Why Cheer Boys is a good anime?

I started an anime named Cheer Boys and it’s amazing because:

  • The protagonist Haruki Bandou and his friend Kazuma Hashimoto decide to create a man’s cheerleading team. It breaks gender roles!
  • Haruki’s sister Haruko is a badass judoka. Gender roles broken #2.
  • You learn from the first episode that cheerleading isn’t only for girls because there are mixed teams.
  • Kazuma is the leader of the team and when he talks about his motivations, it’s so great. He want to cheer people in order to be a sort of hero.
  • When someone says bias about man’s cheerleading, Kazuma is always here to defend his team.
  • When you see all the team in the opening, you can that they aren’t all tall and strong. There are boys with different body type and that’s a positive body image for boys !
  • The team is named Breakers because the boys want to break stereotypes about man’s cheerleading but also about their insecurities and their limits.
  • This anime has strong male friendships and it is inspired from a real men’s cheerleading team

This is literally the most ignorant thing I’ve seen in my life I can feel my brain cells wincing…#report

Honestly I am sick of the signs incorrect descriptions and over-the-top stereotypes...
  • So I'm making this to satisfy myself and give my insight to signs of people I've met in real life compared to their sign stereotypes.
  • Aries stereotype:Always angry; "FIGHT ME, BITCH"; wannabe badass
  • Aries in reality:Tends to be rather sensitive but does have a tough side; actually fun to be around; very caring
  • Taurus stereotype:Always hungry; overly-stubborn and even loyal to the point of it being annoying
  • Taurus in reality:Sensitive; cheerful; youthful
  • Gemini stereotype:Two-faced bitch; arrogant; never listens to others; always busy
  • Gemini in reality:Independent but does enjoy the company of others; intelligent
  • Cancer stereotype:The "Mother" of the zodiac; very very sensitive and cries literally all the time; weak; lonely; crazy mood swings
  • Cancer in reality:Friendly; sensitive but not over the top; good at making people feel better; observant
  • Leo stereotype:Overly sensitive; "Everything is all about me and nobody else"
  • Leo in reality:Doesn't take criticism well; social butterflies; silly; very caring; very fun to be around; tends to fake a smile
  • Virgo stereotype:Bossy; clean freak/perfectionist
  • Virgo in reality:Rather quiet; opens up when around their friends; tends to have a negative image of themselves; very chill people
  • Libra stereotype:Romantic little shits; "sex sex sex"; boring
  • Libra in reality:has a lot to say but not always sure how to say it; actually sort of awkward regarding romance; has strong opinions
  • Scorpio stereotype:"I'M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING!"; always horny; "I'll fuckin' kill you if you even look at me"; total asshole; "SEX"
  • Scorpio in reality:Very clingy; not /always/ horny...; sensitive; kind; caring; silly; fun to be around; they can be a bitch when angered but other than that Scorpios are pretty nice
  • Sagittarius stereotype:Careless; horny little bitches; murderers
  • Sagittarius in reality:"FOOD"; tends to be a bit awkward; good time & money management skills; energetic; introverted; lots of pent-up anger
  • Capricorn stereotype:Quiet & shy; boring; nerds; greedy
  • Capricorn in reality:Tends to fake a smile; can be very outgoing when around the right people; caring; sometimes their emotions get the best of them; artistic
  • Aquarius stereotype:Physically detached; hides emotions and always fakes a smile; the "emo bitches" of the zodiac
  • Aquarius in reality:Intelligent; quiet; easy to talk to; defies stereotypes
  • Pisces stereotype:SUPER emotional; cries constantly
  • Pisces in reality:Talented individuals, they just need to spend some time finding that talent; open-minded; has strong opinions