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sunset - full moon rising over the gidgee scrub by Chris Burns
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…waiting for the blood moon… Thank you very much for the visits, faves and comments. Cheers. © Chris Burns 2014

shake it off is just an eternal jam i like mine and wangbt and of course after they were released i would listen to them 24/7 but after a while i got really tired of them and it took me a long while to listen to them again but with shake it off oh no man i’ve been jamming to that song every day since august 18, 2014 like it’s still august 18, 2014. it cheers me up, it makes me feel better, i love to dance to it and i love to sing the lyrics so loud. some people may say the song has no meaning but boy aren’t they so fucking wrong????? mark my words i’ll be jamming to shake it off until august 18, 2076 like it’s august 18, 2014.


so there was this thing at RTX 2014 called “Cheer on the Guardians” where after the con ended on Sunday, we stood outside and cheered for every single guardian, staff member, cast member, crew member that came out the door. We wanted to show how much the guardians were appreciated. This is part 4, there are 3 other parts, but this was the later part of the night and I was there but it makes me so giddy watching it.

Burnie found out about it and then decided to take pictures with every single person there. There were easily 100+ people there. But he took pictures an signed things, one by one, making sure everyone got a turn. Ryan, Meg, and Barbara also came out and took pictures and signed things. It was magical. (And i got to give Miles the Cards Against Humanity card i made for him and you can see me running up to him at like 4:20 lol)

I dont think we’ll ever be able to fully thank the guardians for everything they do for us. Ever. But we all thought they deserved their own rounds of applause. There was laughter. There were tears. There were hugs and friendships built and an almost group dehydration moment where we all chipped in to buy water for everyone who stood out for 5 hours in 100 degree weather to show our appreciation for the guardians. But it was easily my favorite moment of RTX. 

#CheerOnTheGuardians at RTX 2015? I’ll be there. <3

Cheer Up Post #2014 - Griffon Ramsey Edition

For the anon requesting the beautiful and talented Griffon Ramsey, enjoy!

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Rooster Teeth Masterpost

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Wild Beer, Beyond Modus 2014 8.0 % abv

I have the squidgiest of soft spots for the straw chewing folk of Somerset’s Wild Beer and their unusual, intriguing brews. Take their debut creation, Modus Operandi, an old ale fermented with wild yeast, aged in both bourbon and red wine barrels, and blended into something unique and delicious. As a beer to showcase what they were all about it was a triumph. But these lot are never still, and late last year they released a special version of that flagship beer. After the initial ageing with wild yeast this stuff was aged for a further four months in Burgundy red wine barrels and then blended with a couple of their other barrel aged beers. Just ‘cause.

The result really is incredible. It’s tart and sweet turning to properly mouth puckeringly sour with loads of complex red and black berry flavours, red wine vinegar, old oak, and with deeper, darker fruits and more potent red wine flavours developing towards the end. Absolutely stunning stuff, my favourite beer yet from these guys and one of my very favourite beers from 2014. Cheers!

Cheers to 2014!! Thanks to everyone for making sure I stayed alive. Mom , Greta, Bree , Imiko , and basically everyone on north shore oahu and Southern California. Thank u. Thank u my friends

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Looking at last year’s map, I feel like I can safely say I’ve improved quite a bit in this past year, even if it’s just a little! I think  my stuff’s gotten a tad formulaic but I feel like I’ve gotten a better grasp of anatomy and color over the course of 2014. It’s been a rough year and I’ve drawn a lot less so hopefully that’ll turn around next year. Cheers!