cheering 101

Samuel was the main reason I started watching Produce 10 season 2. I knew the boy had a lot to offer, watching him grow up since 2014. He has really grown up well and is so talented and is acknowledged by everyone he works with. Every trainee and every trainer were in awe and cheered on his talents. And from now on he deserves nothing but the best.

That being said, this shouldn’t mean you get a pass at being rude towards Wanna One’s members or the group as a whole. All the 11 trainees have worked just as hard and deserve the spot they have gotten.

Let’s hope for Kim Samuel and Wanna One and every other trainee who participated in this hell hole called Produce 101 to make it big and be successful in the future!!

What the signs are thinking (probably idk)
  • Aries: fite me + idgaf bout u
  • Taurus: donuts + world peace
  • Gemini: what
  • Cancer: im so s a d but i was happy 0.00001 sec ago
  • Leo: 3fab5you
  • Virgo: stress + chaos
  • Libra: rainbows maybe
  • Scorpio: your demise
  • Sagittarius: everything + i wonder what colour my underwear is
  • Capricorn: work + whats for dinner
  • Aquarius: meaning of life
  • Pisces: butterflies + how to cheer my friends up 101

Hey, Tumblr! If you’ve never seen one of our bouts before, here’s a primer on our favorite BDD cheer.

Step one: Yell “BOSTON, BOSTON!" 

Step two: Wave your hands up in the air like they’re giant lobster claws and yell "PINCH PINCH PINCH.”

Put them together, and you get the biggest, baddest cheering section in New England. And if you’re going to ECDX this year, we hope to see you cheering “BOSTON, BOSTON! PINCH PINCH PINCH” this weekend as the Massacre takes on Tampa and Houston and the B Party battles Carolina.