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Whenever I’m sad, I doodle fluffy rinmakis to cheer myself up…

it usually works!! ヾ(=`ω´=)ノ”


“I’ll never talk again
You’ve left me speechless
I’ll never love again
You’ve left me speechless.” 
(Lady Gaga - Speechless)

BONUS: “Hoony, how did you hit that tone?!”

Why no love live ship should be called "a crack ship"

Stop calling the unpopular love live ships crack or “not main”.

Nozoeli might be kinda canon, they even have a love song together, but umi and eli do too, and people forget that fact. (I don’t hate any ship, I love all the ships even if I have my favs) (also, you don’t have to ship canon things if you don’t want to) the song is storm in lover, but I have to admit garden of glass is more direct tho.

Rin and hanayo are best friends, but people forget that maki appreciates hanayo as much as rin, she cheered her for joining the group, not only rin like people say.

Kotori and umi is an amazing ship, but honoka and kotori has as much potential as kotoumi, kotori loves honoka, and she also loves umi equally because they are her best friends.

Maki and nico is great too, but nozomi and eli were the ones that worried the most about nico, at least at the beggining, and share almost as many scenes.

And honoeli hononozo make a lot of sense as well if you watch the anime with attention.

They are all best friends.

They all support each other.

They all love each other.

Even if in the anime they don’t share as many scenes as the other ships.

Every ship is OK. Its ok if you dislike some ships but consider it before calling them bad ships

And do not forget love live isn’t about romance, it is about friendship, and shipping isnt the most important thing. Fighting over ships is a waste of time, ship anything you want and respect the other ones.


OMG I can’t breathe !!!!! What is this?!?!
I remember watching all these vines!! This is just P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!!

I even had to take screen shots:

It doesnt always work for everyone

When walking to the beat of the music

“hey guys, I just wanna introduce you to my sister”
“urrff (pushes) NO ONE CARES!!”


“I love you Mari-”
“ugh I like Nathan now”
“But I gave you a gold fish”
“He gave me a cookie”
“ohugh…whole cookie?!”

Can you feel the love tonight~♬

“I think we are dead-”

“Ey look how Chat died!!”

Friends will always make fun of you

“This is my choc let bahaaa”

Do the Harlem Shake

AWWW Bridgette X Felix cuteness overload

cheers to Rin Kissツ

Cheer Up Post #4657 - Yerin (GFriend) Edition

theelibutt would like a post for Korean musician Yerin (Jung Ye Rin). Enjoy!

Women Masterpost

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                                     a kiss on the forehead
✿ a ritsumao fanmix ✿ 

* friday’s good morning - gumi 
⟨ Just being able to catch a glimpse of you every now and then,
    I can’t be satisfied with that forever. ⟩  

 ➞ mao run as fast as he could to catch the dark haired guy who was walking calmly in front of him. ‹‹ h-hey! ritsu-kun, right? good morning!! ›› ritsu looked at him, thinking he was very annoying. he didn’t want to talk with anyone, especially first thing in the morning. ‹‹ are you ready for today? i bet we are going to do a lot of funny things! ›› but then again, he thought that it wasn’t that bad to know someone so cheerful.

* electric angel - rin & len kagamine
⟨ I hate being alone,
    because I’ll end up melting away in a lonely world.
    I like to spend time with you,
    because you really warm me up. ⟩  
                                                             ➞ ‹‹ you are getting pretty good with the piano! mind if i sing something while you play? ›› mao stood up, getting closer to the piano where ritsu was playing. ‹‹ what about the one we wrote yesterday together? ›› 

* two breath walking - miku hatsune 
⟨ “Well, before you release me from your knife, those lips
     let’s shut them with mine.” ⟩  
                                                                     ➞ ‹‹ well, i think there is someone i might like. ›› mao blushed, smiling awkwardly. ritsu looked at him emotionless, although he thought he looked kind of cute like this. ‹‹ but still don’t know if they like me back. i’ll need to gather all of my courage, i guess… ›› 

* s pi ca - miku hatsune 
⟨ Only in my thoughts, I mutter your name alone.
    A foolish love, won’t reach you right?
    Longing for you, I played the piano, the sounds
    are overflowing with pain. ⟩
                                                                           ➞ ritsu played silently the piano. it felt empty without mao’s singing next to him. he stopped after a few more notes. he heard it again, mao moaning softly and his own brother whispering something he didn’t really want to understand. after taking a deep breath, he started playing the piano again.

* sweet devil - miku hatsune 
⟨ I really love you it’s true.
    You want to be my “only” one, don’t you?
    I have only you, it’s really true!  
   So kiss me. ⟩
 ➞ ‹‹ it’s not like i was really going out with your brother, we were just… having an affair, you could say. ›› he sighed deeply, laying next to ritsu on the soft and green grass. ‹‹ i’m not even sure i really like him, if i must be completely honest. i thought he was what i was looking for— but apparently, that was a completely different thing. ››

* freely tomorrow - miku hatsune
⟨  I trembled a little to your kiss back in our youthful times.
    I don’t know of this kind of love, so I want to cuddle with you a bit longer. ⟩  
➞ they were both soaked wet, but they did not care that much. the other’s warmth was enough to make both of them feeling at ease. ‹‹ i actually like you more like this. your hair look nice when wet. ›› 

* double lariat - luka megurine 
⟨  An 85 cm radius is as far as my hands can reach
    When I someday grow tired of spinning, please stay by me. ⟩
                     ➞ ‹‹ i’m going to join UNDEAD. ›› ritsu looked straightly in mao’s eyes, just to lower his gaze as soon as he saw the other sadness in them. ‹‹ i thought that it could be a chance for me to— i don’t know, i just thought it might be a good idea. don’t worry, you will still have to take care of me; no other one could do it. ››

* magnet - luka megurine ft. miku hatsune 
⟨  Pulling apart our intertwined fingers,
     moving from our lips to our tongues,
     what we’re doing do might be unforgivable,
     and that’s precisely why we’re so fired up. ⟩
                                               ➞ ritsu kissed mao passionately while the moon shone brightly in the dark night. ‹‹ i finally found what i was looking for. ›› 

* tell your world - miku hatsune 
⟨ All these words I want to tell you
    and this song I want you to hear.
    Everything is joined in a cirlce,
    joining us all together,
   no matter where you may be. ⟩
                                                                     ➞ ‹‹ there is something i’ve learnt over all these years that we have spent together. i’ve learnt to love every little thing you do, from the cute ones to those that would make the others freak out. all the things we’ve done, all the moments we’ve shared, they all made me love you. ›› mao smiled, tilting his head to the right. ‹‹ i love you, ritsu. ››

!!  cover credit goes to @nocoamin
!! here on 8tracks

Baby bunnies

A/N A little continuation from Congratulations where I do the characters in a little more depth


“I’m home!”

The call was followed with a jumble of noises before the two occupants inside bounded towards the third family member.



The two said in precise unison, only making the other sigh at the cute yet freaky behavior. None the less she smiled before embracing her two girls, lightly kissing the younger version of Honoka on the forehead before doing he same to the real one.

A pair of giggles that only a mother and daughter could match filled the older woman’s ears. Earning a smile as she let them out of her embrace and headed towards the kitchen.

Little Honoka followed her ‘papa’ and clutched onto her trousers “Papa, I learned something today!” she yelled proudly, beaming up at her.

Umi smiled and picked her up “and what is that?”.

“Mama taught me where babies come from!”

“… Ho-no-ka!”


The sound of crying filled the small space of the apartment.

Umi groaned and turned to the woman next to her, gently rubbing her arm as she felt the other arouse from her slumber.

“I’ve got it” Umi sleepily grumbled.

Pulling back the covers and stretching her arms, Umi pulled her still sleepy body off the bed and to the next room.

She padded over to the small cot and looked down at the small bundle of drool and tears and gently hoisted her up and placed her against her shoulder. Rocking back and fourth as she sat down on the soft chair they’d put there for such an occasion.

While it took a while for the crying to quieten down before finally stopping, the small baby was still restless from being awake too long.

With the baby still clutched at her shoulder, Umi made her way to  the kitchen to fetch a bottle before settling herself down on the sofa.

Despite her best efforts, it wasn’t long until the disrupted sleep caught up with her and she closed her eyes from the fatigue.

A few hours later the sound of soft footsteps could be heard before Kotori wandered into the living room “Umi-chan..” she called while clearing the sleep from her eyes.

Only to smile at her beloved asleep; baby in the same state against her.


Umi gave a small wave as she drove up to the school her daughter went to, smiling as the small red head waved to her friends before jumping in the seat next to her.

“Have a good day?” she asked as she drove off.

Her daughter nodding tiredly “it was okay… for school anyway”

The older woman chuckled. 

“Is mama at home?” the young girl asked, turning to her papa expectantly while she waited for the answer.

Umi shook her head then took a quick glance at the clock in the car “no, but we can go see her at work if you’d like?”.

Amber eyes lit up “really?!” she then realized what she had done and crossed her arms, turning away from her mothers teasing smile “I mean why not? you know, its not like I really care or anything”

So like your mother Umi thought as she chuckled at the behavior.

A few moments later and both finally saw the Nishikino hospital up ahead. Umi parked up in her own reserved space before exiting her car, daughter not far behind.

Greeting the staff that new her, Umi made her way over to the receptionist “is Maki on her break?” she asked.

The lady smirked “she always is for you two” 

The teasing statement made made the archer turn crimson.

The lady carried on “after all your daughter was officially created in that roo-”

“Well thanks for letting me know, come along now lets go see your mother” Umi rushed as she placed her hands over her daughters ears, pushing her towards Maki’s office.

Opening the door she was met with Maki sitting at her desk, nose in all her paperwork.


The other woman turned around in surprise “eh? what are you doing here?” despite the blunt question, the older read head couldn’t stop the smile as she hugged her daughter.

“Nice to see you too”



Umi looked up from her work to two pairs of bright golden eyes.


A smaller version of Rin clung onto her shoulder as she rubbed her cheek against Umi’s, the actual Rin doing the same against the other.

Umi sighed “you both want ramen don’t you?”

Rin cheered “nya yep, Rin knew Umi-chan would guess correct. That’s why Rin married Umi-chan”

While slightly blushing at the comment, Umi couldn’t stop the small smile as she stretched and stood up. Small Rin still clutching onto her like a small baby monkey.

Patting Rin’s head, Umi made her way into the kitchen, placing her daughter onto the kitchen table as she began her cooking.

About ten minutes later, while Umi was cleaning up, she looked back towards the other two and smiled at their - although slightly messy - satisfied expressions on their faces. 

Wiping her hands, Umi went over to place a quick kiss on both their foreheads before getting back to her abandoned work.

“Say ‘ahhh’~”


“Ah! mama that’s unfair!”

Please leave me out of this…




The sound of high pitched giggling disturbed Umi from her book as she looked up to see Hanayo giving their daughter her first bath.

She smiled and dropped her book onto the coffee table, standing and walking over to their bedroom.

Opening the draw, Umi sighed at the clothes Hanayo had ‘insisted’ on buying their daughter.

All of them had one thing or another to do with idols. Going to the store was complete chaos that day.

Umi shivered at the memory who knew innocent rive loving Hanayo could be so… scary.

Picking up some pajamas, Umi made her way back into the living room and placed them on the char, settling herself back on the sofa as Hanayo began to dry the giggling infant with a towel. 

“Can you put her clothes on?”

Umi smiled and nodded, gently taking the baby from the others hands and placed her onto the soft carpet.


“Look Umi-chan she trying to talk” she heard the soft voice behind her before she felt Hanayo lean against her shoulder.

“Can you say rice?” Hanayo asked in her baby voice. Causing Umi to chuckle and look down at the small infant.


She said it straight away?!


“Papa how do you do this?”

Umi looked over towards her daughter and leaned over to look at the question she was referring to.

Once explained, her daughter gave her thanks before carrying on with her homework.


A sudden force fell onto her lap and she looked down to a pair of tired blue. Eli had been working night shifts at the office and was completely drained of energy.

Patting the blonde on the head, Umi massaged her scalp since she knew Eli would’ve had a headache.

Eli made a small noise of content and turned her head to face the smaller blonde “how’re doing?”

Their daughter looked back towards her mother and blinked a few times before answering “I’m doing okay, but the English is a little difficult” she admitted.

“Well that doesn’t surprise me” Umi chuckled.Eli agreed “after all you’re learning Japanese, Russian and English all at the same time”

The other blonde nodded and sighed “I guess that’s true” 

“But hey!” Eli lightened the mood “your poetry has been improving, you have your paps’s talent” she grinned.

Umi sighed “what you made me write back then was embarrassing and shameless”

Eli grinned “yes no, say yes!” she sang, earning an annoyed expression from the other woman.



“Oi get down from there before you hurt yourselves” Nico called at the twins as they tried to climb the counters. No doubt trying to grab a cookie without anyone finding out.

Nico placed her hand on her hips and gave her two children a small glare “your just lucky it was me who caught you” she shook her head “no go wake up your papa before breakfast”

The twins gave an equal grin as they cheered and ran out of the kitchen.

Umi had been having a nice little lying when two little mounds flew on top of her and disturbed her from that.

Sighing, she sat up to meet two pairs of crimson eyes. Both grinning “Papa!” they cheered, leaping onto her body and hugging each of her limbs.

Umi chuckled and patted each of their heads, earning a small giggle from each as they rushed back out of the room.

Stretching her sleep limbs and getting up, Umi yawned as she made her way into the kitchen.

Despite having her back to the younger woman, Nico could still tell she was there “have a nice nap?”

Umi nodded before remembering Nico couldn’t see her “well, I did”

Nico grinned “your welcome”



Rolling over on the bed, Umi came to face a pair of teasing emerald eyes.

“Hmm?” she hummed, rubbing her eyes.

Nozomi grinned and shifted closer, wrapping her arms around the others waist “she’s still asleep, its time for some Umi lovin’” she whispered against here ear. 

Despite the fact she had just woken up, Umi’s face exploded with color, earning a satisfied grin from the other.

Nozomi stared to close the distance, almost achieving it when their bedroom door slammed open and the hurried sound of footsteps echoed before the bed dipped from a tiny amount of weight.

The two surprised women felt a small body weave its way between them before the sight of dark hair could be seen, a tiny pair of eyes looking up at them with what seemed like fear.

Nozomi smiled and pulled their daughter up until she was head level with the two women “another nightmare?”

The tiny female shook her head vigorously.

The pair smiled at each other before snuggling themselves into the shaking toddler, wrapping their arms in an attempt to ease her worries and lull her back to sleep.

After a few moments her breathing evened out and her body began to loosen up.

Nozomi smiled and lifted up her head slightly to look Umi in the eye.

“Hey, Umi-chan listen she talking in her sleep”

Umi widened her eyes slightly before listening to her daughters slurred speech.

“…washi washi…”

[translation] high☆speed fanbook end card story #8 “Recorder Practice!”

High☆Speed Free! Starting Days Official Fanbook End Card Story
#8 “Recorder Practice!”

○ Around December, on their way home back from school

Sousuke plays the recorder as he walks, with Rin watching. Sousuke keeps flubbing his notes and his recorder makes funny squeaking noises. Rin can’t help but laugh,

Rin: Man Sousuke, you really suck at it…!

Sousuke, miffed,

Sousuke: Don’t laugh. I didn’t want to play it at a place like this either, but Rin, aren’t you the one who said that it’ll save time so I should practicing while walking home?

Rin: My bad, my bad. But seriously, you… (break into laughter) Pffhaha!

Sousuke: What the hell Rin, how about you play it too, huh?

Rin: Fine by me.

Rin takes out his recorder from the side of his school backpack, and plays the tune Sousuke struggled to play with ease. Rin, puffed up with pride,

Rin: That should do! It wasn’t even that difficult a song. Why can’t you play it, Sousuke?

Sousuke: You asking me why? You should know that I’ve never been good at stuff that requires delicate handling.

Rin: I guess you’re right… but Sousuke, you were probably blowing too hard into the recorder. Also, you have big hands, so take care to cover the holes properly!

Sousuke makes a bitter face, frustrated that he’s losing to Rin.

Rin: Don’t look like that. Well then! Remember what I said just now and try play the recorder again.

Sousuke: (grudgingly)…a'ight.

Sousuke plays the flute again. This time, he manages to play it better than before.

Rin cheers,

Rin: Wow, you’ve gotten much better! Let’s try play it together once.

And, the two of them tries playing in unison.

They are a bit clumsy at first, but gradually the music begins to take shape, until Sousuke makes a mistake and his recorder emits a squeaking sound. He can’t keep going and he sighs.

Sousuke: Man, once I make a mistake, I don’t know what to do from there…

Rin, trying to cheer him up,

Rin: Sousuke, how about we do it bit by bit? Don’t worry, as long as you keep on practicing, even a klutz like you will get somewhere!

Sousuke: You didn’t have to call me a klutz!

The two of them laugh.

x x x

With a recorder in his hands, Rin teaches Sousuke fingering techniques.

Rin: The first note is “so,” so you gotta cover these holes here, okay?

Sousuke, watching Rin’s hands and covering the holes on the recorder the same way,

Sousuke: Okay.

Rin, moving his fingers that were holding the recorder,

Rin: And, you go like this next.

Sousuke: Like this?

Rin: No, the one below!

Sousuke: Oh right, this one.

Rin: Sousuke, you always get it wrong right here. You’ve gotta remember this part!

Sousuke: …so annoying.

Rin: What are we gonna do about the test tomorrow… Sousuke, if you make a mistake again, you’re treating me to a meat bun, okay!?

Sousuke: Why do I have to?

Rin: Cos you’re not putting your heart into it. Fine then, let’s make it this: whoever doesn’t pass the test will have to take the other person’s place at the aftershool cleaning duty roster!

Sousuke: Not afterschool cleaning again…

Rin: Don’t you want to leave early to swim at the swimming club though?

Sousuke: Well, yeah. But what if we both pass the test?

Rin: Even though you keep saying you’re bad at it, you seem pretty confident, huh?

Sousuke: Of course I’ll do my best to pass, what do you expect?

Rin: That’s very you. (cheeky grin) Well obviously, if we both pass, let’s have a toast with cola on our way home from the swimming club!

Sousuke: Yeah!

The two fist bumps.

Rin: Alright! Let’s try play the song together again.

And, they play the recorders together again.
The notes are in perfect unison.
After they finish playing, Rin grins widely,

Rin: You did it!

Sousuke: (laughing) Yeah!

Rin, proudly,

Rin: That’s because I’m such a good teacher~

Sousuke playfully shoves Rin and laughes a little,

Sousuke: Don’t get a big head. C'mon, let’s hurry and go home.

Sousuke starts running.
Rin follows suit, chasing him from behind,

Rin: Hey, Sousuke, wait up!

The two continues to run cheerfully…


anonymous asked:

For mpreg!verse Makoto has the stomach flu and Sousuke thinks he's pregnant again and freaks out he confesses to Rin who tells Haruka that Makoto is pregnant which becomes a huge misunderstanding with poor sick Makoto caught in the middle. (bonus points for little Koji and Kimi interactions!) lol

Kimi and Koji interactions served up, do I get bonus points?

Mpreg verse

Sousuke was startled awake by the sound of Makoto stumbling out the bedroom and down the corridor towards the bathroom.

He glanced at his clock and was surprised to see it was only half five in the morning, the way Makoto had practically ran out the room he’d assumed his alarm hadn’t gone off and he’d overslept.

He decided he was just desperate for the toilet and it wasn’t worth worrying about. Sousuke rolled over and let his eyes close again, he wasn’t wasting his last hour of sleep.

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Free! Illustration Works Vol.2, Track 01

Shark training.

Audio here (thanks to Wakoaime)

Ai: (runs, panting heavily)
Sei: Nitori! Just a little more!
Ai: Y-Yes! Aah… (sits) Ah…
Rin: Ai, you can’t get exhausted with this little!
Ai: Sorry…
Rin: Take this.
Ai: Thank you, Rin-senpai!
Rin: If that’s enough to tire you, there’s no way you’ll make it in tournaments.
Ai: That’s true…
Sei: What, don’t worry Nitori! Gather up your efforts, and become like me!
Ai: Y-Yes sir! Captain Mikoshiba, I’ll do my best!
Sei: Very well! Then how about we get on doing some Shark training?!
Rin: Sha-Shark training?!
Sei: (chants) Shark training! Shark training!
Ai: Shark training? Rin-senpai, do you know what this is?
Rin: Ah, but, that’s…
Sei: (chants) Shark training! Shark training!
Ai: Just… What kind…
Sei: Shark training, you see, is a very old tradition in the Samezuka swimming club!
Ai: Is that so?
Rin: Well… You could call it a tradition… The one sure thing is that you need a mind of steel.
Sei: How’s that? Want to try it too, Nitori?!
Ai: Eh?! Can I?
Rin: Wai–Ai, you shouldn’t!
Sei: I’m sure Nitori will be able to do it!
Rin: No, but–
Ai: Rin-senpai! I will do it! After all, I want to participate in tournaments with you, so we can swim together! I will overcome any training!
Sei: Well said, Nitori! Since you accept, then I will train you to become the leader of Shark training!
Ai: Eh?… Yes!
Rin: If you’re going to do your best, I guess I’ll cheer for you…
Ai: Rin-senpai… Thank you so much!
Sei: (sobs)

Sei: Then, time for you to show what you’ve got, Nitori!
Ai: Yes!
Sei: Great response. Don’t complain even if it’s hard.
Ai: Yes!
Sei: Then, first. Bend your body to form the shape of an eight, and this is the Shark Intimidation Exercise!
Ai: (pants pants)
Sei: Do it well! This is a very important warm-up stretch that will make your body flexible! Keep it up!
Ai: Y-Yes!
Sei: Come on, that’s right!
Ai: Shark!

Sei: Next! The Shark’s Predation Exercise! This is an exercise in which we divide ourselves between predators and preys, and train reflexes as we dodge attacks!
Ai: Yes!
Sei: I’m coming.
Ai: Yes.
Sei: SHA!
Ai: (dodges) Shark!
Sei: SHA!
Ai: (dodges) Shark!
Sei: SHA!
Ai: (dodges) Shark!
Ai: Aaah, he got me!
Sei: Hahahaha!

Sei: Next is the Shark Breathing Exercice! This breathing technique is the most important one for swimming, so remember it well!
Ai: Yes!
Rin: (chuckles) 
Sei: Here we go!
Ai: Yes!
Sei: Breathe in, in, out!
Both: In, in, out! In, in, out! In, in out!

Ai: (drinks) Aah!
Rin: You did your best huh, Ai.
Ai: Yes! Thank you very much!
Sei: Nitori! I am sure you can become a great shark! With this, Samezuka is in good hands too, gahahaha!
Ai: Yes! I’ll keep on doing my best!
Rin: (whispering) Ai, Ai!
Ai: ?
Rin: If you don’t like it, you need to say it–
Ai: It’s fine, senpai! Please don’t worry. I will… Become a proper shark! A great shark that can carry Samezuka on his shoulders!
Rin: Oh…
Sei: Good, now I’ve found a successor! Matsuoka, join in the Shark training too! Since we’re at it, we might as well do it all three!
Rin: N-No, that’s a little…
Sei: Break is over! Matsuoka, Nitori, stand up!
Ai: Yes!
Rin: N-No, I have just enough training already, I–
Sei: What are you saying, training normally with no Shark training is simply naive, Matsuoka!
Ai: Come on, Rin-senpai, don’t hold back and join us!
Sei: (in the distance) MATSUOKA! MATSUOKA!
Rin: That’s not the problem!
Sei: We’re starting then! Samezuka’s traditional, Shark training!
Ai: Yes sir!
Rin: Ah…