“My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Maid of Honour!” Theo tossed a wink at her as he raised his glass high in a toast, before sitting back down and pressing a kiss to Hermione’s cheek.

Daphne rose slowly to her feet, lifting her own glass of sparkling elf-wine. She pulled a smile onto her face, looking down at the couple to her right.

“A toast,” she said, “To the bride and groom, Lord and Lady Malfoy.” She paused delicately, gathering herself. “My sister, Astoria, you have never looked more beautiful.”

Daphne hoped that the tears that sparkled in her eyes looked like tears of happiness.

“And to - to Draco.” He looked up at her, the pale grey eyes that haunted her dreams. “To your union, to a new age for the Wizarding World.” Cheers echoed from around the ballroom.

Daphne bit her lip, then spoke softly, looking directly into Draco’s eyes. “May you always be satisfied.”

For @olivieblake, who I decided not to torture too much.