castle were the party is supposed to be.

“Michael, what are you doing?” I asked confused. “I need to be alone with you. I can’t wait any second longer.” He said and pushed me inside a huge bathroom and locked the door. “What do you mean? What’s about the guests? They are waiting for us! We have to check if everything is alright with the food and -” but before I could finish my sentence Michael cut me off with a kiss. “Calm down baby. They can manage without us for a few minutes.” He said and started kissing my neck. A soft moan escaped my lips when he found my sweet spot and started nibbling on it. “Mi-Michael we can’t have sex now. Not here. Not -” I cut myself off and tangled my hand into Michael’s red hair. “Okay never mind but he have to hurry.” I moaned and hooked my finger in the hem of Michael’s pants.

He tried to press me against the sink but almost stumbled over my dress. “Michael watch the dress please!” I whined and pushed him away from me to check if my dress was still in one piece. “I’m sorry baby.” He apologized. “Turn around I’m gonna take it off.” I quickly obeyed and let Michael zip open my wedding gown. Slowly he moved the zipper down my back and started kissing my neck again while he stripped down my dress, his hands making sure to touch ever inch of my upper body. “Gosh you’re so god damn beautiful.” He breathed against my skin. “You’re very handsome yourself mister.” I said and turned around to connect out lips again.

Michael lifted me off the ground and sat me down on the sink, never breaking the kiss. His hands grabbed my boobs and squeezed them a bit before he pulled my panties down my long legs. Impatiently as I was, I unbottoned his pants and pushed it down as far as I could from my position. I palmed his already hard length through his dark boxers and started rubbing over it. “You know how much I love you hands around my cock but like you said we don’t have much time. You can suck me off later.” he winked and sofly pushed my hand aside.

“We always have our honeymoon for that.” I giggled while Michael pulled down his boxers. Instinctively I spread my legs and sat on the edge of the sink to allow Michael good access. “I’m gonna fuck you so good.” He said and licked over his lips. Michael positioned himself between my legs and pumped his length a few times before he eased himself into me. He gave a few seconds to adjust I his size before he started thrusting into me in a slow pace. “Oh fuck Michael.” I moaned and slung my legs around his torso. One of his hands on my waist, the other one holding himself steady on the sink.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned as his hand left my waist to connect with my clit. He started rubbing sloppy eights and moanes escaped my lips. I threw my head back, my eyes rolling into the back of my head in pleasuse. “Fuck, Michael just like that.” I muttered. I didn’t care if anyone could hear us, Michael thrusted into me in a quick pace and hit my g-spot almost every time. The pleasure he was giving me was overwhelming. I clenched my walls around him when I felt my stomach tighten. “Fuck Michael I’m c-close.” I stuttered and dug my nails into his arms. “Shit- Fuck cum for me baby.” He hissed and quickened up his pace, slamming deeper into me. I happily obeyed and let go all the control of my body. I screamed out Michael’s name when my orgasm washed through me. Michael’s thrust got sloppier and soon after he shot his load into me, curse words and my name leaving his mouth.

Michael rode out both our highs before he pulled out of me. “Fuck that was amazing. Can’t wait for our actual honeymoon.” He chuckled and pulled his pants back up. “I couldn’t agree more.” I breathed and jumped off the sink but lost my balance, thanks to my shaky legs. “I see I fucked you good.” Michael smirked and put his arms around my waist. “Shut up and help me get dressed.” I laughed and pecked his lips before I stepped into my dress again.

“What are we gonna tell the guests where he were?” I asked while Michael zipped up my dress. “Dunno. We just improvise.” He shrugged. “Because that’s always a good idea.” I replied sarcastically and tried to fix my hair as good as possible. “Come on let’s just go. I’ll think of something.” Michael said and took my hand. “You look gorgeous by the way.” He smiled and pecked my lips. “Thank you.”

“After you Mrs Clifford.” Michael said proudly and opened the bathroom door to lead me back to our guests.