Time for Brokeback Supernatural! Hopefully with less angst than that movie. ‘Cause shit, I don’t need to be crying tonight. 

1) Please let this be a time skip. Please let this be a time skip. Oh thank Chuck.

2) I know Jensen said the reunion was understated but he wasn’t kidding! But did you see that smile though? All the warm Destiel fuzzies.  He just knew it was Cas. No testing required. Didn’t actually get my “Hello Dean” though. 

3) Jack is so earnest. Such an emotional hug. I missed you. Yeah, you’re not the only one. 

4) Team Free Will 2.0!!! Love it. 

5) Look at Dean! He’s so happy. Quite the about-face from the suicidal feelings of the last episode. Sam thinks so too. Dean confirms that Cas is the big win he needed. I’m so happy for him. 

6) Sam’s still not happy. Not without Mary. Poor Sam. This will be brought up again for sure. Still no Mary/Lucifer/Thunderdome scenes…hmmm…

7) Castiel is rocking this being a parent business. Seriously. 

8) “I told you, he’s an angry sleeper. Like a bear.” Welp, Cas, you would know! Extra props for Misha tweeting about it, and for using the hashtag #brokebacknatural 

9) Happy music = Happy Dean. Also, they canonically have movie nights. XD

10) Jack trying so hard  (and he really wants the MOTW to be a Zombie? Fair enough~Zombies are cool) and failing badly and feeling guilty. Poor Jack. Maybe he eventually will be this season’s Big Bad? I know everyone thinks he’s squishy nougat son but they keep framing him as dangerous and a bad thing looking for a place to happen. I can’t just ignore it! No matter how much he’s like Cas 2.0. With the squinting. And the lack of social graces. And the eagerness and the not sleeping. Hence my tag for him is still #Jack the Nephilim.

11) “nuh uh. I don’t wanna” XD I agree Dean. I wouldn’t want to dive headfirst into that hole either. So relatable. I’m not even claustrophobic but all my instincts were screaming NOPE. Just going to NOPE right out of that situation. But Dean ploughs on ahead. Because that’s just who he is. 

12) Why is it that I can see Castiel going to hunt for Jack and leaving AGAIN goddamnit. I don’t think Dean could take that shit again. “Yes, Dumbass, We. We’re just better together.” Maybe all three will go looking for him? Yes. That would be acceptable. 

Low on the angst, high on the happy! I could get used to this not screaming about SPN business. Cheering is good. 

That is all. 


The only one that I care about tbh


Video of the total eclipse from Oregon yesterday. Note how the camera adjusts to the changing light conditions