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~Mrzle-ppy Thhksgvghh~*zz2z*

- Miss Cheerilee

((Happy 2 Years of Chalkboard, guys!

Well yeah, it’s hardly been 2 years if you go by updates and such, lagging because of things I’d rather not mention, BUT hopefully that changes today!

You’re all VERY VERY late to class. How dare you keep her waiting so long!? That’s okay, I’m sure Miss Cheerilee forgives you.

In celebration of 2 years down, arc progression will be posted periodically ALL DAY TODAY! And then some, so keep an eye out, class! I look forward to today.

And enjoy your Thanksgiving.))

-The Intern

Oh, I look so smug~!

But I have gotten pretty good at grasping that old equation!

Thank you so much for one full year of lessons, class! Here’s to another with all my fabulous students!

((Yep! It’s been one full year of Chalkboard today! Whether you’ve been attending since the start, or just joining us, thank you to all of our students. I’m all hyped up for the new season, hope you are too!

–The Intern))


Pinkie Physics Pt. 4/4

!!NO-, No, class NOT dismissed!!.. S-Snack time!!

((Yeah, fillies, school’s officially back in session. I know, what a shame. Hope this’ll help you cope!

So yeah, we’re back for more lessons!

First and foremost, to answer that burning question of yours, YES, Scootacurse WILL be continuing, it’s just a matter of us finding balance between doing it and regular lessons through the year. This summer got real busy real quick, especially with BronyCon :P. Had a great time though!!

So yeah, let’s enjoy the semester!!

–The Intern))