Lesson of the day, don’t stereotype, a cheerleader, she will post about you on tumblr. Lol, but really. I’m a cheerleader and I get straight A’s, and I have a social life and a boyfriend. No I may not get sleep but don’t ever call me dumb or a ditz, or I WILL KILL YOU. Seriously. Not olk…


This is literally the most ignorant thing I’ve seen in my life I can feel my brain cells wincing…#report


The few I have written down are 

  • dumb
  • blonde
  • sluts/easy
  • rude
  • super skinny / starve themselves
  • wear uniforms to school every day

Lesson of the day: DO NOT STEREOTYPE CHEERLEADERS. This is one that so many people do it’s ridiculous. Like, newsflash cheerleaders aren’t all perfect plastic barbies. In fact, almost none of us are. We work hard to stay in shape, and we work our butts of so that we can do what we do. The makeup and stuff is for competition, but if you see us at practice or in the gym, you would realize how much effort goes into every single move, stunt, jump, or tumbling pass. We work for everything we get, and don’t take it for granted. So don’t stereotype us, unless your willing to put your ass on the line to defend it.

Mystery Business

Flipping the key and sitting back as the rumbling motorcycle calmed beneath her, Daphne pulled off the helmet and shook out her hair. Around her, the wind blew and an occasional owl hooted in the forested area. Nearly half a mile up the road was her destination of interest, but Daphne wasn’t looking for the front entrance which meant a long trek through trees and bushes. Hopping off her ride, Daphne moved the vehicle just off to the side of the road and put down the kickstand. She wouldn’t want any driver accidentally hitting it with how dark it was.

Even only after a few minutes of walking, Daphne was especially watchful, her light shining back and forth from the rush of adrenaline induced by a mystery on the horizon. Only, when the crack of a twig reached her air, she was swirling to shine the flashlight and inadvertently getting into a defensive position. 

❝Who’s out there?❞ She called out, light darting from one dark tree to another. Contrary to what some might presume due to her bubbly demeanor, she was not stupid.

anonymous asked:

I don't appreciate your URL being "just another dumb cheerleader" cheerleaders aren't anywhere near dumb. I know it's probably for a joke bc people think cheerleaders are dumb but we have a hard enough defending it as a sport. Don't encourage another cheer stereotype bc some of the smartest people I know cheer. It takes brains to not die out on that floor. That is all.