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Imagine Your OTP

Person A: “Person B may I ask you something?”

Person B: “Of course love~”

Person A: “What do you see t-that’s so s-special about m-me?“

Person B: “You! You’re wonderful, unique, sweet and absolutely perfect in every way to me and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Ok?” 

Person B gives them a sweet, charming smile then kisses Person A and says ‘I love you my darling!’

Imagine your OTP

Person A is sitting reading or watching tv and Person B is reading a newspaper.

Person A: “Um, darling?”

Person B: “Yes dear! ~ ”

Person A: “D-do y-you think I’m odd?”

Then Person B looks up from the newspaper looking worried, surprised and fondly at them, then puts down the newspaper, gets up and comes in front of Person A kneeling to be at eye level. Then puts their hands on Person A’s cheek.

Person B: “Person A, you are the most wonderful, brilliant, unique and at the upmost perfect person to me and the love of my life. You will never be odd to me.” they then look at them with a bright loving smile 

Person A is then tearing up, Person B then kisses them on their nose and says

‘I love you and please don’t ever forget it!’