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~Mrzle-ppy Thhksgvghh~*zz2z*

- Miss Cheerilee

((Happy 2 Years of Chalkboard, guys!

Well yeah, it’s hardly been 2 years if you go by updates and such, lagging because of things I’d rather not mention, BUT hopefully that changes today!

You’re all VERY VERY late to class. How dare you keep her waiting so long!? That’s okay, I’m sure Miss Cheerilee forgives you.

In celebration of 2 years down, arc progression will be posted periodically ALL DAY TODAY! And then some, so keep an eye out, class! I look forward to today.

And enjoy your Thanksgiving.))

-The Intern

Summer Field Triiiiip!

That’s right class! We’ll be attending BronyCon 2014 this weekend! (Aaaaaah, dBPony!!!!<3333)

We’ll be at table 910! 

Hope to see you there :)!

-Ms. Cheerilee

((Hey guys. Yeah, I know, I’ve been slow to updates, there’s just been alot of anxiety OCD and DP/DR stuff taking up my time lately. Hopefully I can break that this summer! I’ll be at table 910 along with the other vendors of “Welcome Princess Celest”, ratios-pony-art-place, aloccins-dumb-blog, meetnombre​, and my 2 Sis'es.

I’ll be selling Prints and playin’ music I hope you guys’ll love!

Be forewarned, I’ll have to step away for some things here and there, but I’ll be around!

I’m not 100% sure yet if I can fit the Tablet and Laptop, so I may or may not be doing on-site commissions BUT, if you’re gonna be there, might I interest you in a badge?

These are on a first come first serve basis, pay for now, and pick up at the con. They include one character, a color BG (If desired) shading, highlights, and your (OC) name of course, and print and lamination! (No lanyards, sorry :x). Let me know ASAP, I only have today to work on ‘em :P

Send me an e-mail over at if you’re interested.

Otherwise, hope to see you guys there ;u;!

And if not, hopefully at BUCK :D?


–The Intern))

Oh, I look so smug~!

But I have gotten pretty good at grasping that old equation!

Thank you so much for one full year of lessons, class! Here’s to another with all my fabulous students!

((Yep! It’s been one full year of Chalkboard today! Whether you’ve been attending since the start, or just joining us, thank you to all of our students. I’m all hyped up for the new season, hope you are too!

–The Intern))

And now a big word from our intern, (Also, ATTENTION ARTISTS)

((Hello class!

Wanted to let you guys know about the New Ask Blog, I will be managing alongside Cheerilee’s Chalkboard.

I feel I’ve finally gotten down a work-pattern I can comfortably do.

I call it The Brick Wall Project, A.K.A. A Giant Brick Wall Attacks!!.

Fair warning now, it’s a bit grittier than Chalkboard, so if you’re here for the lightheartedness of ponies, this one’s goes a bit further.

It’s the game “A Giant Brick Wall Attacks” re-interpreted into an ask blog format.

Something a bit more original, and guess what? YOU get to participate too, especially you artists. Not only do you get to “ask”, but you get to draw for it as well, alongside me and other artists!

Basically, how it works is that there’s a giant brick wall, and the lead character, the breaker. In place of asks, people submit (reasonable) moves/attacks to perform on the wall to damage it. We call this the “Movelist”. Artists are then given the mod-approved movelist, and then can choose a move to draw. The artist interprets, and draws the breaker performing said move upon the brick wall. The mods decide how much damage the move is worth, and then subtract that from the remaining wall HP. The process repeats until the wall hits zero. It’s a joint art exercise in interpretation. An ask blog that all artists can draw for and participate in, not just the mods! There’s also an overarching story that goes with it. My art’s the only art shown at the moment, as I’m still setting the stage while also arranging a group of lead artists and mods to help me, as I can’t do it alone. Recruiting too, so pique up if you’re interested! If there’s any of you who’ve contemplated starting an ask blog, or something of the sort, but were insecure, or unsure if you could do it, this also works as a quick and dirty trial of that. A one-shot that’s free of the over-looming obligation and commitment of running your own full on ask blog. Intrigued? Confused? Any and all questions can come to me, and I’ll answer as best I can. I think it’ll be fun! That said, to dispel any concern, Cheerilee’s Chalkboard isn’t ending by any means, this is just another place to find more story and art by me, alongside plenty of other artists eventually! So go check it out! And if it doesn’t interest you, that’s okay, BUT reblogs to spread the word and the update art are always appreciated, so if you could, please do! –The Intern, Frist))