cheer 2014

May 1 2014 - Nigel Farage, leader of the racist UK Independence Party gets egged.

The man who threw the egg was holding a placard which said: “UKIP… sad, scared, old men”. He was put into a patrol car by police and driven away.

The protester, who gave his name as Fred from Nottingham, said he had carried out the attack because he did not agree with UKIP’s policies.

He told the BBC: “Egg-throwing is a well established form of political protest in this country. I saw the guys outside the town hall about 10 minutes ago. I went to Tesco, bought some eggs.”


“I didn’t know that until today. Frank was taking pills? I didn’t know that; this is a revelation to me.” -Ray Toro, on the band’s drug use

My Chemical Romance article/book excerpt (from The True Lives Of My Chemical Romance), Kerrang! June 7, 2014 by Tom Bryant, photography by Justin Borucki.

Viktor Krum headcanons
  • Although the bloodiest fighting was confined to England, Voldemort’s return spread throughout Europe, igniting decades of hate and bloodshed. While the Battle of Hogwarts raged, smaller-scale battles broke out all across the wizarding world at the same time. 
  • Unknown to most people outside Bulgaria, Viktor has trained as the equivalent of an Auror. When armed Bulgarian Voldemort supporters attacked the government HQ, he was one of many sent to defend it. In the fighting, he personally took down twelve dark wizards, plus one werewolf. He was highly decorated for doing so.
  • After the war, he goes back to Quidditch until he retires in 2002 following the Egyptian team’s victory against Bulgaria.
  • The reason why Ron cheered for Bulgaria in 2014? Viktor helped save his marriage to Hermione by personally intervening after both had a very messy breakup. Ron is forever grateful towards Viktor for doing so, and finally became friends with him.
  • He’s still close friends with Fleur and Harry. On the final day of Triwizard Reunion Weekends, quiet, studious, brooding Viktor turns into a boisterous maniac who masterminds the insane stunts the trio pull off when absolutely drunk off their asses.
  • Also, when doing so, he always drunkenly transfigures himself into a shark-man again and runs around yelling nonsense to confused passers-by in his underwear.
  • Viktor eventually fell in love and married a Bulgarian Veela distantly related to the Delacours. (You can imagine the Veela’s gender for yourself.)
  • As payback, Fleur named Victoire in Krum’s memory, so she could cheerfully roast him whenever they met. Krum begrudgingly congratulates her every time. Then it got crazier when Teddy joined in. And then Victorie herself.
  • Viktor and his spouse had two children together, both who became Quidditch champions and possibly the best pair of Beaters in international Quidditch history.