semolinaolive  asked:

hi~ I have 3 questions, may I ask you? 1. were you the girl that sang hot dogs and sushi in rock and rule? 2. are you really married to clive smith? and 3. didn't you do voice acting for the care bears? also, your music is great! ^v^ nice vocals and a catchy beat~

I wrote and sang Hot Dogs and Sushi

I played the part of the girl they call Dementia  she had purple hair in a ponytail,  a mini skirt with a fox stole in front of Carnagee Hall after Mocks Concert  she says …”and it smelt just like cleaning fluid and all it made me wanna do is like wax the flloor, so kin somebody tell me , is this concert fer real or is it just another rip off” and then she faints!!! it actually was a whole paragraph of dialogue but most of it ended up on the cutting room floor pity she was a cool character!!!

Yes I’m married to Clive smith director Extrordinaire of Rock and Rule owner of Nelvana studios back in the day!!

Yes I  was 2 Care Bears Cheer Bear and Baby Tugs and one episode of Birthday Bear ,in the Care Bears tv series, an Ewok and a droid Urgah Queen of the Duloks! I was Lime Chiffon ,Banana Twirl, and Lemon Meringue in Strawberry Shortcake ,I was assorted voices on Gadget and a pirate in Pippi Longstockings

As a singer I am Melleefresh  and my music is HOT Dirty #EDM all genres’s but most recently venturing into #dubstep  #drumstep #Drum and Bass my music is available most everywhere digitally alotis on my label Play Records and I’m out there dj’n

Anything else you’d like to know!